I fucked up. I feel guilty as hell, I didn’t mean to do what I did

I fucked up. I feel guilty as hell, I didn’t mean to do what I did.

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what did you do, user?

Whatcha do

whats up user

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Confess my child. Salvation is a post away

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I got caught up in the moment and actually let my dog penetrate me... he’s licked my balls while I’ve jacked off before and I’m usually pretty in control.

I don’t know why this time I let it go further. I honestly feel disgusting.

There is no coming back from this

l hope he bites your balls off next time you sick fuck

Yea someone drop the pit vid.

I think you should fuck your dog right back. See how he likes it

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What you did, you definitely shouldn't do it again, but it wasn't rape or anything. The dog mounted YOU. The law is probably not on your side, but ethically you didn't really do anything that bad.

Still, do NOT do that again.

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Top tier troll I give it a 10/10

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Was it fun for you and your dog? If yes nevermind, if not for you just don't do it again, if not for the dog consider an hero

The problem is that I really liked it. I've never came so hard in my fucking life. I feel so ashamed.

My sister suspects me. She's only 9.

If there is a video of a pit bull ripping off someone's balls, I must have it.

Again, just don't do it again, and don't let your family catch on. This will destroy your life instantly if it gets out, but make no mistake, what you did wasn't evil. The dog initiated it. The world will NOT see it that way, however.

ah fuck you sick fuck

Not ripping off per-se, but literally eating where some dudes dick used to be while he writhes in pain.

I can’t figure out how to upload it from my phone.

Don't have it myself, but it's been posted in every rekt thread for the past couple weeks. Check there

I perhaps will post it just to derail this faggot thread

...I put peanut-butter around my asshole in an attempt to entice him. I don't know what I was thinking. I feel so disgusted, but at the time, I almost think it's what I wanted...

My sister kinda saw me towards the end, when I was naked and my dog had already finished up. I'm not sure if she understood what she saw. I'm honestly terrified.

I advocate animal rights
The dog has a right to lick, sniff and fuck your ass (or pussy (or both)
You as a human however, have no right to feel like it is okay in any way. You should feel ashamed, you should feel subhuman
You are not allowed to do anything other than sticking your naked booty in the air or laying on your back to initiate sex. If the animal says no, then it's no. No force, no rape, however horny you are. This is respectful towards animals and mother nature

Lol. Not even god could forgive this sin.
You dun goofed.
Best delete this thread and live in secret shame.

You're better than this OP. Consider this the lowest point of your life and resist every sick urge to make the same mistake

Don't be surprised when your sister finds out about this. Don't be surprised when she learns how to do it from catching you


This is a forgivable sin.
user didn't force or hurt anyone
A dog would lick peanut butter anywhere anytime no worries or fears, as far as the dog is concerned, his owner is just feeding him some peanut butter

I know I'm better than this.

But I keep thinking -- if it feels good, and I make sure I'm home alone next time... who is it really harming? My dog seemed really happy no matter how disgusted I felt about it.

Something about his warm breath panting on the back of my neck felt so primal at the time. It was gross... but now I can't stop thinking about it.

Vouch this, I used to do the same but with my cat and tuna water when I was younger. No harm, no foul.

You are only harming yourself. In time you will get used to orgasming from dog
You will never fuck a girl going forward
Good luck in life though
Also, your sister is gonna find out and try out herself eventually

I understand that. Licking seems pretty harmless. Although I do feel a stab of guilt when I see him licking the faces of my family later that night.

My issue is that I actually let him thrust inside me for once, and I fear that my sister saw it. It was only for a few minutes. She only came in when I started to get dressed.

>Also, your sister is gonna find out and try out herself eventually

Why do you keep saying that? She saw me naked, as I started to get dressed. My dog was in the room.

You're saying from that, a 9 year-old would start letting a dog fuck her?

No one fucking cares.

Sex is only good when both parties get satisfaction. If you think you will get caught, spare yourself and the dog the stress of having other people around. Having sex with animals is like a cheat code for incels or wackjob weirdos like yourself, so just accept that you can't bust a nut with Fido and abstain until you have nothing to worry about (like your sister and fam)

>Sex is only good when both parties get satisfaction
Uuuuuuh wut lmao

she faking witchu bro

If she knows your fucking a dog, which judging by the situation she caught you in, she knows bro, then yes, she will try it. Don't be surprised when you catch her naked, with the damn dog in her room. Kids are sponges, and at 9 years old, she is learning fast.

>Uhh what what
He busted a nut but his dog didn't, then he feels sad and guilty when the dog licks the face of his fam
Let the dog go full throttle on your ass bro, knot inside and all

Perhaps you and your sister could bond over the dog, user. Maybe not while she’s 9, but you’ll almost certainly have something in common once she hits puberty.

Count yourself lucky your parents kept your dog intact!

The dog definitely nutted lmao

Clearly you’ve never fucked a dog before, they nut almost immediately.

The dog did knot, and burst. Not sure why you're being so weird about it.

She saw me naked in a room with a dog. If you suddenly think that makes her start fucking a dog, then you sound more degenerate than me -- a dogfucker.

She's very mature for her age.

>kept your dog intact!

....You know that neutered male dogs still have a penis, and can ejaculate, right?

Hardly faggot.

Obvious LARP detected cause you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Not too bright, are you?

>Most people don’t realize that this behavior isn’t limited to intact male dogs, nor do they know that neutered males can display erections and ejaculate just like intact males


Find one source that says otherwise. Strange hill to die on.

Best part of this thread is somebody arguing with a literal dogfucker over dog cum