You and your other selves from different dimensions create a group. What do?

You and your other selves from different dimensions create a group. What do?

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>Le epic Rick and Morty meme has arrived

We establish ourselves within our community's, rise up through state and city governments
Then pass small laws that persecute actions that minorities do most often, except very harshly (stealing is a 10 year prison sentence, homelessness is illegal ect)
Slowly mold the community into an anti-minority one, and me and all of my selves would have chosen communities, that when these laws and culture go into effect, would drive minorities away from our community's, and into larger cities
Then We would watch the rising crime statistics and laugh

Start a podcast where I all just talk to myselfs.

lots of weed and probably group sex with myself lmao

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Suicide pact, probably

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Find out who figured out how to end up with The One, and make him the leader.

Steal the liver from one of my infinite selves to get the fuck off tacrolimus, maybe harvest the rest of the organs if in better shape.

Bank robbery crew

Suck each other’s dicks
*no homo

we get drunk

Lots of drinking and taking turns running a train on each other.

made me chuckle

We kidnap high school girls for keeping as sex slaves in our secret dungeon.
One of us will always create a perfect alibi while others do the kidnapping.

Suck eachother off

Lead a multi-racial working class militia to combat this guy's clones

Form the trolliest most shit starting online group. Invade squad games like Pubg and rust, troll people go on forums and just fuck with people

underrated thread

We do crazy stunts, like Jackass, except the stunts are so gnarly that we often die on camera. We pretend that we're just one person who somehow keeps surviving.

Kill all of these anons to spite minorities

This, if not for the fact that a living human being just arrived from another dimension.

Paradise Now.

circle up!

That'd be me, technically. Y'all try really hard to isolate unbounded male potential don't ya. Weird.

Gangrape beautiful women

Pretty sure we would just live together and enjoy ourselves in a large living space and share our daughters/sisters.

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Make comics. I'd sketch. I'd ink. I'd color. It would be cool

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cure cancer

Pretend we're twins and get rich making gay bear twincest porn.

Get drunk, smoke some weed, find some girls to fuck... I don't know