Late night confessions / secrets?

Late night confessions / secrets?

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my moms friend tried to fonger me in the back of my moms car

im gay

I wear panties to work, i don't even have male underwear anymore.

I have a crush on an older ugly dude who is a student at a lab in my university

My best friend's girlfriend keeps finding reasons to spend time alone with me, and when she drinks she tries to fuck me. I've been resisting and trying to avoid those scenarios out of respect of my best friend of 10 years, but I fantasize about it way too much and I'm just about to give in.


I wanna buttfuck Alice he is so cute omg

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We don't believe in hell

I got fucked in the ass bareback by a total stranger in the bathroom of a gay bar I used to hang out at. Never saw his face, don't know how I didn't catch anything.

older ugly dude reporting in.

go up, flirt, and suck his dick. he wont look a gift horse in the mouth. we take any chances we can.

Never give in dude. In fact, don’t even let it escalate to that point. That man is your best friend and you can’t let a girl get in between that. It can be easier said than done in the heat of the moment, but honestly if you’ve already refused multiple times and she still tries it might be time to break the news to your friend. Might save a lot of trouble down the line.

lol i have no idea if he has a relationship with someone. He could be gay for all i know. also hes probably like late 20s early 30s not super old so can probably still get some

>A gift horse in the mouth
If his teeth are rotting you can always eat him
A troyan horse
Nigga u

Am baked, drunk, on kratom, with a nicotine high

yeah, I'm in my early 30s. trust me.

you'll know pretty soon into flirting whether he's gay or not. if he pulls the 'im married' path you just blush and say you're sorry, and he'll go home feeling super fucking attractive and fuck his wife till she cant walk straight

I had the hottest sex in the world sarcastically to mock you ball heads

How does one fuck sarcastically?

thanks for the cringe, faggot

You have to not be willing to fuck first

you're welcome user its my pleasure

I'm falling in love with this guy I talk to and play video games basically every day, we've started doing private messages a lot lately and staying up way late talking and there was two days where he was gone and I was really excited for him to be back and talk to my friends and I (but mostly me). I'm not sure if now's a good time to ask him out considering he broke up from another relationship not too long ago.
I'm mostly hesitant because I've been burned way too many times by past relationships since I've gotten cheated on multiple times and that coupled with major depression and anxiety isn't a good thing and my last two relationships have failed because of my paranoia.
I'm thinking of asking him out but I'm not sure, I'm a fag I know but yknow what dude I'm having a nice time and I'm happy.

Sometimes I get into a mental state where I do fucked up shit when I’m horny. When I was 13 I’d finger mares on a horse farm I worked at. Eventually found enough courage, grabbed a lawn chair, and penetrated/came in a Quarterhorse. Did this a few times before I got paranoid about diseases.

Mostly I can rationalize its wrong, but sometimes I just get in an overpowering mood. I’ll tune butter on the head of my dick and let my girlfriend’s dog lap it up, reapplying as necessary until I cum on it’s tongue. In the past 3 years we’ve been together, it’s likely the dog has tasted more of my sperm than she has. I was abused as a child, but honestly don’t know what was wrong with me.



stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship but i know if i try to break up with her shes going to probably try and kill herself. Shit gets worse every week, it sucks cause I love her family and they love me but she is too much for me. Like she always tries to say im cheating on her when i literally spend almost all my time with her and she gets all upset out of nowhere and when i ask whats wrong she says "I dont know" HOW AM I GOING TO HELP IF YOU WONT TALK TO ME

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I was two bears the whole time

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I’m learning more everyday that codependent relationships cannot be successful. Define your happy place, within reason, and reach it before you try a relationship. Everyone should be happy with themselves before they try to make someone else happy. My relationship of five years will almost certainly fail this tear because I neglected myself.

She always blames her problems on her Anxiety and Depression but I can tell its fucking bullshit. She wont talk about her problems and she wont even try to better herself. She gets mad at me when im upset, saying shit like "get over yourself" or "why are you mad i didnt even do anything to make you mad" when im just sitting there minding my fucking shit

If I go too long without fapping I start turning to worse and worse fetishes too. I never do anything irl but I've started going online and having really shameful erp sessions recently. The instant I nut I know I shouldn't be jerking off to that shit. Its to the point that I try to fap daily just to keep myself in check.

It doesn't get better. that kind of mental illness does not improve. you can help for short periods of time, but long term its all downhill as you get worn down.

Her family is great, and I bet she's great too a lot of the time right? when she's happy she's a great person to be around. but the paranoia and suspicion and constant accusations about everything you do? where all you want is her to have a coherent narrative for you to deny, but she never has one so you cant provide proof it isn't happening?

yeah its fucked. it gets worse. it'll break you if you stay.
she probably wont kill herself if you go, but right now you're choosing between your life or hers.


I have jerked off on co workers high heels right in the men's room.

I have a big stash of drugs in the woods around the corner from my house which I can go to and grab measurements from to sell. If I'm ever found out for selling drugs the feds will never find my stash and I'll be free to go and I'll carry on selling drugs. If the cops ever raid my house, they won't find anything and if they make a fucking mess of my place I'll get compensated for it AND they won't suspect me again after failing to find anything.

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anything to help an ugly guy get laid.

thanks user. Ive been thinking about breaking up with her for about a month now cause she is causing me more stress than happiness but you dont understand, if she does something drastic (which she more than likely will) its going to kill me, itll be my fault and ill hate myself for it. Im fucking scared

I like to lick my dog from time to time. I know that my mother has a bazooka in her testicle but the fucking cunts had to test it. Now I'm just balling and way too cool for school. Fuckers cut off his seed now I'll cut off your tree.

