Incel to stacy <3

Incel to stacy

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Holy fucking shit you still look disgusting

I think you look great and fuck whatever anyone says.

You look like fucking big bird

You look more masculine somehow

Still waiting for a cumshot video.

>Implying I make cum

I have dry orgasms

Awww, that is disappointing. My dreams are ruined. Does that happen to all trans girls eventually?

That’s just not even fun at all desu

I like when cutie traps cum on my chest and stomach after my dick enters their anus

I was a pathetic boy beforehand, I barely made a single spurt of cum, and I am tiny down there in the first place.

Premature ejaculation is so fucking cute, I wish I could be that girl who does that.

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literally not even the same person.

Oh, I fucking love the tiny feminine cock. Definitely would suck on that for hours.


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I hope you carry a firearm. Hate crimes against trans are on the rise. Wouldn't want to see a beauty like you hurt by raging closeted faggots.


Not with that stache

Ruger LCP II, I wanted a baby glock though.

Nice. I'm partial to the Colt Python. I love revolvers.

Lol it’s usually what happens when they get the German saus

You're retarded, it's preHRT me from like 4 years ago, it's consistent with my other prehrt picture.

I'm partial to revolvers too, however my hands are too small and I need to be able to carry it stealthily in my purse at all times. Any revolvers that do fit me are .38s and I'm not about to trust my life to a Saturday Night Special.

Although my favorite revolver is the S&W Model 10, and my favorite pistol of all time is probably the H&K USP, the Rossi Mare's Leg if you count /all/ pistols though.

I want my sissy butt stretched

Oh hey look its that dude that tried to convince people he was a MTF for attention. Pathetic.


You mean she did convince people, and they raged when they found out the truth? Stay mad, incel.

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would fuck/10

Well, you look better.. That's for sure.

if those are the same people, good job or whatever

Ive seen it all and goddamn I fapped. Smooth bum

get on runescape faggot also what is your updated rsn

"Baby Enby"

Who is this? :o

You don't know me but I gave a bond to you like 7 months ago cause I was bored and was up 6m from the snek

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actually we chatted on discord but i lost interest tbqh

Skydiving? :o
Or is that you Abyssal Sire?


>Any revolvers that do fit me are .38s and I'm not about to trust my life to a Saturday Night Special.
You’re a fucking moron.
First - a Saturday night special refers to a low cost “junk” gun - it has fuck all to do with being a .38Spl. Most SNSs are low caliber guns - .22lr, .25 or .32ACP. They’re made from cheap materials like zymac zinc. Raven/Jennings/Bryco, Lorcin and the like are these junk guns, aka Saturday night specials.
Second - .38Spl has been in service since 1898. In fact, from the 1920s until the 1990s it was the defacto caliber for practically all law enforcement, both local and federal, nationwide as well as most military police units. It wasn’t until the 90s that the 9x19mm Parabellum need for more shots with autoloaders & external mags came along to overtake it. A solid almost 100 years of law enforcement service, and you think it’s underpowered. Nigger, cops wouldn’t have kept that shit for so long if it wasn’t damn good at killing faggot criminals and hood rats.
A .38spl is gonna drop your ass like a ton of bricks faster than your faggot .380ACP LCP 2.
Da fuq outta here with your weak sauce bullshit.
Sincerely /k/

>Willingly choosing 5 shots versus 6+1

How is it that so many runescape players become trannys. All the trannys/traps i know irl play runescape.

So you actually thew your hair behind your ears and belive you are a "stacy". Fuckin' pleb.

Lrn2shoot faggot. If you can’t do it in 5/6, you ain’t gonna do it in 7/8 (standard .380 mag size).

There's a change- but you're still under 3

Looks more like a Lisa tbh

where did u go did you fall asleep