Weird fetish thread go

Weird fetish thread go

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I've always liked tits falling out of small bras.

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wtf is in her nose

I've always wanted girls to shit and piss on me


i want to be fucked by an older guy who pretend to be my daddy

I've always wanted to make a girl deepthroat my cock to the point she pukes all over it

you and every other faggot on here

Girls Outdoors

Like outdoor porn or just outdoors in general?

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My fiance is a hs teacher and I've been thinking a lot how teenage boys are jerking to her and it's making me kinda horny, idk why

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She looks like she’s malnourished, based on her proportions. Like someone who actually needs to wear a diaper.

Holy shit they’re definitely jerking to her

You think? I mean ofc I find her fuckable, but does she have a body that an average teenager would wanna nail?

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I want a normal fuck session with my wife, but be 'forced' to wear her freshly wet panties, sluttier the better. can be piss wet, pussy juice wet, or both. oh and both of us wear plugs.

Having sex in the missonary position for reproducing purposes only

Ask me how I know that you're an american.

ear nibbling and cuddling



Looks like it's on the inside though.

You can flip septum piercings up to hide them

LOVE pee

Thank bro, I didn't know that

is this weird?
I've always wanted to share a chubby latinas fat ass with another guy and give her double anal

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have you forgotten what being a teenager is like? it's purely hormonal; they'd jerk it even if she was wearing a potato sack.

they talk to eachother about how they want to gangfuck her. does that turn you on?

Do you have more like this

Should post tits so we can actually jerk to her

Yep a fuck ton

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what is this called? I get so fascinated by niche things like this, because there's always a bigger crowd than you think.

Facial distortion/face fetish? Henngao if you’re searching for hentai of it.

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Amazing, What's the appeal? Is it degradation?

You should post some of your favs

Basically. I find my gf super pretty, and get turned on by her being humiliated/degraded/made ugly. The prettier to start with, the better.

I can definitely understand the appeal even if I don't share it. Have you been able to share it with a partner or is it a closet thing?

Here’s a compilation pic I post occasionally of her

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Current partner is the one in the pics

Living the dream, man. I'm happy for you!

user I need your kik to discuss this further

discuss it here and now :)

I think the same about my gf, also a hs teacher

The outfits are hot but the masks have always been too much for my taste

I am a male HS teacher and what I can tell you that bunch of her students jerk of to her and bunch of her male colleagues do the same. And additionally she is probably screening one or two of her colleagues when they go to field trips. Give me your kik

Same, I like to see the face

does it turn you on knowing that the guys talk about brutally gangfucking your gf

that is hot. what do u mean by screening colleagues

>I need your kik
>Give me your kik
we find the weirdo bois

Knowing others would want her like that is a turn on

Screwing.. lol autocorrect

Oh yeah, just yesterday she told me that she caught a student trying to see down her blouse but I'm sure that most of them just want to fuck her ass

thats not weird?

I was about to open the same thread.

How common is to find girl fights a huge turn on?

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they want to run a train on her ass. give her double anal even. i bet they all talk about her ass and how rough they would be with it

they dont just want her, they want to be fucking Rough with her

Probably not as common as watching lesbians play

They probably do, she's a pawg so I have no doubt that they want to fuck her ass as hard as they can

Yeah, that too. I prefer if they are competitive about it. Maybe it is because I am not a competitive person.

gotta see that ass now.
let me see a sample of what they see

One being a dom and really using the sub is hot. It’s kind of like fighting but with strapons

if she was my teacher i would take sneaky pics of her underwear and jerk it to the pics. might even go as far as spy on her while shes in the teachers bathroom, taking videos of her pissing and shitting, then i would dox her to give me nudes of her or else i release the videos to the public, show up to her house and rape her when her so not around. She would gag up on my hs cock I would fill up her tummy with my potent seed

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Post your kik


I want to
> Watch my gf and her sister get fucked by dogs
> Watch my gf give a horse a titjob until it showers her with cum
> Tie my gf and her sister up and let a gang of ten filthy old hobos rape them
> Somehow trick or force my gfs father into raping her
And any combination of these themes


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Finally some good fucking food

Rape the dad with the horse cock

Ok maybe not that one

Flatten gf and sister


I dont know what it is - but when girls get pretty aggressive and violent towards eachother its a huge turn on.

UFC fights can turn me on but some of the more lesbian looking fighters are pretty un exciting.

I like two blondes going at it, so rousey - holms was like the peak for me.

On their own, i dont even think they're that attractive but knowing they're top fighters and can kill other women is kind of exciting.

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Kinda related I like girls being physically manipulated, dudes pulling and squeezing their face and body like she’s an object

Anyone here think ladies' armpits are sexy? Shaved or hairy, it's all good.

Anybody else?

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Same with mine but I don't get into stuff like that but rather humiliation.

She's very shy and innocent, only ever done anything with me and pretty closed off sexually so I get off on the idea of her getting fucked in ways I know she'd hate, like this
Old men, hobos, animals, even zombies and shit in my fantasies.

Hell yeah, would love to see some of my friends (or anyone really) do this to my wife.

Any specific parts of their bodies you would like them to touch?

Hypnosis/brainwashing/mind control/feminization

Not for me, but I want to do it to someone else. Take a boy, subject him to some sort of mind control, lock him in chastity, and feed him hormones to make him into my sissy slave. And thanks to the brainwashing, he accepts and loves his new role.




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Why? You interested?

Very, I've wanted to find something like that done to me

more you nigger

Kik me. I'm about to crash, but I'll respond later when I'm up again.

I hope you fags are happy together

They probably take turns smelling her chair when she leaves the classroom.


Guaranteed. At least a few of them have certainly considered going further, like going through her phone for nudes when she leaves in out, setting up spycams and cumming on her lunch. Of course they PROBABLY haven't gone through with it, but there's a chance.

I agree, she's super sexy. I bet the boys all talk about how hot she is and check her out. She's relatively young too..I would guess late 20s?

A teenager fucks anything that moves

got tits?

Unexpectedly turned on by this.

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