I was a teenage cocksucker and only myself and the 3 guys know about it. It was so enjoyable too I'm not going to lie.

same, panties 24/7

I do understand. that fear made me stay in a relationship like yours for 10 years.

You wouldn't be able to live with yourself if she did something, because you'd blame yourself. but staying with her doesn't fix her, or change her. she isn't willing to change and maybe cant be fixed.

It just keeps getting worse for you, and you aren't helping her by staying.

I like to stroke my dick on cam on Omegle

Cats deal with the rats
If you smoke a nigger bazooka he will fuck you up. Else it's all coomer momer chocolate. You know le donkey honkey. Haha. Momer was coomer lol boobs and boomer

How would i even end it though? I have no idea what i would say and even then, once i begin to break up with her shes going to go fucking crazy

His beard was all ready to be harvested too. It's crazy but true. She forgot about it all and had to resort to eating her children. Now we're all a big mystery of who it actually was. A combination of DNA and thoughts. It hurts to sink into the phase of sleep as I write this you will suffer. He was hiding and chose to eat me like a rat. He had children with his mother.

I like washing my hands but I also made a small fortune from not selling the patent to liquid soap. I ate the fat from his body after that. His neck was broken and he was dead. How I wished for him to suffer but the fucking rats were really big. An awful wedding gift. He survived at a neighbor he said. He just ate him like a rat.

yep. it's gonna be fucking messy.

The best piece of advice I can give is: figure out somewhere else you can stay, and make sure the most important things go with you. You want to have a suitcase ready to go. you dont know when you will be able to get your other stuff, and there's a good chance she'll just torch shit.

I'd do it when you don't have anything big on for a few days. when you can just escape somewhere. Work can be good as a distraction but day one, you wont be able to work.

it's going to be a completely fucked couple of days for you. you will feel absolutely awful. but you know that it is coming eventually, you're just choosing not to delay it more.

He was a fairytale come true. I just wanted to survive him and castrate his children but one day, he was visited by the rooster in the morning. A whore of hunger. She went home full of herself. A baby In her tummy grew. A foul seed of thievery.

thanks user, sound advice right here

I just Got a huge facial from a cute guy.... I’m a guy

Started dating a girl in an agreed upon open relationship, but she cracked when I slept with someone. She became possessive, ignoring me when I said I couldn’t be monogamous and crying when the conversation even hinted at breaking up. Got fed up and have let her believe her fairy tale for the last couple years. We’ll cook/clean/fuck/play house, and when I feel that itch, I’ll go on a “overnight business trip” to the other side of town with a friend/coworker. The most exciting was a hairdresser I met up with and fucked. While she was knocked out I looked at FB on her phone and deduced that she was a distant cousin of my girlfriend. Aside from that isolated case they’ve all been girls she doesn’t know.

I don’t consider it cheating as I have been very frank about my needs and position on relationships. She basically has ignored me on every front and shut down conversation. Literally the only girl I’ve ever used a condom with because I have no interest in knocking her up.

I am Mandingo. I Photoshop all my porn frame by frame
My actual dick size is 5'5



Wait seriously? I was just guessing


Oh man, are you me?

codependence is my happy place.

you being shitty at judging things objectively before you are drowning in them doesn't mean everyone else is just as bad.


Dubs of truth

I'm happy with myself at the moment, back on my antidepressants so I finally actually feel happy instead of unending apathy and the need to do nothing all day. I'm starting to apply to jobs again, I'm talking to my family more, taking my dog out for walks more, working out, going out with friends more, and even though I thought I could go with still being single (there was a time around November where I was flirting with a girl and we fucked but then I realized she wasn't good for me nor a good person and also I wasn't looking for a relationship) but holy fuck dude when I'm around him I feel so nice and warm and I listen to the songs I usually do when I'm falling for someone. He's the nicest boy I've ever met and the first time I saw a picture of him I thought he was cute and just remembering the stuff we've done for the past two years of just talking about stuff and hanging out makes me smile like a fag.

I'm stalking my ex sister in law. I've catfished her and she doesn't know it.

which school?

trips for guide to life 147 end post

Why don't you just leave the poor girl alone and go on to live your degeneracy on your own if that's what you need?

This. Before she does the same but worse.
>He forced himself on me
>I said no on several occasions but he just kept trying
>It's like he finds reasons for us to be alone
Trust me, not telling him is just setting yourself up for some serious shit.

Consider sorting your own shit before involving anyone else. Depression and anxiety as well as your own insecurities will just make the relationship toxic.

> Be me, 14 or so
> Family go stay with family over the christmas period
> Me, my 12yo sister and our parents stay with aunt, uncle, and cousins 15 and 11
> Sister is cute, short, well built blonde hair and freckles. Still a bit of baby fat around her face at that age so it gives her the sweet innocent look but shes also sporty and her tits are coming in nicely
> 15yo cousin is tall and naturally slim with black hair and perky tits, tanned because she's always at the beach
> 11yo cousin is fat af, nothing like her sister and not important
> Anyway, family decide to all go out shopping. I think my uncle was at work but not sure
> I fake being sick because I fucking hate shopping with girls
> Watching TV, playing vidya
> Get sick of their shitty games
> Exploration time
> Head straight down to the basement
> My uncles study is down there
> Start snooping
> Open his pc, just work shit
> Check his drawers
> Find external hard drive tucked away
> Moment of fear before I hook it up
> Nudes
> Pictures of my aunt. Nice.
> Start fapping as I go through poorly hidden folders
> Holy shit
> Pictures of my hot cousin from what looks like a spycam
> Getting changed, a few of her doing things like brushing her hair
> Videos too
> Fapping furiously now
> My sister shares her room while were staying there
> Never been interested in her that way but hes got a folder with a few pictures and videos of her too
> Fuck it, blow a load to my sister
> Looking at her perky tits and fit body
> Literally nothing of my fatass cousin
> Grab my laptop, copy everything
> Cum again
> Delete all traces I was there
> Go upstairs and spend the rest of the day jacking off
> Go home, start jacking to sister regularly
> Eventually get paranoid and delete everything
> Years pass
> Uncle killed himself a few days ago and I wonder if its got something to do with that

