An escort sucked me off for 10 seconds before I made her put a condom on, then we fucked...

An escort sucked me off for 10 seconds before I made her put a condom on, then we fucked, how likely am I to have HIV or aids

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get an online hiv test asap

Literally almost zero

Transmission rate for HIV from oral (and even vaginal) sex is EXTREMELY low. Should've wrapped it up, but realistically HIV ain't what you should be worried about rn, herpes or the clap is.

If you don't believe me about HIV transmission rates, literally just google it and look what the CDC says.


110%. You fucked up bro. RIP.

>how likely am I to have HIV or aids

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I'm scared to death and only 18

Over 9000

Don't even trip. You're good, homie.

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U sure man? Im still gonna get an HIV test in a few days.

it is very unlikely you got hiv/aids, but you can have contracted a number of other things, still unlikely though.

go get one now so you wont think about, it takes like 20 mins.
but you dont have it, just do it to put your mind at ease.

it happened yesterday, will it still even reveal anything? how long do u think i should wait

>blowjob with a condom

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i think you need to wait 14 days, but seriously, unless both of you had open soars you should be ok.
dont do that shit again though, it will fuck with your mind.

It was my first and last bro

Why do u remind me of me. I regretted my decision tho and quite frankly I’m still in denial that I even happened.
Health wise, don’t worry you’ll be fine

Escorts (at least good ones) make it their buisness to stay as clean as possible. You see a lot of repeat customers because people want to feel comfortable when fucking, so they realy can't afford to ruin their reputation over some easy to take tests.

On top of that, HIV/AIDS is an incredibly small pool of people that overlap with the escort buisness. Something about your blood being literal fucking untouchable steers their career in other directions.

Finally, oral isn't very likely to transmit. Even full on anal or vaginal is only like a 2% chance to infect. That's 1 in 50 times for someone with full blown fucking.

I'd worry more that you're using an escort than I would about diseases.

Top kek. Literally none, even if she cut her gum open and bled on your dick while sucking you off, still not likely. The worst thing you could get is herpes, but if she didn't have any cold sores you're good. I have never used a condom for a blow job, because that's gay as fuck user. Grow a pair.

Ora-quick for at home testing. but you have to wait until past incubation. I think a month for HIV

also where and why are you getting a hooker?

OP dont know where you live but is the escort this skank in the pic? If so how much did you pay? Also, HIV and AIDS tests at the docs office is easy peasy if you decide to get it. The full gamut can be ran after simple check of your bits, and a piss test, then they do a prick test on your finger for the AIDS HIV. Its a pain in the ass doing it with the finger but apparently they do it this way now. But really your chances for anything are astronomically low. With oral atleast.

If she’s Chinese, u run a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus than hiv

Trust me I’m a doctor

Just get tested fuck wad

I'm scared to shit bros, I have exams soon

How does her putting a condom on prevent you getting aids?? As long as you didn't suck her dick you should be fine

I haven't ate anything since yesterday, I feel like throwing up whenever I eat I'm so scared.


You're 18 and you paid for a hooker? Why???

That is sad dude

perhaps he is fat, ugly and desperate ...

>paying for sex

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If she's positive, your chance is about one in twenty or five percent. Higher if she has sores.

Did she coom in your ass?


RIP in peace. Sorry for your loss. You’re gonna die and it will result in so much pain

This is correct. Medfag reporting

>worried about herpes
Get a grip user

Everyone pays for sex one way or another

No. That's something comfortable enough to believe for the people who will always have to pay for sex.
The ugly will never leave you. Sorry. Cope in life by scoring high on career or something.

Suck my dick faggot, I’m as sexy as they come

You have to pay for sex, so that's one other thing the bitches tell you while collecting your money.
You'll never gonna believe it, but you may as well stop fooling yourself.
In case you're american, you can't tell the difference. Ignorance is a bliss, hug it tight.

I am American and if you are not, then I am superior to you in every way possible so not sure why you’re even talking. Anyway though I didn’t mean actually physically paying money I meant if you’re fucking some bitch, you’re working for it most likely. It’s hard to explain things to foreign fags because you guys don’t understand context and what not but you gotta be better man...

No, we do understand context perfectly, more than you actually do. You're just delusional, mate. I'm sorry.

Not having to pay for sex is being invited to dinner by a girl and share the bill without even having talked about it before, because she actually wants to be with you.
Or traveling abroad even if I could not afford the expense for more than the airplane tickets and some packets of cigarettes, because there's a girl that wants to live that experience wity you and you only. Not having to bother with family matters, cause this was my choice, makes me the perfect eligible guy to follow intrested girls without ever giving a reason to suppose I'm buying their confidence.

Bonus hint: this also makes sex more enjoyable. For me, in years, it has become the only feeling that actuallg matters.
The moment I feel the girl is not into me as in the past, I'm out.

I also despise women, so I suggest everyone to take mad advantage whatever you feel for her.
The time when you'll find yourself smiling to yourself because of this, you will not even be able to be wrecked from them. Becase every single girl will try to wreck you, so she can feel important.

Learn to refuse prissy easy bitches who want your money, then we'll talk, fatso.

Did you fuck a guy in the ass or get fucked? If not, you’re good.

That was the gayest thing I’ve read today.

Yeah, I know it's kinda gay in america to find time to read more than 2 lines without chugging down a bag of doritos, but that's the way I roll.

Most people don’t chug Doritos, even in America mate. Alls I’m saying is you’re lucky this isn’t in person because I’d show you a thing or two about being a patriot.

Like furiosly jerking to MLP?

I would end your life with the flick of a finger my good mate

Get the test either way, actually get a full panel screen via blood draw. Better safe than sorry, likelihood of transmission via her giving you oral... she would have to be extremely high in viral load with a cut in her mouth and a cut on your dick so yeah you are good but get tested anyways OP

Bro, the odds are exceptionally remote. Like hit by a bus remote. Get checked if it eases your mind but it's almost impossible.

Oh right, muhgguns. Which are permitted to you in order to (lol) get rid of tyrannical gabenemend. Correct?

Can somebody be more basic than Cleetus right here? Feels like beating a guy who just started shitting in his pants.

Maybe the gun is telling to us you need to compensate for something. As most americans experience (but sadly can't even name because of their ignorance) what you are showing is called "inferiority complex", and comes to you from being a manlet with small pee-pee.
Which is k, because society made it possible for you to pay for sex (so we get back IT) and have something to wind it out.

Too bad now you now why, eh?

Think he went afk from life after this lel

I didn’t afk, was jerking to some bitch in another thread. I do not have an inferiority complex you piece of shit. You’re not as eloquent with your words as you think. You just sound like a nerdy virgin know it all. Guarantee that I’ve fucked more puss than you

Hey, but imagine me speaking my mother tongue. Would it not be...

Oh right, amwrilard, you don't learn. Almost forgot.
If your blind states towards me are going to help you sleep at night while manipulating your tiny dick and wishing you were one of those niggers you hate so much, it's fine for me, americhap.

Chill fighting you 2 haha

How do you find prostitutes on IG?

Be more worried about the herps and the werts

Play it like cod infected, just fuck everyone else and bring them down with you if tested positive

you're good you virgin

How long do they take to kick in? Its gonna be 24 hours in a few

You found an escort on IG? How?

24 hours?! dude you only have 4 more hours to live wtf are you doing?! go commit as many crimes as you can before you die