My sister sent me this picture. What did she mean by this?

My sister sent me this picture. What did she mean by this?

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We all float in our society?

your sister is cute

she wanna joke you up

She's discovered methamphetamine.

...that isnt who i think it is is it?

Normie post op
and normie first reply
faggot niggers

ask for nudes next

shes just looking for validation, shes trying to be your friend OP


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she wants to fuck you

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she means you are a fucking clown.

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She wants you to poast her noods on Cred Forums.

she is the autistic girl from the video, not your sis fagg

Why don't you go give her a hug, and ask her OP?

She did something funny, took a picture of it and sent it to you

It means it's time to kill them all.

Shark Week

I want to headpat your sister and tell her how much of a good girl she is

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she wan this

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Means she's on her period

this, right here is it.

Your sister is sending me derp pics

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clearly not the US

she looks ready to jump off that precipice. phone the polizei you wretched gay

not even the same person you fucking retard


fuck, i have to save this. Reminds me of a girl I used to be with years ago. I miss her.

ok boomer


u mad kek

post her pic, specifically her butthole wiggling violently whilst farting

why would i be mad?
clearly you're fucking retarded

faggot's mad lel

Fucking cute, but she knows it.

ok boomer


sperg is in the air

She means that you need to save paper.

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she want ur pp

Nothing, Ron, stop squaggling about it, you rumbletummy


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this one is older before she knew better but ill be the god

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OP, you wouldn't get it.

prepareyourchairs, she's 16 at most

She is now the menstrual joker...

isn't this the girl from the special kids special books video

If it is ops sister should we destroy his life? Because I'm tired of these bait posts.

Super edgy faggot.

Go to bed, you have school soon.

Thank you! Are you my daddy? I didn't know my daddy was a Reddit fag. Does Mom know you get cucked by niggers?

You are only proving me right.

No one cares kid.

Obviously you do

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Talk to her, not to user, you idiot.

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