Started seeing a girl who had a toddler, and even though I hate kids stayed because she was unbelievably hot. We hooked up our first couple dates, but after I had the “honor” of meeting the little gremlin and started staying there weekends out sexlife was sparse. She made the mistake of basically telling me that she’d sleep with her abusive ex to keep her baby safe. Tested the waters by acting aggressive (in a way the kid didn’t notice) and staring daggers at him/breathing heavily. Sure enough she’d grab my shirt and pull me to the bedroom, “Come to me baby.” Literally leave the kid playing in the living room and she’d over-eagerly try to please me. Never laid a finger on either of them and was generally a good presence, but one good death stare and I could see her freak out of the corner of my eye. It got to the point that this was the only way we had sex and she always seemed super worried when we were fucking. Finally got tired of her being afraid of me with little reason and broke up. Shortly after she told my entire friend group I threatened her baby and raped her regularly. Got so bad I had to move states away. Kind of wish I’d given her a reason to say I raped her.
, but overall my conscience is clean.

Sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of someone who probably won't do the same is a no brainer. Break it off before things get worse. She'll never get better if she isn't willing to help herself. Her wellbeing isn't your responsibility. Never stick your dick in crazy. No pussy is worth all that hassle.

Even if you do break up, by the sounds of her you won't even be out of the woods then. Chances are you'll get bombarded with messages, get stalked, or even get accused of rape.

Trust me, end it asap.

Degeneracy? Poor girl? She contacted me after I posted trying to meet swingers on CL. We fooled around a bit and she asked me out. Told me she understood that it wasn’t in my nature to be monogamous. “As long as you come home to me babe.” After she got jealous I explained that I wasn’t going to change and she ignored me. Manipulated me into staying. But she’s the poor victim, right? You white knights need to chill. There’s no victim here.

I hadn't considered that. How do I go about bringing it up?

You just need to drop it on him the first given moment where she can't intervene. Don't say you need to talk about something important and then do it later. It needs to be then and there. All it will take is him saying to his gf "user needs to talk to me about something important" for her to put 2 and 2 together and get a word in before you do.

Wait til she's out. Work, shopping, whatever. The first given moment you have some time to talk to him alone, just sit him down and drop it all on him. Tell him how she's been acting, what she's been trying to do, and that you never made a move back. If he's understanding he'll believe you. Mention that you were in 2 minds about telling him, because you knew it would hurt him, but you didn't want to risk her making some shit up and ruining your friendship. If there's something you can do or say to back up your words, do it. And if he doesn't believe you, tell him you'll get proof. Video or voice record her in the act.

Just reaffirm that you know how much it's gonna hurt him finding it all out, but you couldn't go on knowing she's doing this (as well as possibly cheating with other dudes) and risk your friendship at the same time.

Childhood friend invited me to a party to be her DD. She lived in a strict southern baptist household. Had been dating the same boy for 6 years and they’d only kissed once. Like an idiot I got smashed. Tried to drive us home but could hardly stay in the lane. Fourth of July weekend and I was worried about cops. Pulled over on a back road and we crawled into a Coleman sleeping bag to sleep it off in the bed of the truck. Laughing led to tickling led to kissing. My mouth was glued to hers until I went down on her and then back on her lips while I lined up. I knew beyond a reasonable doubt that she was a virgin, so I fully expected her to stop me. With some difficulty I pushed into her. Started to feel a bit of guilt, but we were already past that point. After a bit I helped her up to her hands and knees. Right hand full of boob and left hanging onto her hip bone for dear life, I started shoving into her with everything I had. Felt her start to shiver and thought she was getting close. Grabbed both hips and really started pounding. She Projectile vomited on the tirewell and slumped her head in her hands groaning. Pumped her for a few more minutes before draining myself in her belly. Made sure she was alright, cleaned/dressed her, and settled in for the night. Got her to drink some water before we both passed out. Next day we navigated a hangover. She has never mentioned that night. I honestly don’t know if she remembers it. Half the time I’m convinced I made it up. I was in the grooms party at her wedding.

What's kratom like?.. finna invest

Theres 2 girls at work who i know have are into me and both are fucking cute. But im married and dont want to fuck up my marriage by fucking a co worker. But they both keep finding ways to approach me 1 on 1 and dropping hints. I aint gonna lie i have been fucking the same pussy for 8 years and im being tempted everyday.

