Gonna be taking care of my 11yo niece for a few months while my sister is in rehab...

Gonna be taking care of my 11yo niece for a few months while my sister is in rehab. I didn't really have a good childhood and have no fucking clue what normal people do for fun with kids, can I get some ideas?

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Have sex with them

No sex user she's just a little kid. Even if she was an adult she's still my niece.


Can you elaborate? Like microwave stuff? Or just using the microwave? Idk I guess it could be cool thanks user.

Murder her

This. All 11 year old girls want cock. You just need to be smooth with it. Also teach her how to masterbate and how to use chaturbate

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No sex and no murder user.

She doesn't want cock user and if she does that's none of my business.

Same, I grew up in the system.
Honestly spagooter dinners, going to parks, having friends over was the best time of my childhood. Otherwise, too much emotional shit going on to be able to express.

Pet store, ice cream, parks, etc. Honestly if your local town has an events page (on FB or Chambers of Commerce) there might be kid friendly ideas


Take out for ice cream?

Ice cream is a great idea thanks anons. I'll see about local events too that sounds cool. Idk if she will have or make any friends yet because she has to move schools and maybe she is a weirdo but I will definitely invite them to stuff if she has any.

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teach her to play magic the gathering?
take her to a concert
cook together
smoke weed with her?
teach her to skateboard
learn a dance and make a tik tok together
watch anime
volunteer somewhere
teach her to play pool
let her choose a tattoo for you and go get it done
put a marshmallow in the sink and watch it for hours
play pranks on people/make prank phone calls
buy her some new clothes
build a gundam model
bake cookies
teach her to fight
go on a hike
have a picnic
host a cool sleepover for her and her friends
go stand up paddle boarding
go to a museum
go to an art gallery
buy her starbucks
read her a good book

kids are just like grown people. be interested in them and give them respect and try to have fun together. good luck user.

Wow thanks user for the effort. Idk about smoking weed since she is a literal preteen but the rest sounds cool. Prank phone calls especially :)

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No niggers in my city for the most part. Also I don't like killing people, but I'll see how she feels thanks user.

Your fun!

tfw actually decent advice on Cred Forums

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>"put a marshmallow in the sink and watch it for hours"
>"decent advice"

are you sure about that?


Buy her a nice vibrator, a decent laptop with a *ton* of good porn sites bookmarked on it, and some beginner dildos with lube. Girls around that age are scary interested in their own bodies, and dangerously horny when they're alone. Don't try to fuck them, that's wrong and weird, but having a hand in her sexual awakening is both important and fine.

Give her a room with a locking door, and just give her all that stuff listed above with a written note on the bed, and an explanation that it's okay to do these things, and if she wants to know more to just ask. You could even include some homemade coupons for "a day in bed alone" where you bring her food and don't bother her while she's using her toys. Actively encourage her to take an afternoon or evening to just play and watch some porn and learn.

Trust me, this shit works

without it, good. with, decent.

>"are you sure about that?"


Buy her a small vibrater. Little clit one.
Set up spy xans in her room etc.

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No but it is normal.
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Seriously this. Teach her how to orgasm and orgasm well.

an 11 year old will most likely wanna watch tv or play on their phone


Kids like doing the same shit everyone does
-outdoors shit
-public events

Do wholesome shit like homemade pizza/movie night or teach her how to play decent games like Settlers of Catan. You'd be surprised how many girls/women like that game. Introduce her to a world building videogame like Rimworld or Stardew Valley

It has been proven if girls can get tgemselfs of they are less likely to sleep around as much.

Imagine being this much of a faggot

Take her to watch a movie at the theaters maybe? Or ask her what she wants to do for fun? Get pizza?

And less likely to do sketchy things relationally or sexually.

There is absolute credence to just setting her up for a month long masturbatory paradise. Do whatever you can as you, to have her get her rocks off as many times and in as many ways as she can handle and wants. If you're not changing her soaked sheets on the daily or hearing whimpers and moans at all hours of the day and night, you're doing it wrong. She should be caught up in that room, watching Netflix or rubbing herself off to paradise. Your job is just to provide all the tools and time, plus environment she needs to do that.

let's just go back to watching a marshmallow in a sink for hours. I liked that idea.

