YLYL marginally humorous edition

YLYL marginally humorous edition

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>I have no sense of humor so I just post random because I can't tell the difference

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What a butthurt little faggot. Kek

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I'm hurting just looking at that

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I lost so goddamn hard to this.

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I recognize this gay blowjobn

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Fucking Lmao.

Why hasn't this gotten more replies?

Idk who it is, Tim Heidecker?

Gwendoline Christie

RIP big slime

ok now this is epic!

Get ready for a big hot DUMP

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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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this is fr*cked up!

good to see youre still around

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Begone Islam poster!

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good for you

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That's a fucking lie and you know it

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the 2nd cooming?

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loveing how ever one is just taking pictures

What possible motive would anyone (let alone thousands of people) have to lie about the shape of the earth?

got me good

>not knowing about hollow earth theory
it's the same reason they don't let tourists visit Antarctica. Time to wake up

Why are these retards bugging the fucking cashier?..

You dumb faggot. A hollow earth has nothing to do with a flat earth. And in either case, you’re retarded.

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don't fuck with me, kiddo

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Don’t make me bury you in the hollow, flat earth.

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seriously this is your last warning.

>thinking the earth is hollow
everyone and their dog knows the earth is flat, there's no such things as shadows only shadow people, and the only way to stop grave robbers is to have the entire bottom of the coffin be one large spring board


Is... Is that... Stanhope?
Jesus fucking chriZst

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You know this is a YLYL thread right?


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Hahaha so funny

>they dont let you visit antarctica

wouldnt earth have to constantly accelerate in order to maintain a stable "gravity"? I dont mean travel upwards at 9.81 m/s

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There are no hotels / accommodation Antarctica. Only Scientific bases.

My question is.. what are (((they))) hiding?

> Why are there no hotels in Antarctica
You fucking dense? You wanna go on vacation at -30°C in fucking summer?

There's cruises to Antarctica tho

Most cruise ships don't let you step foot on the continent retard. the closest you can get is a smaller boat just so you can see the stupid penguins from 100 yards away.

It’s over

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> Most don't let you
Then find the ones who do you dumb fucking twat.

It's like saying "most cars aren't pickup trucks so what should I buy if I want one"

God how did you get this retarded?

listen faggot... go try book a trip to Antarctica as a tourist. i dare you. the best you can get is a "day trip" off a cruise ship and they only let you explore a 1km radius if you're lucky on the peninsula. they don't let you see fuck all else

Welcome, newfriend!

Because niggers.
Pictured is the actual quote of what he was screaming to this poor Soyboy.

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Cuz it's fucking uneconomical you dumb twat. Who wants to go on a long journey through Antarctica?
It's a tiny fucking market! There's no conspiracy to not let you go there, they just don't offer it because it would be so goddamn expensive most of the people interested couldn't afford it.

Why can't flat earthers just go drink a bottle of draino already

Good goy!


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> Gets an actual reason why stuff is not a thing
> "ThE JoOoOz"
Wouldn't have expected anything else

These "people" are not capable of rational thinking, user. They're a lost cause.

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*rattles ammo box menacingly*

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He is used as a flesh light by his father! That’s funny.

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Cringe that u have all that saved

Daddy pricked my anus too, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just kidding I'm not decended from faggots like the rest of you

I proudly jerk off to it

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when I was a little kid, I was playing at an older friend's house. I was jumping on her bed with her and her sister and she just grabbed my crotch and started fondling me. I was so young I had no idea what was going on. I went home and never went back. Ever since then I haven't been able to talk to women, I panic every time. I wish I could live a normal life but it was stolen from me.

Jesus can't come back fast enough imo

You weren't pretty enough, he got your brother.

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So you can still see Antarctica? Which means you can't fall off the earth's edge

Fuck Jesus Christ
>pic related: Jesus being nailed on the cross

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Does it seriously end there? It better not, that's hella lame.

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if their the source of all evil, why not just eradicate them? that's what they would do, right?

Should've used the pocket money to buy a knife and cut his dad's dick off the next time he tries it. Or just slit his fucking throat.

is this a forced meme...it seems bad

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it’s ok friendo, don’t get triggered, comic is not real life. Unless is cock spider.

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tf is this shit


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I hate to say this but none of these are funny


Giggled but also threw up.. why is she going for it.. why......