>be 17, about a month away from 18th bday
>be horny
>say fuck it and download tinder or some other dating app
>match with QT3.14 and start texting
>small, petite, white chick with black hair
>she says shes horny and has never done it
>plan date and eventually meet up
>she brang alcohol and we get intimate
>start undressing her and doing that good shit
>she isnt ready and wants to give me a bj
>cum buckets
>keep texting her and she wants a relationship
>admit to feeling guilty since im underage
>tells me she is a teacher and could have lost her job because of me, or even wound up as a sex offender and how she really liked me and trusted me but now she wants me to be out of her life.
>It hurts but its what i deserved, i could have fucked this chicks life up and even after a couple of years I still think about it and start to feel even worse and guilty about the shit i pulled
moral of the story: dont be a horny underage piece of shit and try to fuck a legal adult

I don't think it will be too hard for him to believe. I don't want to give specifics in case someone recognizes, but it's fairly on-brand for her. I just don't know if he knows that she seems like she'll go through with it when she drinks heavily or anything. She constantly makes comments about wanting to do stuff with various people and him not fucking her enough. They really care about each other and get along well other than the opposing libidos. Idk why this feels like it would be so hard to tell him. Maybe it's because I feel guilty because part of me wants to, but imagining losing my friend is way worse and a regret I'd have for the rest of my life.

Just broke up with literally same brat vs... and even when you try be the bigger person and move forward, the whole day is ruined and you just want her to get the fuck out so you can finally chill without the UNNECESSARY hassle

Get.rid.of.her.. don't even think about it: literal succubus

I could post pics of her actual God tier tits and ass and body covered in tats.. fuck ALL that shit.. she is keeping you from becoming more in life.. once she has you whittled to nothing, she will bpd you and ruin the relationship in an even bigger act for attention and to take away from your life... she is miserable.

She's no more unstable then the rest of us, she's just a fucking brat

be me 7ish, she cousin 4ish, me being a very premature pubity starter, pinned said cousin down and rubbed against crotch until I blew... every regret in the world I have since I was old enough to know what I did was wrong.

I'm about to join the army for 2 years, and I've been pretty single for the past 18 years of my life. I'm not actively looking either.

I got an opportunity to fuck a fat butch, 2/10, coyote ugly kinda thing.

I want to lose my virginity and get it over with, but theres something I'm nervous about. What do?

Detectives aren't regular cops though... between FBI and detectives, if they wanted you caught, you will be

Be a grown ass adult and stop whining like this... she is your gf not your angsty teen brat of a daughter... ditch the fucking headcase

I'm a 24 virgin without a job. Idk what to do with my life. Is it too late for me?

Will smith said some shit like: a relationship is 2 happy people sharing their happiness with one another; stop feeding the succubus

I was severely sexually molested as a kid. In 20+ years it didn’t affect me until I moved in with my fiancée and her daughter. Her room is on a shared vent with our closet and I’ve spent so much time huddled against the vent that I could pick her masturbatory moans out of a line-up. I was dissuaded from apologizing over being caught nude with the bedroom door open (long story) by the moans and squeaks coming through the vents immediately afterward. Her around the house clothes have gotten increasingly skimpy with age/comfort/???

I’ve always believed that it was my duty to make up for the hurt my father put on children by being a better person. Images of her daughter pop into my head when I’m with my fiancée and I can’t help but put my ear to that vent. I honestly want to kill myself out of disgust and disappointment.

Well at least that backs your case up. You're doing the right thing user, honestly. Wanting to fuck someone is normal, but you've proven yourself a good friend and stronger than that by resisting, which is a lot more than I can say for some of my "friends".

You're gonna feel a little guilty at least by being the bearer of bad news. I'm kinda glad this is stacked better in your favour. Most people would only see pussy and side with that.

I had sex with my step daughter. We both loved it. We did it again, then we stopped because it would utterly drive her mother insane. She is dating a fuckboy now, but she knows who daddy is. And who daddy will always be.

Not your fault, but talk to a pro. It'll help

Only advice I can give is be faithful. If you're married and you can't stick to that then why get married in the first place? Why not stay single and fuck who you like?

Don't be a piece of shit. Stay faithful to your wife.

One really bad thing is that she's suicidal, and I'm also afraid that any aspect of this news might end things or be enough to push her over the edge, which would ruin everyone. I desperately wanted to hear, "just keep quiet and on the straight and narrow and things will blow over."

Talk to a therapist first, and then once you get a clearer idea of what to do, talk to your fiancee.

If you explain well, and show you're trying to change, and she's not a total POS, she'll understand you and help you through it

I have influenced my best friend's younger sister so much that she idolizes me, I have turned her from a normal human being to a stoner junkie dick addicted failure of a possibility.

I just got fucking lit and always kept in mind how much she actively worked to destroy such a good thing

...she was fucking pathetic

Rule #1 kuz you sound like a fucking rookie: DON'T ANSWER HER CALLS... I even ignored texts for a while till I needed something I had left at her place

It took me a few fuckups back in the day till I had a reoccurring nightmare of her baring my child and then the thought of fucking her heavenly demonic body would make me sick

At least you saw the error in what you've done.

What are you nervous about? Just the fact it's your first time?

Thats one thing. I watch a lot of porn so I might get PIED, also because she's fugly, but everyone says to let it happen naturally, fall in love, that kinda thing. And I'm not sure if I should start looking and see how things go or just go for it.

14 just goin' through external hard drives and all with precision, ah?

Okay there weirdo

I wish I could say that and mean it user, but I'd be lying. I know this is Cred Forums and all but seriously. You can't feel responsible for her wellbeing. I know it's easier said than done, but her mentality has nothing to do with it. You're sacrificing your own happiness and eventually your friends happiness by covering for her and keeping it quiet. All you can do is tell him. Whatever happens, happens. And if the blame is laid at your feet afterwards, the people putting it there aren't worth your time and effort.

Thats your motivation to become the person she idolises. Get your shit together and step up.