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Literally penetrate her vagina with your penis until you ejaculate

Exercise, jog with sprint bursts to the corner pole etc, then jog a while again, then more sprints, then protein and greens after. Warm up, stretch, exercise, cool down, eat, teach her hydration. Always smile. Listen. Get a laugh. Share something with her. Love. Xx lyxx

Sets those mini goals then achieves it. Let's sprint to x etc. Ingrained good habit not just the exercise

Also be her older chilled relaxed sister. Not her mother. The lessons are learned passively subconsciously and are reinforced at various mediums throughout her life, Ur just contributing, guiding, the river flow

Goal setting
Help her learn goal achieving
Self empowerment
Etc blahs

Smile and let her ask questions
Depends on her personality
The world's a wonder
If she's reserved deep think double think before suggestion etc. Be selfless. Be empathy.

You are going to creep her out with all that sex shit. Just do something subtle like buy a Magic Wand and leave it plugged in in the living room. Let her see you use it on your thighs. If she asks, just tell her it feels good for sore muscles. Then leave her alone with it a lot. If she figures it out, she figures it out.

Well if anime and Cred Forums has taught me anything about children, by lots of condems.

Honestly user. The most important things is to pay attention to her and be nice. If you are good at something teach her how to do it in a fun setting. For example if you love fishing take her with you and let her feel in a fish. If you are good at the guitar play a silly song for her and put her name in it. Kids remember adults that are genuine and don’t have an agenda. And since you are not her parent it should be easy for you to make a positive impression that might last a lifetime.

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Go farm abyssal whips with swamptrident blowpipe or dagger speeds

ask her what she want to do and go for the simple stuff like going to the theater, pizza and video games and cooking simple stuff together like apple pie or chocolate cake. If her behavior is good, reward her with a present or a gift card. Cuddle her if you feel like she's missing her mom.

Be a loving uncle that she can trust no matter what user, you're an adult so act like one no pedo stuff or she'll be traumatized and hate you for the rest of your life

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What the fuck, OP do not do this. If the kids actual parent wants to deal with the sex stuf this way, fine. But it is not your place and will definitely cause a shitstorm

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better just put a marshmallow in the sink and check it out for a few hours.

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The answer is Microwave stop fucking making up things
that are not real, Microwaves exist it has been proven everything
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marshmallow in the sink>microwave

simple facts.

Ask her mundane and silly questions just to get her talking, ask her the things she likes, school, friends, animals, etc. Just get her to talk about herself, and get her to laugh too, kids love it when you can be silly with them and playful. Watch movies together, go do things together, be a good figure in her life, someone she trusts. I think of it as being that one person I always wanted but never had in my own life.

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Try model making. Initially she might not like it but have her try it for an afternoon. While it SOUNDS really boring kids fucking love the punching shit out of the things and gluing them together. It gets them focused as shit. Also if she likes painting she can paint it after

serious answer btw. My favorite childhood memories are visiting my uncle who wanted to make models. I thought it was stupid as fuck but he had me pick out a model and we made it. It was super fun actually. The smell of acrylic and glue brings back the memories

If you're in Europe, sell her to anyone of the thousands of Muslim child grooming gangs for a few hundred euros an buy some beer. Once the police find out she's being gang raped by Muslims, they'll stop investigating cause it's "racist".

she's 11, ask her also like anything that involves outside and physical activity, be it going from museum to museum, visiting the beach, getting ice cream, movies
teach her some skills
also she's 11, she most likely will have friends
lots of skills can be taught in fun ways and they give people things to feel good about, also climbing shit is awesome, anything, helps a lot with coordination and overcoming anxieties, just don't try jumping and other dangerous things, getting awesome places is nice, trees, walls, ruins, never go climbing when it has rained

What's fun for 11yo?
Get her into vidya. The old kind of shit. Let her evolve to the new gen. Also make sure she goes out during daytime with kids the same age and play social games.

Yeah I know this kind of answer is totally against Cred Forums but... be a nice guy user. We need good people.

honestly, they don't really look that different.

