My plug sold me weed and gave me these pills on the house!!! he said to take all of them to feel the effect wish me luck

my plug sold me weed and gave me these pills on the house!!! he said to take all of them to feel the effect wish me luck

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You are retarded if you eat all of those

You will most likely not be in the best shape medically speaking after this decision

One at a time dumbass

>feeling the need to take pills in order to get happy
kek, what an insecure beta

looks like pressed kool-aid

the fakest xanax of all time. enjoy painful death

tbf they were never purported to be real

OP or whoever else gets these you should test them for fent because we're to the point of "fakes of fakes" and then realize that they're 2.5x the dose of the strongest xanax currently available.

funny enough, id much rather have some amount of fentanyl than shitty xanax. The problem is its retards cutting it so good chance of being kill.

when my roommate sold to new people he would always give them a few free xan

90% of people who hadn't had it before would black out, use all their drugs that night, then have to come back and buy more the next day


Not found on this.
But really helpfull when you try new pills

You won't feel shit with only that many. Down them with at least 500ml of whiskey or other spirit to feel a bit of a buzz.

lol thats prob 1 half of a crushed up 0.5 klonopin
spread out between all those
then the rest meth and fentanyl and red cherry kool aid mix
at least put one in your butthole for fun

they look very strange


I'm not here. You're not here. Did you hear? I'm here? Diarrhea. Folgers. Earthquake.

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That's a COMPLETELY fake can. You might die after taking all that. Tbh. I used to snort and swallow all sorts of xan in my old apartment, but I have never seen or even heard of red can before. Shits pressed with some fake shit. Most likely pressed with some rat poison and meth someone thought would make a good combo in their own shitty ass apartment. If you live, then next time research your shit before you take it. This shit is wack, fake, underground (AS FUCK!!), but pls do post what you experience for the sake of community science

Time for death

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literally looks like flaming hot cheetos no wonder you retarded 8th graders are popping these shits

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It's the best when girls would get hooked and would give up pussy for couple bars lol I would tell my younger brother to invite bunch of girls from his school that'd be down to do drugs and fuck them while unconscious, good times

Dude, you are his new dealer. Good luck. I'm a Director of Finance and you faggots keep getting me banned on here while I kill time between yt vids.

I've been on b since 14 years old.

That's like 17 years?

bro dont eat that shit
xanax sucks

don't listen to this dumbass op, xans will make you feel like a god

that tought lil peep

How much you wanna bet those are Etizolam disguised as Alprazolam(Xanax). Or hell, some people are so dumb when it comes to drugs, it might even be fentanyl or nothing

>implying that god feels like shit
fuck xanax

lil peep killed himself because he was constantly bullied for his small penis hence his rap name lil peepee

Red R666 Xanax used to circulate about 3 years ago. They were pressed by a specific vendor, not a pharma companies. So they were home made. And reports suggest they were legit and used to be marketed as 5mg, which i can tell you would have been a lie.

Thing is they were made by a specific vendor who went off the grid some time ago. So it's highly unlikely you have them. Especially given for free from some bum weed dealer.

So essentially you have home made Xanax (maybe), made to replicate a past popular brand which was unofficial to begin with and hasn't been since in years.

It will most likely be an RC Benzo pretending to be Xanax. Any newbie wouldn't be able to tell though. But because you have no idea whats in those pills and are going to try them, i'd start with a small square, so 1/4 of one. You can always take the rest later.

Taking all of them at once would be beyond retarded and your dealer is an imbecile for even suggesting that. In fact, from that alone i can tell you have bunk shit.