Is this... is this shit actually real... sounds like some white trash shit

Just broke up with a piece of white trash and slowly trying to drag myself up from the dirt she left me in

its just the thought of me fucking someones life up that gets me sick. She would text me about her students and how happy she is to teach them and knowing I could have taken her happiness away from her makes me feel so fucking depressed and pathetic

Why do you NEED to have sex? What are you trying to prove? Don't buy into the whole "I'm x years old and haven't got laid yet so I'm a pussy and not a man" because that's bullshit. I personally wish I'd held out and waited for someone actually worth my time. Sex isn't everything.

But if you're 110% sure, viagra.

The fact that you haven't brought it up already screams: LARP, incel faggot, or general shitty little loser that doesn't deserve any friends till he learns how to be a fucking man

> Plug it in
> Look in folders
Yeah I'm a genius for figuring that out

It was a bad judgement user. People make mistakes, nobody is perfect, and life goes on. Feeling bad for what could have been is perfectly normal. Just learn from your mistake and try your best to move on. It could have been much, much worse. But it isn't. You'll be fine, honest.

The last one would explain why I'm constantly gaining and losing friends. Maybe I need to take a better look at my interactions with others.

"So, I want to duck the one thing in this world you would give your life for, did I mention she is younger than you lol"

Damn boi, you some kind of fucking retarded

Love to have someone tribute my wife...

Younger and prettier* would be insinuated attraction

Once again, some kinda fucking halfwit u are

You do know most externals just plug into the USB port, right user? It's not exactly top tier l33t hacker stuff. Any 14 year old who can't do that should probably be in a special class.

You probably were jerkin it to some 80's shit you weird old ass neckbeard.. let alone knowing what a fucking ehd was when you were a kid

I honestly am just insecure and I wanna prove myself. I just wanna show the world and myself I can get laid.

I think I'll start looking and hold on until then. Any tips?

Eee, creepster bo beepster of here

Nah. You good. Look into constructuon they're always looking for workers. Best of luck

My uncle raped me from 5 or 6 until I was 16. Unfortunately the reason he stopped was because I assaulted my cousin. I had finally had enough, I had been full of hate for years and I wanted revenge. So I lured my cousin, my uncles only child, over to my house. He was 11. I lured him into the kitchen then hit him in the head three times with a pan. When he went down I took his pants and underwear off and grabbed the coffee grinder off the counter. I turned it on and shoved it between his legs. His testicles and penis were shredded and got stuck in the grinder. He came to, panicked and ripped it off him doing even worse damage. After he got to the hospital the cops interviewed me and I told them why I did it. I was remanded to a psych ward for 9 years and then I was deemed rehabilitated and released. I have since gone on to have a career and a family but I’ve never told anyone about my past.

I relapsed on meth today, after 9 months clean.

I feel completely hopeless about staying sober.

>uncle has porn ehd of his daughter in an easily accessible spot, with no hardware or software protection and no pass on pc



Just because you fell down doesn't mean you can't get back up. You're only throwing away your life if you give up after having a weak moment. You made it 9 months, so you know you're stronger than that. Don't let the guilt of the moment decide the rest of your life.

Well that's lame

Thanks for the advice user

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You can make it user. if you can did 9 months, you can do it again, and push further than that

I can't stop thinking about punching the bitch who got my girlfriend raped

Proving to yourself, fine. But the world still won't give a shit whether you get laid or not.

The only tips I have are probably what you've already heard. Just be yourself. Take your time. Might not think it, but your personality type is someones fetish.

It'll happen when it happens. Don't give up.

Wow you really think external hard drives are some rare, complicated tool used only by IT experts don't you? How old are you exactly?

Met a girl online, started dating her, she told me she was 19, eventually tells me she's 14. I'm still in love with her but can't do anything about it. Stopped doing romantic things with her but still talk to her some. She wants to keep casually chatting until she's 16 and be together then. I'm probably going to do it unless she changes her mind. Why did she lie?

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9 years wasnt even an option, it just finally hit me

Meh. It was in his desk under some stuff but yeah, not exactly hard to find.

At least you aren't like this guy who seems to think you need ten years of specialist training to use a USB port.

Thanks user.
>Your personality type is someones fetish
I like that one.

It won't stop until you do, you have a responsibility for your wellbeing first and those little rays of hope you get aren't worth the heartache, leave bro

Well now you got all the choices in the world. Go make something of yourself. I better not see you posting about relapsing in 9 years ;)

When I was a rookie cop I had a female Sargent as my partner. One night we pull over a guy and he’s gives us shit from second one. He gets a bit up pity and makes a threatening motion. Then I heard one gun shot. He put his hands up at first but then I noticed the blood coming from his groin. I guess he saw the loon on my face and looked down. He reached his hand into his pants and yelled “Jesus she shot my fucking sack”. He fell down and we cuffed him and brought him in. When I asked her about it she said she always aims for the balls . She said and I quote” he can be the biggest meanest most comes out motherfucker but if you shoot a man in the cojones that shitbird is going down”.

I want to cheat on my bf but don’t want to ruin our relationship. He’s great and I love him and he’s my ideal 10/10 and I want to be with him forever but he’s been my only one and I always imagined myself becoming a slut when I got older so having sex with the same person for the rest of my life sounds exhausting. It kinda sucks. I don’t particularly have anyone in mind either but I think I’m getting to the point I’d fuck nearly anyone as long as I don’t get caught.

I always figured its just because his family were useless with computers so he figured it was safe. But I do wonder if one of them found it and thats why he killed himself. Now that I'm older I wouldn't look at that shit but have considered going fown to help his family and smash the hard drives, if they didn't know it would break them to find it now

M or F?
If F, tits and timestamp please.

Hope u die

I suppose you'd have to weigh the outcomes, like a Pascal's Wager scenario wherein not believing in god is cheating, and God existing being him finding out, and run all four scenarios.

