Why do you incels hate america?

Why do you incels hate america?

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because capitalism just enables lying thieving two-faced backstabbing criminals to prosper

Both sides are racist. One side is racist against non whites and the other side is racist against whites. Hence both sides pushing the idea of denying certain groups power, privilege, or authority based on race.

Except the left can also be called sexist. So between the party that's racist against my outgroup, and the party that's racist towards my in group and is sexist against my gender, I'll pick the party that hates non whites.

I refuse to feel guilty and give ground. I'm gonna get cruel and win, and if racism and sexism is the name of the game I'll happily play.


consumer culture and the mass production of goods and services has deformed society into a nightmare of collective hedonistic depravity.

Do you suffer from the delusion of thinking that you'll be part of the ruling class of the coming communist regime?

Because you won't. You'll be either a kulak and killed, a socially unfriendly element and exiled, or a slave.

you were completely correct till you chose a side. There is the centrist option. We have cookies and a front row seat to watching idiots call eachother out for the same thing they themselves are doing. Its a beautiful hypocritical war.

I'm not just gonna sit back and cede ground to the people that are trying to deny me prosperity on the basis that I'm a white man.

you cede nothing. You sit and watch. Their biggest weapon is that people react. The reaction gets attention. The attention sells clicks on the pages of soulless and talent-less "journalism" sites. The sold clicks encourages the production of more content to rile people up for more clicks.

Just sit and watch.

Hopefully the democrats will abandon their ludicrous racist agenda where an exact percent of everything must be a transnigger pavement-kin. We need to evolve into a society that rewards the best for whatever, not rewarding someone with a genetic trait like skin or sex while discriminating against those that are the best just because they were born white and male.

america is that swaggering blowhard chad who struts around town throwing pretend punches at people and pulling them just before they hit your face, then he runs off giggling, knowing that if he ever got into a real fight he'd get his shit pushed in.


>communism is the only other alternative

The news you watch is for profits
The news they watch is for profits
Same fucking shareholders off doing the sickest most depraved shit you can imagine because bored and rich. One link in that chain "hung" himself in prison recently. It was kinda sorta big news for like a day and then poof...........
Have fun being a pawn, bro

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Why do Americans get angry so easy and overuse the same old excuses every single time.

Your "democracy" just got shat on with this latest mock trial, the rest of the world is watching wondering what sort of shit system doesn't allow witnesses to a trial.

But I guess you can all return to the fairy tale world in your heads thinking you are the best at everything, and get angry again when people point out you are not that great at everything.

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Where are you from?
Honest question coming from an American who is very unhappy with everything that's going on across the board.

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Gee OP, today's CNN poll having Democrats down 16 points after the impeachment failure and Dem Iowa caucus fiasco has you obese trannies panicking. Even Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert & Samantha Bee mocking Pelosi for throwing a temper tantrum after Trump humiliated her....just not your week, huh pumpkin.

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Does it actually matter, because to be honest this seems to be the comeback question that many pull out when their country is under factual attack.

No matter what country is replied, it always ends up a 3rd world country etc etc etc. So again is there a point to post it?

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LMFAO!! Yeah, noticed a sudden uptick in /leftypol/ retards flooding Cred Forums with shit tier threads after Sanders and Buttigeig both fell behind Trump today after the impeachment vote failed in the Senate an Democrats are calling for an FBI investigation into the Democrat Iowa caucus scandal.

I'm just curious. Mostly about continent to have an idea of which eyes are actually upon us with concern rather than .... malice

Pretty much. The Democratic polling is looking particularly bad in the North East. Anderson Cooper on CNN tonight covered pretty well why Dems have lost significant support and Trump will likely be re-elected on a Mondale / Regan - size landslide.

More like both sides are racist, it's just one side pretends it isn't.

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yep, a progressive freed the slaves of conservatives. the letters D and R can be very confusing to the simple minded


Because it's an incredibly corrupt shithole country.

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Nigger porn and anti-Trump spam, 24/7. Perfectly natural and organic posting.

Lincon was a Republican. Ooops

They just want to hide what they have done. Why hide the past.

I like the idea of keeping the monuments up so that we can remember who was once venerated. Like every traitor to the united states that has a statute in the south. Let it stay up. Let them remember who their ancestors once loved and honored. And know that it can always happen again that the well loved might be fucking wrong and evil.

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Because you're a nigger

Guess they dont want to just change the history in the books now. They want to change anything that shows it to.

Only one candidate has crowds that chant USA, just sayin'...

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I'm sure that's what you're upset about.

No. One side is racist against nonwhites. The other side is against racism against nonwhites. Some whites see this as racism against us, it is not. The fact you do only shows how stupid people can be.

There is zero chance OP's not a white leftist.

Im not american ok but why change history to make you feel better. Doesnt change what happened

I guess on side belevies we are all equal the other wants special treatment for some people that they feel are less then them.

I feel like this is so obvious it shouldn't be necessary to argue it, but just incase:

Republicans fundamentally tolerate racism. So all the racists congregate under the republican flag. The democrats do HAVE racists in their party, but they fundamentally reject racism - and they will disown any person in their party if racism can be identified.

Republicans constantly use the HANDFUL of democratic racists to justify fucking ALL of the republicans being racist. And it doesn't even go in the other direction. The democrats never say "Let's tolerate the racism in one of our own because the republicans are worse." The democrats attacked their fucking own candidate in 2016 because of her racist actions.

Go tell Asians in Asian countries, that they don't deserve power. Go tell Africans in African countries, that they don't deserve power. Go tell Arabs in Arab countries, that they don't deserve power. The left is anti-white and it's a strange kind of anti-white where as they simply want to replace the "evil" whites, with their "on-brand" whites... You people are crazy.

What about thouse democrates that feel warm when they think of the holocaust abd think they should do one now......

Republicans think it shouldn't be illegal to think racist thoughts or say racist things, Democrats want you arrested for wrong think and wrong speech, there's your difference.

Way too fucking late for this many Americans to be on...

They dens still talk down to them and think less of them but they feel they need to help them. Dont know what they would do if they dudnt feel like they needed govemnet help.

I was basically just saying dems want to give minorities (exept assians) more advantages. They feel they need it becouse they arent good enough without help. But they disadvantge asians becouse they are better. Strange sysytem

This isn't just an American problem. Every white country on Earth is battling this insane ideology.

Uou have some in africa etc.