Islam post thwarted via islam post, gang

Autism made me lose brain cells reading libtard stuff. Eat some batsoup fag

> This particular drive doesn't supprort Rfswhateverthefuck
> This completely different drive does
that';s consistent

xD omg

not sure if parody...

NFL rated a chick before and after bc and she was completely diff country nice girl to complete basic thot

She was super kind for years and then she started taking these shits and would start like using this nice girl thing as a persona as apposed to that simply being how she was... it was quite weird, could have just been college and puberty (dated from 16-18).

She was unpopular before dating me, I think she wanted to reinvent herself when she went to college too because her friends were basic and unimportant, but thots that would attract the wrong type of attention... I just wish I met her when I was a dweeb so she never saw what social status can bring.. because she never realized what it also took away

Last i checked she's like a born again virgin bible basher, posting excerpts from the bible and shit

damn bro


>don't break they are my son's


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Wait, I recognize that gay blowjob

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Greta Washington eh? Youre fucked now

This meme isn’t even close to being historically accurate

That sort of looks lije black face with white hair and eyebrows

I've seen this posted for years, and I only just now noticed tranny Cotton Hill on the left

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>it was the fire extinguisher that killed him

NGL dated*** loooooool

Thought this was a seperate post of NFL studies on bc and nearly just blew my own mind with webfacts

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You should just dig through then hiw thick is the "flat earth" suposed to be

Attached: niggers nigging.webm (360x360, 1.89M)

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Attached: nigger fun games.webm (390x709, 1.89M)


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Lmao what is this? i wana see the whole thing

seethe harder faggot

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Shut up fucking faggot

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kebab begone

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more drones, more bombs defused

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get AIDS retard

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fuck you I wont spell how you tell me - Rage Against The Machine


facking kek

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>light source on a one metre diameter cylinder vs light source on a 12700 kilometre diameter sphere must be the same
Do flattards really believe this

It's actually illegal to go there, and it's backed by a treaty held by the UN preventing anyone from mining the insane amounts of resources such as silicone and tungsten until 2041

so why won't (((they))) let us go there?

>inb4 it's too cold

oh no the snowflake needs a safe space

What game is that

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So this is the real Bert The Machine Story Conclusion.


That’s hot

What is going on here? Source?

like a boss xD, epic style :DD

this guy is a savage!

Is that Brienne of Tarth?

Victoria II


Check'd and kek'd

well it is. what so funny about that

god this samefagging is lame

take this stale pasta and put it up your ass, mkay?

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what do we do about the Jewish problem?

haha peepeeeeeee
pee pee
poopee peepooo

He's a god of fire, what do you expect?

So does that mean that Trump did 9/11?

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Totally tubular!

>who wants to go on a long journey through Antarctica
Me. And I'm willing to pay whatever anyone asks. What's your argument

where can i find the vid




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Chicks on birth control from an early age tend to be more sexual and overall thiccer. My ex took them for "muh skin and muh cramps" since 12 and she's got big round C cup tits, fat ass and wide birthing hips while her sister looks fairly average and tomboyish. A 14 year old scene chick who was on them and I dated when I was 18 said she's addicted to masturbation and porn.

one is windows 7 and the other is windows 10. REFS is a new system



Didn't laugh but I was amazed.

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Turns out he's a war mongering pedophile after all!

They are hiding nothing.

>I've been to Antarctica. It's boring, but there's a cool volcano and a scientist let me touch his satellite one night when we were drinking.


Traps are gay confirmed

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Le epic story

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You can. Explorers and documentary filmmakers do it. Hire a boat and pack a warm ass tent.

That's because it is bad

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Imagine taking ownership of deeds you yourself had no part in doing. Just as retarded as the ones taking ownership of the victimization of their ancestors.

Reflect a little.

Doctor and a nurse are not wearing the masks properly. Horrifying!

starting off with >be me
lost my interest

The soy is strong with this slacked jawed pole smoking faggot, who the fuck even reacts like that for a movie trailer? Jesus!!!



>the german tribes did nothing wrong, based as fuck
>the crusaders did nothing wrong, based as fuck
>Luther did nothing wrong, based as fuck
>wilhelm did nothing wrong, based as fuck

I see a trend here.

