How can you say both sides are the same?

How can you say both sides are the same?

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>church of the state


>>church of the state
oof too true

I still haven't heard a good reason for eliminating border regulations and bringing tens of thousands of undocumented people to give gibs to. I know the democrats see it as free votes, but how do the non-elected democrats justify this?

Most of us are fine with helping others, but we know letting a tiny percentage of poor people and giving them taxpayed free shit isn't going to fix worldwide poverty and will only reduce the quality of the country.

Maybe its just a personal opinion on how to be good to others, but all the democrats basing platforms on eliminated all border security so we can give welfare to non-americans is not something most people want to support. I fear that will be a major reason the lose to trump this year.

Nice trolling, but all of it is completely untrue. Your claims about Bernie and Trump both have no merit.

End discussion.

>will only reduce the quality of the country
that's not true

>Your claims about Bernie and Trump both have no merit
they do, listen to the words they speak and their actions?


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Take tax dollars away from anything to funnel into that is a reduction of quality. People can argue crime and whatever if they want that makes it even worse, but just based on the initial tax hit it reduces returns for taxpayers with no improvement.

How are there so many Bernie supporters on Cred Forums when you have to be 18 to use the site?

Cred Forums is 90% bots, trolls, and shills fren

Not commie, a stupid commie


Humble vs arrogant
Practical vs idealistic
Traditional vs experimental
Skeptical vs trusting
Competitive vs cooperative
Spirit of law vs empathy

They'll get jobs and taxes will be taken from their wages.

there are bad people on both sides.
One side has racists and the other side is racist towards the racists.

Both old white me.
Both rich compared to voters they are pandering to.
Both promising the world during their campaigns.
Both want POTUS as an ego trip (Trump lets you know it, Bernie doubled down on previous promises to beat the women/gays/minorities he was/is running against)
Neither gives a fuck about freedom or liberty when pushed.
Both had their "own" parties working against them (they are only members as it suits)
Both portray themselves as outsiders despite being in and around the ruling classes for decades.
Both claim anti-war stances.
Both claimed to be pro-gun.
Both have awful hair.
Both have slipped Pelosi one and didn't call her again, probably.

Doesn't fucking matter though,Trump will be running for a second term. Sanderswon't make it to his first nomination.

That sure as shit doesn't describe Trump or Bernie. Maybe the people that would vote for them, but not the men themselves.

No you can't.

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What about the 5.5 billion that didn't make the 50,000 person cut?

>How can you say both sides are the same?

(a) ensure a level playing field (Euclidean)
(b) use : SAS ASA SSS RHS congruency mnemonic

..... else sides cannot be assumed to be equal

>church over state
he didn't do this afaik, but he should have

You also forgot Bernie hates women and doesnt think one can be president.

The lefties got buttblasted so hard that they're coping by lying to themselves and doubling their shitposts with this lame ass shit

>with this lame ass shit
It may be lame, but im not democrat. I'm trying to understand why a prominent democratic platform is to give our hard earned money away to uneducated criminals. I can't figure out why that is a valid strategy to win an election as only moon beam morons will support that.

The only ones who post this "Anti-Trump" shit are Trumptards themselves. I wonder what the leftfags think when they visit Cred Forums, "w00t ppl who think like me?!", and then it's all a giant, lame troll.

Trump 2016-2020, 2020-2024, all of us at Cred Forums have your back, always

False argument, no one ever said that

Look dude. Everything else is a lie. U murder John pinegap and USA is urs forever/my vote. Just don't leave contiguous borders militarily. Full retreat and withdrawal. Then navigate third centuryromecrisis and hyperflation

this Ops post is bullishit

one man knew this nearly a century ago

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So it's even with Twitter?

Because it's painfully obvious and no disingenuous meme picture is going to convince me that isn't true.


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Just accept the fact that Bernie is a weak, frail communist and he will never be president of anything that doesn't involve him getting his balls stepped on.

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Because you amerilard consider every criminal irredeemable, which is the way your prison system and your authorities work. How could be someone take the prison path seriously as a way out of crime when your jail population is more than 10 times wider than the one of an other country? Do you expect people will change much after being sent in jail for marjiuhana and taking it up the ass as a silent punishment?

