I’ve been inside Area 51. Ask me anything

I’ve been inside Area 51. Ask me anything.

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do they have vending machines

yep, vending machines all over haha. still gotta get snacks when you need it!

which popular conspiracy theories are true?

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Jews run the world.

Most are pretty far off. Think more... technology...? Instead of the usual alien business. However, it’s a rather large place and I only got to see a portion while I was there.

do you like quesadillas

Does it really smell like popcorn?

Absolutely. Used to absolutely demolish quesadillas when I lived out west. Local authentic Mexican places make it best.

Is most of the base underground and hidden from google earth?

Do they have jalapeno popcorn?

I guess so? Only if popcorn was being made obviously. It smelt more like cleaning detergent and bleach. Government facilities are very sanitary

kek bread head

Which cancer do you have?

Good question. Yes and no. Google Earth doesn’t lie, it’s a very large and complex facility. Some buildings or other sensitive areas have either been blurred or removed completely from the satellite images. There are underground areas, but I never got to see much of them. I don’t recall exactly how far it goes down, but I can tell you for certain it’s a big place even on surface level.

Did you get an anal probe? How was it?

l knew what that place was when l looked at it

Never! If I ever experience something like that I promise Cred Forums will be the first to hear about it.

How were you given the opportunity to work at Area 51? Also any advanced technology hidden there that we don’t know about?

tell us what cool stuff you saw

What did you work on and did you bring anything inside.

What was the commute like

Have you been inside Area 51?

QA : Are you an ayyˡᵐᵃᵒ ?
QB : Have you posted any selfies on Cred Forums ?

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Did you just watched project blue book?
Are you a larping faggot?
Ever butt fucked an alien?

Do they have one of those Taco/Pizzahut combo restaurants there?

I can’t give exact details, but I wasn’t there by choice, nor did I ask for it. It seems almost random, but once you’re chosen they make sure you’re spotless. No criminal record, nothing. As for technology... I’ll leave that to the imagination. Think about this: stealth bombers were in development in the mid twentieth century but wasn’t cleared for action until much later. You won’t be seeing the stuff inside Area 51 for many years, if ever.

How's that? Can you explain it? Who runs the world? Is there any jew secret society or anything? Can you explain it more deeply? Is this related to september 11th terror attacks? Is religion involved in this?

This thread sucks

did you mop the floors like bob lazar

Why build stuff and not use it?

The commute into Area 51 was long and tedious. It wasn’t every day, I spent many nights at the facility. But the first gates to Area 51 are like 20 miles away from the actual facility. I was packed in with a few soldiers and a mini convoy to take me where I was needed.

worst larp of the dat

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Trial and error my friend. Some things work, some fail miserably. Most fail. It’s science!

Google 'Horton flying wing' a Nazi plane taken as part of operation paperclip. Google that also.

Not op, but ex air Force

It takes a while to develop all the really crazy shit, and then even after it's done it's used sparingly to keep it a secret

And then one crashes, or is spotted, and then it's not so much of a secret anymore.

But for a while the f117 was only flown at night

Sr71 also probably was flow out of there

Just looked it up. Cool stuff! You don’t need an Area 51 guy to tell you that the government is ALWAYS working on some interesting business.

Nope, but the place is spotless. Kudos to the cleaning crew for sure.

Did you see Brett Spiner there?

Well, no hints for that. Besides budget.