Alternatively, a serious talk about monogamy and your sexual needs is an option. It may be rough, but he may come around. Then again, if he does agree and regrets it later, it may be forever ruined.

I took 300mg modafinil 26 hours ago and I'm still wide awake. IDK how or why, but I kind of hate myself RN.

So a couple of years ago my ex broke up with me. "I love you but I'm not in love with you." I really loved her, still do (but I understand the only path is forward). She was always into Kpop, and it hurt our relationship. I found out she fully immersed herself even more into it after we broke up, and honestly, it makes me sick to my stomach. Like, pity and sadness, because I really just wanted her to be happy, even if not with me. Kpop fanaticism / obsession and/or addiction is real, and I really hate that she will more than likely never see my worth... And I know. I shouldn't concern myself with anything related to her anymore, but my heart aches for her. I'm a lonely fucker, but I can't imagine the extent of her own loneliness, to "fall in love" with an "idol." TBH, I'd be happier if she had found someone :/ TL;DR: FUCK Kpop.

>be me mid oct 2019
>just moved to larger city to work as a stage hand/ lighting guy, going great
>did an average gig then wake up the next morning my body is so sore i cant move without serious pain, tongue hurts too
>think nothing of it, couple days go by and im fine
>fast forward mid dec
>playin vidya
>next moment im on the floor being woken up by ems and hear my roommate explaining some shit to them
>can barely remember my name/date/location etc.
>they tell me i just had a seizure
>opt out of doing ambulance/er because broke
>go to new doctor and he orders some tests
>go to parents house for holidays hope its nothing
>jan 2020
>hoping the new year is good and i can put all this shit behind me
>do MRI, wait a week for results
>do EEG, wait a few days
>gotta see neurologist
>neurologist explains that based on the eeg and the seizure along with what was possibly a prior in oct i have epilepsy
>no. fucking. way.
>he explains that due to my work i gotta tell the people i work for whats up and gives me a note
>finally call the guy that offered me the job in the first place
>i tell him i got epilepsy
>basically tells me because of the nature of the job there isnt much i can do and i should move on
gotta apply to a movie theater or some wagie shit now to pay rent, been thinking about going to college but i dropped out of high school so dont know if i can make it. debating just fucking ending it too now that my dream career is over.
How was your new year?

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41 yo. Been with the same woman 21 of them. Married, kids. Sexlife been getting worse and worse, only me taking the initiative. Talking to the wife about it, and she agrees that she have to take more responsibility. This have been going on for 10 years +, nothing changes. I have stopped taking the intitiative, and then the sex have stopped.

Last year a co-worker started flirting with me, more and more. Ended up in a meting room after hours, where she sucked me dry. Horny slut with an incredible body.

FF to now: see coworker regularly, once or twice a week, having wild sex. She dresses slutty for me, swallows, takes it anally, masturbates for me, sends me nude pics to make me horny... everything.

Staying with wife anyway, at least so far. Don't know what will happen. But until something changes, my sex life is better than it have ever been!

Pic related, mistress

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You realize there's something wrong with you, right? Like, in the head. "I want to cheat on my bf, who is my 10/10 ideal." It's no different than saying "I want to lose 10 lbs. in a week and eat 1000 chocolate cakes that week." Honestly, with the way you're thinking, you're setting up your bf for massive heartbreak. You want to go and be a slut, that's just how it is, so be upfront with your bf about that, or gtfo seriously. If you cheat just for the added excitement, that's just using your 10/10 bf as a prop for your stupid lust. Which only complete trash / shit scum do. So I recommend being an honest slut, rather than scum.

focus on getting your GED user. there's still hope, this isn't the end of the road for you.
kys bitch.
stop cheating on your wife for your kids sake

Why? I never said I would actually do it or ever plan to, it’s just a fetish. It’s more complicated than it sounds and I’m assuming the majority of men feel similarly, how is it different for a woman to feel this way? You could argue men in relationships jerking off to porn or pictures of women other than their gf/wife fantasize about fucking the the woman if they could, it’s not really any much different.

F, no tits rn

There’s where it gets complicated. I’m not into polygamy especially with romance involved, and he’s actually into the idea of me getting gangbanged but I am not into that. I think the fetish mostly comes from wanting something forbidden to me. Like I said I haven’t been with anyone other than him so I guess I feel like I am missing out, but In the end I rather stay in my relationship than fuck someone else.

Alright there hacker.. bet your dad has pictures of him fucking you in the face on the refrigerator

Cp/incest friendly family, obv

Sew them

>...for your kids sake

I'm staying with her as long as I can for my kids sake,so the'll be older when I finally leave. Can't go on in a marriage without sex.

>I want to cheat on my bf but don’t want to ruin our relationship.
Its either you cheat on him and ruin your relationship or dont cheat.
Seriously if you're worried about boring sex then try new things to keep it interesting

You should have started with that detail. "He wants to see me getting gangbanged." So he's a cuck. Honestly, you're both fucked up in the head. You want to cheat, and he doesn't care if you get dicked by several guys. To each their own, i guess. fkn degenerates

Keep fucking the mistress till the kids are 10+
Then get a divorce and start a new Fam with that HOTTIEE

As far as the forbidden nature, many people feel that way. I think that's why incest porn is so popular. That's why I'm struggling with my post above. It seems the culture is leaning more toward a "do what you want, give in, fuck the consequences" attitude. It's a dangerous road to go down, and the ubiquity is probably a contributing factor to the rising rate of anxiety and depression.

Man, I hate it when people try to fonger me.