This is the country you wanted. The fuck your feelings one. Now enjoy it.

The USA criminal justice system certainly needs reforms, but busing in endless foreign lowlifes/criminals is about as opposite of an an answer as possible.

you are so fucking politically illiterate that you think bernie sanders is a communist? how fucking retarded can you be?

lmao after the first one, all of those are positive for bernie.


Pelosi only did to Trump's speech what McConnell and the GOP has done to the constitution #PelosiJustified

shut the fuck up, you don't speak for Cred Forums, or Cred Forums don'tact like you do fag.

Because the RNC and the DNC are the same.
Bernie isn't very representative of the DNC, so easily

Germ-user here.

It's similar in my country.
We are most certainly oposite fascism, but the big, big majority of people never agreed on nor voted for helping refugees in the current numbers they came here. like 10 billion people we have to support now.
First there were the young men who came and with them the crime, the rape and the hate-culture.
It's dismantling the German ideal of solidarity that the first places that were organized for the first million refugees that were young, male and aggressive were located in poorer regions exclusively.

Then asked to bring their families (wife and children), which German law allows, and now there is a grand total of ~ 10 billion people who did nothing for us but wants to get the free stuff.

Like education for their children, work, and most importantly piece, which they weren't able to keep in their country.
That's a pretty general scheme you can see here at work.
People who flee from a shit-hole country to a better place usually bring with them exactly those cultural traits which, in sum, made their own country a shit-hole in the first place.
The strong and good people stay at home and fight for it.
THIS is what should be supported, and generously so.

The point is, in the beginning, they talked about refugees. Now they're talking about immigrants.
And I give it only a few more years and they will despise me for bad-mouthing my fellow Germans.

Btw, as far as the quality of his work is concerned, I think Trump is fucking America over in a rapidly accelerating manner.

But you do you. Your country, your way. But keep in mind that no one, not even the nicest and best people, actually want to import crime.
That reasonable fear is what made Trump strong.

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You literally mass produce criminal into the very facility posed out to fight against crime. That is also why when /pol cumrags come complaining about dejoos and their nigger 15% I feel like the only good thing is death penalty is still a thing in those wastelands, and they can still end up into their very green mile.

> like 10 billion people we have to support now.
vs 70 billion Germans, just to add that.
a 1 : 7 ratio is a bit harsh

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Germany always disappoints in the end. Fuck off to your own faden, Fritz.

germans are filth. we should have purged you at the end of WWII.

for some reason you feel you can speak now, and it means anything.

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People in here is supposed to be 18 you know

whoopsy daisy

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Of course being a german you like sucking dicks, 0 surprises.


lmao gay 1 millionen&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

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both sides are american, so both sides are disgusting and should be cleansed with fire
don't make things more complicated than they need to be

freedom is communism, eh mao?

sucking female penor does not insult me.

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Best laugh all week. You might be a comedian when you grow up.

>The only ones who post this "Anti-Trump" shit are Trumptards themselves.
it's like a big fat strawman, I agree

You're destined for 41%. Hopefully

I am not even American.

So I'll always win in American elections.
But stick with Trump if you like, because an isolated, a weak America might make the things more interesting in the years to come and I might start following the news again.

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Fucking bernie shills, go back to your echo chamber sub reddit.

Since when was bumpydump ever religious!?! He pretends for any advantage obtained. He is not real on his stand. His church is his idiotic, blind, racist followers. He is the fucking Antichrist! Bernie is way more based!

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They don't get free shit, and they can't vote. This is the myth you've been fed to rile you up.

Donald cannot even cite a single word from the bible.

Yeah, the shit isn't free because other people pay for it, mister obvious.
So they don't even vote though they get all this free shit? Man they are truly disgraceful people.

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> we should have purged you at the end of WWII.
> we
I really don't think they would even recognize you as a fellow American.

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>In 2014, 63 percent of households headed by a non-citizen reported that they used at least one welfare program, compared to 35 percent of native-headed households.

In CA alone, all that is required to vote is a driver's license which is issued to aliens. Incorrect on all fronts. Furthermore the demographics run a deficit when divided by race. Why on God's green Earth would anyone want to grow the size of the permanent-dependent demographics? (besides the ones who collect their votes)

Imagine being ridiculed even by lowly futa brainlets.