I'm in the same exact boat as you are my guy. Junkie sister, but nice is a few years older now.

At this age, shed rather just be with her friends. She wants nothing to do with us when they're over, and just wants to hang out at the park or at someone's house, and that's fine by us. When she was 11, we took her to theme parks, arcades, antique stores and thrift stores in small towns were always one of her favorite. Treated them like treasure hunts trying to find hidden treasures, and kids go nuts. We brought a few of her friends and gave them each 20 bucks and told them fo find the most treasure they could, and then put all the small things they found into chests from family dollar. They seemed to like it, but then came the makeup phase. Mostly just them doing makeup at home, never to school or out in public since she was still too young. But all of her money was being spent on that.

Just also make sure to give her chores and make sure she is doing them. Kids crave structure, and need routine or else they start getting bitchy really fast.
Buy some pads and tampons, they have directions in the box, and let her figure out which ones she wants to use and is more comfortable using, unless you have a gf or wife to show her. If you're desperate fo avoid that, pay an escort to show her. Friend of mine who is a single dad did that supposedly.

Give her plenty of privacy too. You dont have to spend 24/7 doing things. Help with her homework, make sure she gets 3 meals a day and a few snacks, and just watch a movie or 2 at night before bed, and you'll do just fine

You sound like a great dad.

also if you're awesome, you're going to help with homework, supervise and force her to do like 15-25 minutes of math/physics doing/repeating the things she does in school, that helps a lot with just solving those easily and proper without having to think about it, it helps a lot with many things and just requires little daily upkeep once it's in, teach her how to learn, teach her to how solve school tests more easily, things like skipping anything that poses an initial problem, solving more easy things and then starting over with the skipped ones until everything is solved

thanks, too bad I'll probably never be one.
the love of my life left me for another man.

but i always wanted to be a dad.

Learn from the disappointment and be the best person you can up next. I never want to have kids so if it would be in my powers I'd actually give you whatever luck I have left for me.

only cuddles user, don't cross the line

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Microwave her. Just get a really fuckin big microwave and shove her in there, cook until tender

Let her fuck off outside. Tell that little shit to be back inside by night. That's real parenting.

Try to convince her to play vidya. That way, she can be a nerdy girl in high school and have her confidence boosted by beta males who are attracted to her simply due to the fact that she's into vidya.

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Play some video games, shoot some guns, and be active.

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THIS. Or kitbashing if you don't feel like reading instructions. 2 fighter jets and a tank can make a badass spaceship if you know what you're doing

Throw her mattress in the pool
she will have to learn to operate a crane to get it out

Cat cafes usually work for at least 2 hours

Mom going to rehab is traumatic for a kid, not to mention whatever happened before. Don’t be surprised if she’s super emo and doesn’t want to do shit. Just be supportive and don’t try to force activities.

fuck that get her melanin seratonin dopamine vitamin d

run in sun dont give her choice kids are lazy

mums a trash whore all the more it wont be being rasied right

That’s what every 11yo girl dreams of: going to the park with her weirdo uncle. Sure, user, sure.

is she fucked up and acting out? or is she a normal person? if normal, all she wants is for you to take care of her and listen to how her day was. rent some movies and make some popcorn etc- stuff like that.
if she need clothes, take her shopping. just be nice to her.
also set some house rules if she tries to push boundries. kids need those.

say i love you

- Amusement parks
- Icecream and cartoons (but be careful with that, read reviews to make sure that you will not fuck up her childhood memories)
- If you have a girlfriend, you can play together, it will strengthen your relationships.
- If you don't have one, well, it's a perfect opportunity to get one.
- You can also build some shit for her (treehouse or just a little house for her dolls).
- Teach her to ride bicycles.
- Visit a dentist to keep her teeth nice and shine.
What else...
Yeah, that's pretty much it. user from did a better job whatsoever.
Also, you can let her best friends come and play some toys or whatever they do nowadays.

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Try going outside fatass

>user gives list of random list of ideas
>burger Reeees at thought of kids playing with other kids outside
yeah all 11 y.o.s are fatass incels right kiddo

I think you responded to the wrong user, which makes your well thought out and helpful response funny

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