Well, as long as you don't do it. Maybe work on a compromise - he wants a gangbang, maybe start looking at gangbang porn & stories and see if you can work up some interest?

Dope. How so?

Yeah, probably. Without the family-thing tho; she's actually my age and has kids herself.

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Well fuck share the Kratom pls shits expensive, How are you not sleeping, dude?

Had a cop come to my door for giving out to my neighbors cooking stank ass food till 3am.. I often come in with a date and the place will smell like fucking cooking meat
..i snapped and some faggot was yelling that i was kicking down the door when i was literally just knocking a little heavy.. not even beating the thing

He comes up saying shut like, "just leave her alone, etc" with his faggot lips and kept saying her when I would say "he was.." it hit me that he was doing the pronoun bullshit in a life or death situation involving slander and framing for intent to manslaughter

Cops are fuckin' DUMB and generally shit... I've met hundreds of cops and can safely say I only ever somewhat in any way respected 1 of them... they are all fucking losers from high school... that loser faggot who you wondered why he has no friends till you spoke to his sperg ass and realized he will be a cop someday; yeah.. she/he's a cop

Do you honestly think that they're a hard to use thing or not? Maybe you're thinking of something else, I'm actually confused. EHDs are a basic thing you simply plug in to the USB port of your device. People use them for storage for xboxes, extra storage for laptops, tablets and PCs etc. Anyone who does anything with computers probably has one and again, all it takes to use one is to plug it in.

Insecure kneckbeard larp... you'll never get a girl who thinks of you as 10/10... no one will ever think of you, as 10/10 unless they are referring to the human most reflecting a mass of shit

Kill yourself, you'd be doing us all a favor including your small dick bf, ain't his fault for having a genetically small penis, user

You're being trolled dude

I feel you, i feel you.

>tl;dr I whine and don't support my gf so she dumped me because I couldn't appreciate that people change and develop in different ways and I should have been happy for her.. alas, I'm a pessimistic little 19yr old faggot who thinks kpop is for gags because I know so well, anything you like is shot, anything i like is the right thing to like, tl;dr btw UwU

P.s that love but not in love shit means fuck off


Sue is an option

Personally I would ride this wave, pile in suicidal depression and say hello to the cheques babyyyyy, start getting fucked, having a blast.. generally reavaluate your values

Not he’s not a cuck, just gangbang shit where he is involved. Not threesomes, not me getting fucked by another dude while he watches, just a gangbang which is something I would never do. I think it’s probably just a porn induced fetish.

I think that’s probably the reason I am into it, if he offered to let me do what I want I would probably just lose interest because it’s not exciting and taboo anymore. Some women are really into rape but don’t actually want to be raped in reality, something like that. Basically I will probably never do it but sometimes fantasies can eat away at you if you let them.

Gangbangs are not my thing. Threesome, ok maybe but that’s enough. Real gangbangs are nothing like in porn and seem pretty disgusting.

Not a larp lol

>doesnt actually cheat on bf
>kill urself he has a small dick

Oya and p.s bet you one of them epilepsy gf's, set up light displays in room and set them off mid-citrus and just fuckin' freak out on one another... c'est la vie baby

Can't imagine someone having a fantasy and not wanting to make it a reality.

Sounds like making an excuse to live a boring life and not take risks/expand your comfort zone.

>met this girl from college friends and ended up making out with her, but nothing beyond that.
>FF to recently my friend is crushing on her and wants her
I dont need to tell him right?

This. I went out with a nutty girl for three years, would fly off the handle, bitch, cry, moan. Eventually my mate told me straight that she was fucking my life up and he told me to ring her and dump her, then call him back straight after. I did, and it was shitty over the phone, but the relief was amazing and I went out that very same night and had the best night of my life. Now with a chill gf of 6 years who never bitches at me, we're good friends as well as partners. Don't waste your life. If she does anything stupid (chances are she won't) it's not on you.

If that's true, you may just need to look for excitement in other areas of your life.

See gentlemen... this is what happens when we give whores an audience

Blahblah begone thot

Discuss a threesome with him. It seems like the closest you'll get.

Can't sue anyone for a condition not caused by work, most likely genetic. Also me getting laid off for not being able to perform normal duties of the job, like loading trucks, climbing things, hanging lights isnt discrimination.

btw, not photosensitive

The mental gymnastics you have to pull to feel even an inkling of justification in your thought process; just shows he'd be better off without you

Guys think about that shit or fantasize when watching porn.. but never think/say, "I wanna be a slut, I'm thinking about doing it"

You are just another thot who will inevitably break a good man doing his all for you.. regardless of outcome, he is a good guy it sounds. It may take some time, maybe even a year+, but he will always come out of this better than you if you don't smarten the fuck up

Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... whore&cuck

my brother died and his body burned yesterday

Forget that phone stigma.. most women these days don't carry themselves like a lady; so they don't deserve to be treated like one either.. I straight ghost the majority lol

Glad you found a gem

I'm 100% positive there is some clause that gives you grounds to sue

In canada, you can't discriminate based off disability (thogh there are ways around that too, but they specifically said it was because of your "disability"(sic dance moves))

I'm patiently waiting for my father to die so I can use the heritage money to pay for my giant study debts.
I crave affection but am too insecure to get back into the dating game (early balding, no sense of fashion).
On occasion I fake scientific data to confirm my hypothesis and make my work easier.