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It comes down to this. Every year 65.4 billion mammals die due to meat consumption. Animals suffer the most. The world needs to become vegetarian. The world needs to know the truth about racism. Anyone who does not believe in the cause of saving animals is guilty of hindrance. World War 3 is about saving the animals, and ending suffering of humans. Anyone who stands in our way is the enemy. Democracy has failed. Fascism is the way.

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Well people who say that are either liberal elites or the identity type purists that they're trying to manipulate. A good example is the Joe Rogan half endorsement a week ago when there were people saying "but he's transphobic" just because of the trannies having an advantage in sports conversation...or alex jones and milo yeonopolus (sp) were on his podcast, or stupid old gay jokes which is satire anyway. So one of the purity tests they are trying to imply is "trump has a strong base that supports him very hard therefore bernie who has a strong base who supports him very hard must be like trump" Which is obviously assinine, but it's also because they have other interests like Warren being a woman, or bootyjudge being gay, that they're tied to because well....they haven't though very much about their futures and are basically trying to elect avatars. In summation, they're a bunch of apathetic liberals, and apathetic liberals are a cancer to democracy and critical thinking. They're the people screaming "yasss queen" over pelosi's tearing up trump's speech, and that guy sending sheet cakes to senators for votin down witness testimony in the impeachment trial. Fake activism. Hope I helped.

I went Vegan for 5 years and got seriously sick from malnutrition despite taking a cocktail of quality supplements. Our meat industry is cruel and needs to change, but it's simply not true that we can thrive on a vegan diet. Survive, sure. But not thrive. I was constantly sick, had regular headaches, malaise, tired constantly, couldn't focus, no energy, gaunt, poor sex life etc.

My partner was vegan at the same time and doctor told her she had the lowest iron and B12 levels she'd ever seen. It's totally bullshit.

Now, I eat British beef once a week, regular fish, organic eggs, and local dairy products. Feel insanely better, it's unreal.

Veganism is starvation and is NOT a long-term solution to our agricultural crisis - though I agree we have one.

Huel, Soylent, or Ensure contains every essential nutrient. There are meat substitutes, but very expensive.

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psst...largest single donation movement in the history fo the country. our echo chambers are the streets and neighborhoods and communities and if you dont want him as president you better learn that.





No. They don't. Not in a bioavailable form. Trust me, five years vegan. My friend got sick too. We do physical jobs. I'm sure it's fine for desk based soyboys, but it's not a sustainable lifestyle. Also, I met tons of long term vegans who were either depressed, weird, or generally unwell.

This right here is why we need higher education, to teach the difference between communism, socialism, and that those are just umbrella terms and philosphies that can be explored through varying extents in different areas. There is no pure capitalist or communist or socialist country on the planet. Every countries buys goods and services...sometimes they're democratic sometimes they're authoritarian, most authoritarian regimes are right wing. If you look to the far right in the US and look at how much control they want to take away from women and other races and impoverished people it's clear as day that the right wing is authoritarian. Socialism is designed to be, tho not always implimented properly, to be a vessel for freedom. None more so than anarcho socialism which is purely about community decisions and the smallest form of government.

>Doesn't know the difference between Missouri and Kansas.
>Had his lawyer threaten his school to withhold his grades
>You ask him any serious question about a complex subject, he'll basically repeat the question to you in an answer.

>Says that we should kill terrorists innocent families
Makes perfect sense!

Respect Religion
>Cannot quote a single passage. They asked him in an interview to quote a passage from the bible and he says the whole book.

Science when proven
>Climate change proven many times over. But simply does not want to accept reality

Fights for US citizens
>Wants to literally deport citizens who became naturalized.

You're not even trolling hard.

Insufficient DHA from fish or algae, might negatively effect mental health. Engineered supplement foods are safe. It's basically like dog food but designed for human sustenance. Infants thrive off the same thing, powdered infant formula. If the lactacting women eats an improper diet, then powdered infant formula is superior than breast milk in that case.

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Lol, imagine being such a fucking loser that you care more about other people's political opinions than your own

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>Science is fact
>56 genders
Protip to people who aren't ideologically posessed flat earthers/climate deniers are on the same level as those who claim gender and sex aren't the same thing.

