I've been doing nofap for a week and I feel like I'm dying

I've been doing nofap for a week and I feel like I'm dying.
Share experiences and help other anons, also nofap thread

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Does my nofap still count if I masturbate to imagination?
Does it count if I'm watching porn but not masturbating?

I try and start it. Any tips for a good app that can help me ?

I find if I get drunk, I normally fall asleep without jerking it, since I normally just do it to help me get to sleep.

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For the most part, you just gotta keep busy. Exercise, work, hobbies. It doesn't really matter just as long as you keep your hands busy.

And get a decent amount of sleep. Fapping is like eating; staying up late drastically increases the likelihood of you doing it


i'm on my 12th day of semen retention, it helps to have stuff to look forward to so you don't give up and relapse. not fapping keeps me at my best and i require less sleep. the biggest urges to relapse for me went away after around a week

Just fap! What's the deal? It's nature's way of making sure your semen is fresh and your penis functioning.

Rather than nofap, i'm trying to overcome porn addiction. It's been about 3 weeks. I've been jacking off a lot less, 2-3 a week rather than procrastibating.
- I'm only here caus' it was top of page-1 and I clicked Cred Forums out of habit.

I've did it for NNN, i was at 2 fap/day

After 10days it was so easy that i didn't even know anymore why was doing this.

So no difficulty at all, after NNN i could nofap for a year easily.
But because there is no challenge or addiction anymore, i fap again.

I know i could no fap, but i don't see the point

who could it be behind this post..

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fapping is ok, every 4-5 days , best is 7.th day.

burt dont do it on porn, it makes so a jukie, cuz it protuces a chemical cocktail in ur brain likewise to heroin

I use FapTrack. Simplistic interface and tracks down the second of your last fap and assigns you a rank. The longer you abstain the higher your rank.

>watching porn but not masturbating
I've been doing that too. Something is telling me I'm doing it wrong. Just yesterday I added some videos to my collection, which strangely helps with sexual urges. I had to stop watching a video, because I was worried I'd come without touching myself at all.
But yeah, I don't think my Christian credit score is going up this way.

Bust a nut

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Stop being sexually active. I bet you are a rabbi too, or something.

after 2 months i lost practically all libido. Like i didnt feel the need to try and escalate things with women i didnt see as suitable for marriage
tldr no fap makes u gay

Lol, the proper effects don't even kick in till day 90...

No fap since 31 december 2019
In chastity since 1 februar

if you don't beat your meat, your meat will beat you - Confucius

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So what's the psychology behind that? Not having sexual pleasure is your kink? Have you given up on sex and enjoy the demasculizing effect of that.