If you're drinking a can of soda right now, STOP!

If you're drinking a can of soda right now, STOP!
Just say no faggot! Here's something fun for you to do. Go into your kitchen and grab your granulated sugar. Weigh out about 40 grams of it in a kitchen scale and then just look at it. Now multiply that by about 10.

>Of course, if you compared regular table sugar and HFCS 90, which has 90% fructose, regular sugar would be far more desirable, as excessive consumption of fructose can be very harmful.
>Excessive consumption of fructose can be very harmful
>very harmful

The amount of sugar you weighed out is roughly the amount of high fructose corn syrup in each can of sweet sweet death.

Pic unrelated. It was merely a ruse to grab your attention. You MUST reply to this thread with "I WILL STOP DRINKING DEATH" or your mother will come shit in your mouth every night for six years if you don't

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I dink about 1/4 to 1/2 of a 12 oz pepsi every day or every other day, usually when I eat one of my main meals. Pretty sure it's not gonna kill me.
Everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb yo.

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what if I drink diet pop though?

Seems like waste of pepsi. Have you considered buying the 7.5 oz cans?

Soda is gross though

We just have good ol sugar in ours or lots of nasty fake sweeteners that are worse than sugar but cheap to produce.

Soda is especially hard on your pancreas because of the high amount of fructose
This guy is right:
a little bit with a meal once a day probably isn't going to do much to you, but if you're chugging soda your pancreas is going to start hurting and then shutting down if you don't heed the warning signs


i drink diet snapple tea (helps me avoid the acidity of carbonation too)
i went from diet coke to diet mountain dew (like 7 cans a day) to diet snapple tea. am i gonna make it bros?

Holy shit man. Drink some fucking water

hope so bro
i moved to unsweetened tea and coffee
I sweeten the coffee but with like 5 grams of sugar per six cups of coffee as opposed to like 40 grams in a 12 oz can of cola.

HFCS is especially garbage because the glucose / fructose balance is terribad, mostly fructose which is bad for you in large amounts

also has anybody noticed the quality of the water they use for soda has this off sort of smell and taste to it like water that you can only pick up on when you're on your third can for the day and the sugar is starting to lose its sweetness in your mouth? Almost like sewer water or something, it's gross.


maybe local bottler is up to something shady because holy shit it starts to taste like literal garbage after awhile

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Feels like.

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the plan was to work towards that with diet tea as a stepping stone
i can't stand unsweetened tea, but black coffee is okay. that's another thing though, caffeine is shit for you too
and yeah but fructose tastes sweeter than plain glucose so they just spam it

ehh at least caffeine isn't going to make your pancreas shut down
also even though caffeine isn't the greatest for your circadian rhythm or your cardio-vascular system, the other two most common drinks for delivery also happen to be loaded with anti-oxidants and regular coffee consumption has been associated with gut health, including aiding in the dissolution of gall and kidney stones, so there is that. They both basically help to undo the damage of heavy soda consumption over a prolonged period.

your mom

>You MUST reply to this thread with "I WILL STOP DRINKING DEATH" or your mother will come shit in your mouth every night for six years if you don't

every user itt is getting shit in their mouth for the next six years KEK

Oh, I buy the lil' bottles so I can just re-cap 'em.

Honestly I don't see how people can drink so much of them. I kinda wish they'd make some with like 1/4 the sugar, I can't drink the diet junk, the artificial flavor stuff messes with my head

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>I kinda wish they'd make some with like 1/4 the sugar

>your mother will come shit in your mouth every night for six years

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>your mother will cum shit in your mouth
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most tea is just hot bitter caffeine water. and they brew it that way like the English because your supposed to use sugars and cream to mellow it out.

try loose leaf tea, just a pinch will do and you only need a a min or so in maybe a 4 cup container. Most green tea or oolong tea has way better taste, black tea is fine if you find you want that little bit of bitter done like loose leaf its not over the top. I remember my dad telling me he didn't like tea and then proceeded to watch him make it exactly like he did his coffee. Had to show him how to make it not make it taste so bad.

You can also add just a bit of honey or sugar or cream anyway and it goes further imo.

I drink 3 2lts of diet coke a day. Been doing it for about 20 years.

i drink pepsi every day dude and i feel just fine stop being a faggot op

>400 grams of sugar in one soda
Bitch wtf, my soda says 15g of sugar to 100ml and the soda is 500ml that makes it 75grams of sugar. Dont scare me like that you stoopid. I will dink a second soda right after the first just to fuck you

haha! joke's on you! i only drink cum!

rich in proteins good for you user

Drinking one right now. Gonna finish it since I don't want to waste it, but I'm making it my goal to NOT DRINK ANY MORE TODAY!!! Thank you user!!!!!


Thank shem i don't drink soda

OK user!! I WILL!!