Something called the Hegelian dialect, might want to look it up, both sides are played by the same people, been around forever yet people still vote. This applies to not just politics but wars etc

Oh, shit! Russian Interference! Nice smear Vladimir! Eat shit!

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How long have you actually been vegan? Honestly? I'm not telling you theoretical bullshit online about nutrition (of which on a molecular level we know fairly little about), I'm talking about personal experience. Veganism leads to dangerous weight loss, fatigue, depression and more. Not just in me, but in every other medium to long-term vegan I've ever met. Like I say, it's definitely an ethical lifestyle (to a point, avocados shipped from Chile are still bad for the environment) and I applaud that, but it's not healthy. You literally can't get heme-iron from anything but animal products and you need it. That's just one example. There's a lot of bullshit propaganda about veganism surfacing recently and I wonder if it's not an agenda. People need to eat less meat tho, maybe once a week or even every two weeks max.

He's gonna win again, coz most of people are fucking morons and let being manipulated.

He's more cunning than you think, that's his biggest adventage.

I've been on Huel since 2017. My diet is not about making a difference for the animals. I mostly drink Huel for health and spiritual reasons. Nonheme iron from plants has low bioavalability. Huel contains 194% DV iron to account for that. There are many criticism about Huel. I am 100% certain I won't die. I might not thrive. Because I failed to convince you of my hypothesis, I hope I sold it to you as a dream instead. The dream of a utopian culture.

No Democratic candidate for president, and possibly no Democratic candidate ever, has ever suggested or campaigned on completely open unsecured borders.

hermeticism says opposites are diff sides of the same thing

Bernie supports popular and proven, ethical, common sense policy and is effectively unassailable because of it. There are zero legitimate attacks on his policy positions because they're all ethical and good. They have to be exagerrated beyond the realm of reason before they can come under fire. He believes in a better world for all. He's virtuous and unwavering and you should absolutely vote for him in the primary if you can.

Getting better every time!

>they scared

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Both are rich faggots trying to control poor people. There is no difference.

Are you in the lower class?
Are you in the lower-middle class?
Cos Donald Trump has created massive jobs for blacks /hispanics /whites who never had jobs or were out of work
unemployment is low now
If the US smashes China, more jobs will come to the US and western countries (EU too)

You’re going to be so triggered in November

>The world needs to become vegetarian.
Tell that to lions, etc.
Humans are omnivores.
I know you get your protein from swallowing dudes cum, but that isn't an option for me.

>democrats see it as free votes
Mexicans are mostly devout Catholics, social conservatives opposed to both abortion and gay marriage.
Also, resident aliens can't vote.

Yah ever notice the level of bullshit Republitards need to resort to to promote their brand?

Under slavery black people had 100% employment. It was not good just like it's not good now. Employment for peanuts is not desirable. Average quality of life increases are desirable. The life expectancy, infant mortality, wealth inequality and maternal mortality have all increased dramatically under GOP supervision.

>racist towards the racists.
That's not what racist means, Whitey.

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>Yah ever notice the level of bullshit Republitards need to resort to to promote their brand?
They don't

How many lions u think there are vs how many people? Just out of curiosity.

Yep. Look at any slander of progressive candidates. It's always super dramatic extreme takes of whatifs and end times scenarios. There are no more fearful and dramatic people on the planet than the trump voters.

>Both rich compared to voters they are pandering to.
Sanders: 2-2.5 million
Trump: 2.5-3.8 Billion

Yeah, nah.
Hey, I'm 5' 6", and Shaq is 7'1", but I guess the important part is we're both taller than Kevin Hart, so we must both be tall, right?

oops, forgot pic.

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>Both promising the world during their campaigns.
Very different worlds .

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That's the fundamental malfunction in tard brain.
>2 million dollars is same as 100 billion because I eat rocks and am poor anyway

>They don't
Google "fact check sotu"
Father of lies.

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I'm saying they're NOT the same.
Try to keep up.

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I'm agreeing with you my good bitch.

>lions, etc.
>How many lions

Yes, you're retarded. I'm not a special ed teacher so I can't help you.