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I’m from the Philippines. Everyone tells me how nice I am and what great mother I am to my kids. But what no one knows is I spent 7 years in jail in Philippines for cutting off my husband’s penis and balls. I knew he cheating on me. So I grabbed meat cleaver and hid it between mattress. I aroused him by sucking and playing with his penis. Then I grabbed the cleaved and chopped his groin as hard as I could. His penis and balls came off with that one chop. I threw his balls in toilet and flushed and threw his dick out the window. He almost bleed to death but because neighbors called police he lived and I got only 7 years instead of life. The girl he cheat on me with was 16 I think I do right thing and I already served time so no one needs to know.

Not saying that is the ground to die on.. but find a good lawyer and I'm sure you'll be more fortified than my sphincters from the gays

Would you want to potentially ruin a otherwise perfect relationship for a fetish?
I’d maybe do it if I could get away with it, but there is no 100% way to get away with it. I don’t want a relationship with anyone else so it’s not worth taking the risk. I know I would be hurt if he cheated on me, I don’t want him to feel that way. Sexual fantasies can be very contradicting.

You are probably right to be honest.

I never mentioned I would do one or anything like that, but he doesn’t seem into them as much. He would probably like the idea to fulfill part of his fantasy but I’m not sure if it would for me since I’m not sure if what I want is just the act of fucking someone else.

I don’t masturbate porn so my fantasies come from my head and therefore I think of things and tend to think of the same things often, I don’t know what you are expecting, do you think I just go around all day thinking “I really just want to fuck someone else today behind my bfs back” lol. We have been together over 5 years and I have never cheated on him or had an urge to do it with any specific person so it will probably never happen. Consider, obviously it’s something I am ashamed of feeling if I feel like admitting it is a “confession”

You were saying you're at the point you'd just about fuck anyone as long as you don't get caught.

That's a disaster waiting to happen. Go for the threesome or talk to him about it, but if you cheat it's over. That only leads to more cheating, guilt, and/or him getting hurt.

I just miss my ex. More than I'd like to admit.

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I sometimes think of my dad dying, he's a prick, but I miss having a dad and shit... he has cancer, but it's gone so long now that all I have left for him is fucking hate

Start with the gym and eating right, balding is testosterone, so you should bulk fast... and for the fashion, try not to be a sperg.
Go to a nice store with hot staff and ask her to dress you.. this being said, I've had bitches have no fuckin' clue what they're doing, but I don't have to worry kuz I have fashion sense.

Stupid science bitches

It was me dude. I'm clean. No worries.

Haven't seen that netflix movie, but this is larp pre sure

...and you're basic

I think that I am exaggerating a little, it’s something that makes me sexually frustrated but I am also not actively seeking it either and never have. There is no guarantee of not getting caught and I know that so it’s kind of saying I would but I won’t. I probably should try the threesome thing because maybe it will make me not want to do it anymore.

"I want to cheat on my bf"

That is not simply a fantasy, you want to do it. How fucking dumb, apathetic, naive, and young, are you?
Men fantasize in their heads, even sometimes about a session with their ex... doesn't mean he would ever say, "I want to fuck my ex"...I don't simply watch porn, I often fantasize involving what I just viewed... obviously you think he/men are primitive af, "I see fuck I do fuck!"

Once again, mental gymnastics.
You are exhausting, and I'm sure your bf feels the same way, borderline wiping your ass for you

ik this is some sad larp, but damn you're all twisted up.. you need a break from this site, and your current persona

A few days ago I got home from work, had a few drinks, and my girlfriend and I got into a fight over something (can’t even remember what it was about anymore). I kept drinking, told her I was going to bed. When I went into the bedroom, I was so overwhelmed by self-loathing and anger, I broke down and cut myself on my leg. I knew I was bleeding, so I decided to put some heavy wool socks on and went to bed. About a half hour later, she came to bed too, we made up, and it felt great to get everything off our chests. I fall asleep, but then I get up at 3am and realize my sock is filled with blood. Turns out I cut myself deeper than I intended, got the first aid kit, put gauze on it, and went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I told her “I must have gotten hurt last night and I don’t remember what happened”. She bought the story and has been helping me take care of the cuts since.

I know I’m a piece of shit bitch. I had a moment of weakness and it will never happen again. I can’t lose this one, she means too much to me. I will get better, once I get some personal shit sorted out, which is actually coming along well.

I think you literally don’t understand anything I am actually saying lmao.
A fantasy IS wanting something. If you are thinking about fucking your ex while masturbating it’s clearly something you want, regardless whether or not you plan to actually do it in real life. Fantasies come in many different levels, some are bigger than others but it’s essentially something you want but it doesn’t have to be something that becomes reality.
I’m not cheating on my boyfriend in any way shape or form. Thoughts are not cheating. I don’t even imagine a specific person, it’s simply just the idea of cheating turns me on. It’s not really any different than any other fetish, just a little more shameful. Why are you so triggered? You genuinely seem to think men fantasizing about something is more innocent than a woman doing the same thing.

When I pop my pimples, i eat the pus that comes out. Been doing this since i was 12-13. I like the taste, the stinky ones are tangy. I smell the pus then I eat it.

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Im gonna throw up.

This is fucking disgusting on so many levels
you deserve the electric chair

Maybe try role-playing a stranger scenario?

its really not that bad...people eat their boogers. I eat my pus..

don't do what these idiots are telling you. seek therapy and shrink is gonna rat you out. now you're dealing with way more issues than you think you've got now. it shouldn't be like that if you've done nothing wrong, but thats how it is.

Forgot to say im 32 now. been doing this since i was 12-13

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you can most definitely sue based on termination due to disability. its discrimination and thats illegal. companies HAVE to accommodate for that kind of thing. wheelchair ramps at stores arent there just for the customers you know.

I was going to provide a counter arguement. But dubs have spoken, tell your buddy.