Anal Sex with Girls

Anal Sex with Girls,
how many girls actually like it?
how many guys like it?
How many guys liking it are closeted fags?

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just use lube and like her shit proble solved fuck off

In my experience a lot of women like anal, as long as you don't immediately start pounding away.
The ones that don't like it though tend to REALLY not like it.
Personally I'm into it. But it's more the fact that she's willing to let me fuck her ass that gets me off than the actual act itself.
If she says "fuck my ass" without me bringing it up first I'm insta-diamonds

according to a femanon I talked the other day, she fucking hate it, and in her own words, any girl who says she like it, is lying...


Women are scared of it because they think you'll ram it in and tear their asshole up.

Every gf I've had initially said they don't like it, then 2 months later I'm in their shitpipe. I get off more on them letting me do it than I do on the actual act.

u learn to like it is the entire point tardfest

She sounds like a narrow-minded bitch.

girls like it for the same reasons guys do, because it feels nice or because it's different, because it's something taboo, because the like experimenting for the sake of experimenting, etc. I love it for all of the above reasons, I'm not a fag but maybe bi-curious? Things tend to lose their meaning (sex orientation wise) once you get older.

i tried anal once but i only had 30 seconds and 30 beers

I can't decide what question to ask first.

Every girl that I banged in the turdcutter liked it because she was being dominated.

it was more then just the tip and less then balls deep and poop comes out of there but she was a good girl and assumed the position and was down to try for me xx

too good for this establishment m8 try the place down the road

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Why the 30 beers though? Or why 30 seconds? What happens at 31??

her friends were boring + nosey

How is a person so boring you had to drink 30 beers and how are you still alive?
Who the fuck gets "nosey" when people are trying to fuck? Were you all 13 or something?

this was in 2010 or something people were still (more)autistic then


anals illegal under 18 here too smh if law actually meant anything

GF loves it hard and deep, especially when she's on top, and is usually the one to initiate it.
I enjoy the noises she makes, but I much prefer vag or oral.
Not a fag.

im german

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Oh pardon me, officer, I hadn't realized my complete and utter disregard of the butt laws ran so deeply. I will study and keep current with all the orifice laws from now on, so this never happens again.

My ex was only up for it if she pegged me in return so i knew how it felt, and after both taking about a couple of inches in we both worked out that we don't enjoy it. But each to their own. Lube up though, seriously

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I used to do it to all my girlfriends when I was a kid. I would tell them I didn't want to get them pregnant, etc. They all fell for it.

Gotcha, say no more. Knew I was missing something.

yeah id be dead otherwise. english is genetically retarded dec23 1913-

yeah it got a bit awkward while he was jerking off watching us from the window

fucking pedophile

Fuuck, seriously? I'd tell her to gtfo. Should you also be expected to suck a dick then?
It doesn't work like that.

7 years ago my gf wouldn't even go down because she was scared of doing it wrong. Nearly 8 years later and she's found that she loves having her ass creampied.

The trick is to start things slow, first a thumb during doggy. Then another time eat her ass. Eventually buy a small training plug, and work your way up to cock.

Enjoy the process, let her know you enjoy "exploring your sexualities together" and you'll get away with making her an anal slut.

Should add, I didn't really enjoy being inside her ass either. She loved sucking my dick though even though I didn't go down on her so it's not like it was entirely like that

Thank you wise and kind user, i will never forget you. Oowoos and such

It was just a criticism of her logic.
Tbh, a couple of times the smell would get unbearable for me. You expect it somewhat, poop may end up on your dick, etc.
But this one girl.. man, I don't know what her diet was like, but it was the smell of RAW SEWAGE, no other way to describe it.
Didn't do anal for a while after that.