Attached: xaaXmv.jpg (600x781, 70K)

The son is a faggot, because he got fucked in the ass

>wood witch
I see what he did there

Big slime had so much more to give this world,what a sad day

lol, we have way less refugees, than you have niggers, and they commit way less crime but ok.

Also seeking war until we ruled Europe seemed to go pretty well in hindsight.

not really funny but trump might've actually done this

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Why is this funny?

Do you know literally anything about computers? Windows 7 and 10 are two completely different operating systems, its not really that surprising they don't use the same file system protocol.
I am a computer science major in uni, and we take a class about operating system design. In this course we have a project to write a virtual file system in C. CLEARLY you have no fucking clue how much data needs to be tracked, and the variability of how to store that data. File systems are extremely specific.

For instance, in windows 10, you can find a file and click 'Properties' to see a bunch of data stored about the file, like creation date, last edit date, size, filename, whatever. All this data has to be stored in a manner that can be linked to the actual data in the file. If somebody designing a file system found it was somehow better to store the filename before the file creation date in memory (or vice versa), and made that change - the old filesystem literally would become obsolete. Even having one byte of memory out of place can cause a parsing error that would make the OS consider all the files to be corrupted.

This level of stupidity is like trying to install something on windows, using an installer for macs. Its just not the same underlying system, so it simply DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT!

fuckin boomer retard.

i love this guy

this all makes sense now

fuck the Shia

It's uplaying your emotional response to receive a higher emotional response from your audience, mostly with people with autism who cannot read slight facial expressions.
It also would just be boring for him to stare at the camera while smiling and nodding you immense cock gobbling bottom faggot.


nigga u reflect a little, you missed the whole point of the post


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>that produced scenes of the old american south
Yeah, ok.

I guess the curse worked tho, it just took a while

He made that monk that did the same thing look like a total bitch.

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I lost

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Why would you make up a giant invisible being in the sky? Religion must be real, nothing to do with control...

What did they put in her?

It's a hot pepper of some sort, probably cayenne. She was caught masturbating and thats her punishment because niggers.

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Attached: 1577640995783.png (500x312, 223K)

anyone got more of pic related? I only got two

Attached: 1575727195408.jpg (464x488, 43K)

Attached: 1575727147015.jpg (2192x2315, 302K)

Is this just pewdiepie/markiplier level over reacting because that's what the kids want?

This kinda made me lose tbh

Attached: famg005.jpg (923x496, 79K)

wish there was more,they give me a sensible chuckle and im oddly fascinated


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Just fucking upgrade to Windows 10 and stop being a nigger who masturbates over how great 7 was, 10 was free and 2 OS's ago move the fuck on.

Please tell me she actually said that!

Attached: how the tables have turned.jpg (640x486, 66K)

Ngl, he seems like a pretty cute boy. I'd probably diddly him too if I got the chance

why didn't they shoot him after they put him out? he was a threat

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this can't be true, the individuals raping and assaulting that woman are colored.

Hey my windows 3.1 doesn't support RefS or wifi, what do?

is this loss?

Wow, another college kid that knows everything. I'm sure you'll get far in life bud.

How did something like that get stuck/lost and require medical extraction?

Vicky 3 Confirmed

Soy enthusiast detected

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The real source of the coronavirus

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laughed like a fucking retard


the act of rotating is constant acceleration...

This would have been amazing if Trump personally handed it to her.

Doesn't look that thick, how could he not just shit it out? I've passed bigger turds coming off heroin.

Attached: 1580946059685.jpg (736x1005, 110K)

I mean it's stupid and boring like this, too.

I guess the real moral of this story is that watching others react to things is a poor source of entertainment.

Bear just want some suk.



serving muffins and thinking you're entitled to something better, without having to earn it. one develops an autoimune disease from such butthurt. thats real cosmic justice for ya

sensible chuckle

perhaps an exceptionally tight poopshoot

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I will fucking start studying right fucking now so I can invent a cloning machine, get 5 more of me and gangrape your fucking grandma's face you gigantic hiv container

Fucking unexpected loss. Oo piece of candy...

buttsplosion levels of butthurt

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I love these


I gaged to this one. And I was just about to go to lunch, thanks.

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so sorry to hear that

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Would that be a global warning?

no, that company is in shang hai