>Still doesn't own a gaming PC

Explain yourselves console peasants. ;)

Pic related is my new 1050 I just bought for my gaming rig, let me dumb it down for you dumb console retards.

This is a GTX 1050ti, it's a top of the range graphics card (about 100x more powerful than your shitty xbox graphics cards)

Soon I am going to SLI a 1070ti with my 1050ti to make a decent mining rig so I can earn big bucks from just playing games. ;)

Check out my specs:
OS: Windows 10
GPU: 1050ti
CPU: AMD FX 6300 six core processor
Keyboard: Razer blackwidow chroma
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder chroma

All of this cost me around $2,800. Quite a top of the line build. I am able to play PUBG like a god with this expensive build.

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this is some of the worst bait I've seen. Try harder faggot OP
sage in all fields

Bad bait


>16 GB ram
>Windows 10
Sperg harder

>> Gtx 1050
Pleb get a RTX 2080Ti or go away

you need to be 18 to post on 4ch

2TB wouldn't even hold my music collection let alone games
Can't afford an SSD eh user? I think you are the poorfag in this scenario.

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Are you 12? Jesus Christ, it's not a big deal, you autistic cunt.

how tf do you spend 3k on that it should be around $700

>Hard Drive in 2020
>last gen entry level card
>razer peripherals

either shit tier bait or genuine shit build

plays games fine to me?

is a big deal to me. its my first computer. plays games great

>Calling people peasant but has a 1050
Cope harder

Although OP is baiting, 16GB is more than enough for Windows 10. Having more is just going to be redundant even for gaming.

Anything higher and it would be best for server usage to deal with concurrent connections.

Of course it's bait!
> top of the line 1050 Ti
> SLI with 1070 Ti
> Mining
> 3000 dollars for this pleb build

It could literally not be a more obvious bait. So many retards in this damn thread that get baited because "finally, something I know a bit about" when seeing a gaming pc. Go outside, god damn.

Low tier bait, go back to trap threads.

$700 with literally all costs. like gpu, cpu, cpu cooler, motherboard, ram, case, keybaord, mouse and a monitor

Good job on getting ripped off OP

i don't play video games sooo...

Then why bring random people into it? You do you and I'll do me, end of discussion.

>downloading music in 2020

Oh yeah, well I can play god of war 3.

Is it true that PC fags are so dumb that they only care for pretty graphics over actual story/game play because they can't focus on such things?

This is the perfect bait. Pisses off console players and pc players.


And I kek

I play games not specs.

>All of this cost me around $2,800.
I started a business for less than that.
But I guess we all have our priorities.

9/10 made me laugh. good job OP

Wow I built similar spec rig in september for £520 you got ripped off.

My music collection is in FLAC, and mostly comes from CDs or Vinyl rips. I don't download 120kbps shit like I'm sure you did before you started using Spotify or Apple music, which by the way will only give you 200-320kbps max. The only shit I really download is rebassed music for the SPL sound system in my car. I keep 256gb of music on my phone and I use Spotify (set to the highest quality setting) for shit I don't have saved to my phone or computer. So eat a dick faggot.

i have MSI 2080ti 11gb card, cost £1200 for this card, everytime i switch this pc on its like xmas fkn day

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he knows

ok boomer

>using pc as server

all those lights, it must be a good pc

It's possible.

>Rebassed music
Not sure if you understand what those two things are but boomers hate that shit.


Because I have friends that I can invite over to play a multiplayer game with..
Because exclusive games are awesome.
I like pausing games so I can do other things, then return to my game where I left off.
Because I can double jump, shoot, throw a grenade, reload, stab and spin the camera around with one hand and I like the convenience.
A controller feels better to the natural resting position of a hand than a keyboard does.
I dont need an internet connection to play most of my games.
I can turn on my console and just start playing instead of having to open up a bunch of bullshit and wait forever for everything to load up.
Top of the line Gaming PC -$4,000+; PS4 -$250
Crashes are a rarity at BEST on a console.
Patches are instant.
Fewer hackers
Dont have to worry about Trojans or spyware.
Easier and more convenient to take from place to place.
At this point, theres really very little difference in performance or graphics between the PC and console.

For 100x+ the price, you're getting a bulkier, slower to start, more inconvenient, unsecure, buggier machine that requires internet to enjoy just to get what I'm already getting without jumping through the hoops and inconveniences. I'm happy with my console and I'm not really missing out on much by having a PC anymore.

I never said that I said anything higher than 16GB is best used for a server.

You need to learn to read correctly instead of assuming things that aren't there.

if you keep going ur gonna get kicked out of ur cafe

Pleb without 2080ti i see


>using lol on Cred Forums
>confirmed 14 year old wannabe forknife streamer

I'm in bed, on my phone.
Oh look, I'm doing something people usually do on computers without using a computer in a cheaper and equally effective way..yet another point for why they're becoming less relevant. PC users are just the old guard clinging to their old ways that are getting closer and closer to obsoletion. The worlds moving past you, old man.
Maybe take a step into the future...

Nice 2010 build bro, how's that 30 fps in PUBG treating you?

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not op but you did click on this thread and you did leave a reply so who's now the retard huh

i own a high end rig and barely use it

after working hard all day i can't be bothered to sit down at another desk i'd rather lay on my couch with a controller, chill and play a console

my CPU is pretty good, but I still run 16gb/win10 and it's more than enough. I'm not trying to render 4-dimensional games, user.

>top of the range
I just ordered a 2070 today. Super stoked.

sorry to upset you

>still not sucking gaben's dick

I have a shit tier pc that's enough to go on Cred Forums and load pages in less than 1 minute.

I tried playing solitaire once and burned down the whole building. God damn HP.

A man of culture as well. Kids these days don't know what it's like to FLAC and a hi-end audio. Ultra-DAC + a good audio system > game faggotry.

Dude I use a 960 FTW and I'm still not as gay and cocky as you are. Your GPU beats mine but I'm happy with what I have. Gaming consoles are shit in all category but at least whoever's owns them are happy to some degree. Eventually everyone will upgrade. Just be patient and give it time!