What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on Cred Forums ? THE MORE DETAIL THE BETTER!!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on Cred Forums ? THE MORE DETAIL THE BETTER!!

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This. You're an absolute unit, user. How do you sleep at night? Fucking suck me.

I can’t sleep at night dude. It’s fucking 3 AM and I have school tomorrow. This is how I live now I suppose.

Penetrate my with a gravel filled condom.

Some guy taped ants to his dick

an underage lewd poster i recognized bc they were giving their discord out and i was already friends with them. I no longer have discord


A guy going balls deep with an infant. She couldn't have been more than a year old.

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an actual woman who did requests for everyone, she went as far as to shove a shoe in her asshole. It was strange how obedient she was, almost like someone had a gun to her family and forced her to do shit for Cred Forums.


I legit spoke to Dave Chappelle here, he later went on stand up show and talked about the shit I wrote in the thread, he specifically made fun of the "wacky imageboards" and he basically quoted what I said while live.

I lost my shit, I wanted to go up to him and be like "I'm the guy you're talking about" but I feared he'd be vidictive or hateful and hurt me or send some bouncer to hurt me.

I was basically mocking him on Cred Forums.

Celebrities come to this website, as weird as this sounds it's proven to be true.

Missionary for the sole purpose of procreation.

this get thread. I cannot stop getting dubs

I got a double double I there. Good times

The day Cred Forums fucked a skull. NEVAR FORGET!

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not crazy, but most memorable: habbo hotel raids.

A man fucked a kidnapped girl on livestream, the thread started on Cred Forums, the livestream ended with him being raided and everybody freaked the fuck out.

Damn. That is crazy

A lady pouring pop-rocks into her asshole and then a bottle of coke, she quickly removed the funnel and a brown/green foamy liquid erupted out of her ass down her chest and in her mouth/face

That’s the worst legal thing I’ve seen here

Dude killing himself with oxygen mask and his kid walking in on it livestreamed,

and seeing that dude murder his girlfriend and take pics, get arrested hours later or so, when her son seen the body coming home from school

It's real, it was a teenager in germany and the man was like 40, the stream literally showed a raid, as in people busted in as people were watching, I can't fucking find videos of it ANYWHERE and I was one of the viewers.
The girl was being fucked H A R D doggy and was very, very drugged possibly ghb.
It was tinychat


I typically dont need b for the bizarre. I work in the er. Had a guy survive a four story fall at a construction site DESPITE having his head split open like a clam. Post recovery he is now a safety officer lol


I need to ask you a question if you are real.

Have you ever seen anyone die for longer than 2 minutes and then come back to life. You know, spooky shit?

I once saw an op being a retarded faggot and posting a wojak edit

a video was posted here of a questionable girl having an orgasm while her father fucked her deep and hard

she was enjoying it

Been here a long time, but nothing tops the dude that killed his gf and posted pics telling us to watch the news.

Sleep is for weak. Be a man user

That guy who bring back a skull from the catacomb in Paris to stick his penis in

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This is fucking awesome

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the green m&m's hyper pussy. It was so gross that I deleted out of my photographic memory and if I see it ever again I am going to lose it.


Some dude from a funeral home or the like taking naked pics of dead girls and fingering them, also said he'd fucked a few but said it wasn't that good..

No sauce. This was years ago when CP was rampant on Cred Forums. And there was no fucking way I was going anywhere near that shit. It was disturbing, really.


I'd say the most disturbing thing I've seen on Cred Forums are the horrific weight-lifting accidents posted on /fit/. I can't watch them, I can't.
On Cred Forums though... Nothing comes to mind. Guess I was fucked up enough to begin with.

I can't watch those vids either. Something about the body contortions and bones breaking sets me on edge.

A baby with its arms and legs tied down to a board with an old man squatting over it, taking a massive dump on its chest.

Not even joking.


The fuq is a hyperpussy?

Lmfao, that's a good fucking question


how is this on the front page

prove it, show vid or og post

I posted a bunch of stories once from when i worked at a liquor store in a shit part of town. One involved a lady who had her throat slit and stumbled into the store.

Turns out her son was in the thread, gave details only he would know to prove it and sincerely thanked me for helping her - was an absolute trip. Small world huh.

i dont think you know how Cred Forums works

What do you mean, I bet he's been here since last semester? Practically an oldfag

hits close to home, user.

It’s always summer here newfriend

That one kind of hentai where the girl's brain is exposed and some guy fucks her brain.
That shit blew me away

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