I'm voting for Andrew Yang because I'm sick of working in fast food and making less than $1,000 a month

I'm voting for Andrew Yang because I'm sick of working in fast food and making less than $1,000 a month.

I just want to be able to not work and have food for rent and money, is that too much to ask?

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>I just want to be able to not work and have food for rent and money, is that too much to ask?

yes. its literally economically impossible

rich people have enough to go around though, we can get paid through them

i want $10,000 a month

Why would millions of people who don't know you want to subsidize you for being a worthless leech?

But why do any of us work? Me being at McDonald's 55 hours a week doesn't cobtribute anything to society

because theyre stupid lol yang gang

thats not true, you give me delicious big macs and fries

If you think your life is worthless, that's not an argument for why the rest of us should give you money to continue being worthless.

>rich people have enough to go around.

not really, resources don't work like that. there has to be poor people. in order to sustain production.

I don't think my life is worthless, I enjoy life just not my job as an assistant gm at McDonald's.

McDonal's contributes more pain and suffering to its customers than it does joy and happiness

>$1000 a month
>supports open boarders

This can’t end well

That's not your choice. When a customer pulls up to the drive thru and orders a Big Mac of their own free will, you have no right to jump up and force them to leave without their burger.

And forcing people against their will is not a good way to convince people to give you money.

Your so wrong thats why ppl rob each other

Maybe you can continue to work with your 1000 ubi and save and own the place where you live and not have to continue renting from your fat mother.
Yang's plan isn't for you neets it's for most Americans who still work for their living and want some elbow room it's not a ticket off the ride.

It sounds like armed robbery, yes. But the victim of a robbery is unlikely to vote to give money to the robber.

nah lol its for neets like me

>55 hours a week
>under $1k/month
what kinda shitty salary are you on?

How the hell do you work 55 hours a week and make less than 1k a month?

This asshole is claiming he makes about $4.50/hr as an assistant manager at a McDicks.

Sounds like he's getting paid too much

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>I just want free money
When the price of milk suddenly goes up to 500$ a gallon, don't be surprised.

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Sounds like he doesn't actually work 55 hours a week..

hello guy who doesnt understand how inflation works

keep your stupid fucking opinion to yourself you depressed irritating fuck

It’s not inflation, it’s greed.

>confronted with reality
>fight or flight kicks in
>has autistic fit
Real life is scary huh?

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Get a real job OP you dumb nigger

yeah sure

>make a gallon milk 500$ because "everyone has a thousand $ more amirite"
>noone willing to spend half their money on milk
>go bankrupt, because some other company decided to not go full retard and sell it at a normal price.
welcome to the free market. as long as you dont have a monopoly on goods, the demand creates the price.

what do you think about native german refugees? germany sucks and 1000 bucks sounds nice. At least i'm white

>the demand creates the price.
you forgot supply. technically it's the equilibrium between supply and demand that creates the price. cf ricardo.

>native german refugees
somali or syrian?

no, there has not. automatization is the word youre looking for. people are getting replaced by machines who do the work. happened in the past, will happen in the future. it took shovels and a dozen guys to dig a hole, now you have an excavator. it does not get rid of the "lower class", it just puts them up a level. they do more advanced work now. on a total scale, yes, they are still the "poor people" as in they earn the least money in society. but they are still there. it redefines the "poor" in poor people and whatever we define as "work".
and yes, rich people -do- have enough to go around. rich people become richer. if they shared a small amount of their wealth, people would buy more of their stuff. they would get a certain amount back, so to speak.

>imagine not being obese

your vote doesn't count. Trump will win. the minimum wage will be erased when dems lose the house, and you will be paid even less.

The fact is, Trump's good for the country. Trump's done more for rich liberals than any other President in US history. And he's absolutely buttfucked whites in red states.

I don't know why more people don't support him. If you hate Trump supporters... Vote for Trump!! He's the worst thing for them :)

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Reverse psychology doesn't work on Cred Forums retard

There’s never a universal supply, nor a universal distribution though

yet another puppet

I was convinced. Harambe 2020!

that's not how reverse psychology works actually.
but the logic is sound, so is the rationale.

Trump's deregulation/economy's good for the wealthy liberals. it's terrible for retards in red states. What educated dem/lib wouldn't understand the logic. At least one with vested interests in wall st and a desire to see trumpanzees starve.

I don't even think yang was allowed on the ballot, I mean the poor little thing likely has coronavirus. Everyone would love an extra grand per month, but it's not feasible. GET A JOB!

Do you really think we're running out of milk or other basic necessities anytime soon?