Anons, who is she and why did she do what she did?

Anons, who is she and why did she do what she did?
it doesnt even seem like she wanted to do those things.

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story plz

that is what I am trying to find out, lots of nudes, masturbation, anal play, piss drinking, panties wetting, shit eating, vomit forcing... all while having a face of regret.


Sounds like blackmail or drug lust maybe even some sp00ky kabbal shit if those fixer posts are anything to go by

sauce for vids? only found pics

someone will have the mega link, that's where I saw them. shame though, she looks like a good fuck.

Moar or fuck off plz.

>fixer posts

details plz

Mega there are at least 28 nudeos and 144 pix

now now child... all you had to do was ask... although, this is all I have, or is it.

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any based user with these sacred mega links? it is for research purpose

Thank user in this thred

>it is for research purpose

what research purpose

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mega is ez to find, bbut i have hit my limit to upload

built for fucking fuck

She is not real is a robot

OP here, found another without mega

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i will add the files later in this folder (need to download first and then upload)



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user, you will have unlocked the achievement of "helping a brother nut"

She’s one of the hlb albums girls. Blackmailed loads of them, getting them to do nudes which lead to other things. Guy got locked up for it I think. How do you use them mega links?

mega dot nz slash + the unique code above

what was she/they blackmailed with?

Think they do soft stuff first and then he threatened to leak images unless they did more etc and then got more out of hand.

The link don’t work for me, just keep flashing back and forward. Like a frozen page

Not sure if blackmailed with her own nudes OR the other story that a lot of these girls were paid to make vids, that seems more likely to me given the number of them smiling in vids as well as how many e-prostitutes there are today.

fair play, dedication.

how tall is she?

Researching how long it takes for my dick to explode

tall enough

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or how many times your dick will explode?

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fixer hasnt been here in 2 weeks. when was this

ya know.. for research..

Why is her room so barren? Women tend to have a lot more creative liberties and can't go without decorating their home - this in itself is fucking strange to me, she doesn't seem like she's proud of herself in the photos either

She'a cute but I don't get turned on by these pics, it feels sinister

for, er, uh, you know... stuff

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yeah, I noticed this as well

she like buying lots of shoes though

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holy shit ... imma be right back... im... doing ... research .. ing... stuff... yah... /unzip

I really wish there was a way too dox her I honestly wanna know the story behind all of this I mean she's hot af but I mean I wanna know more.

Most like moving day
Think she already has been
At least once to her also to the many others
Used to too hot these days

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Does anyone here even know her name?

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It was all consensual, she is just a submissive. If you see the vid where she drinks her piss you can see how happy she is and proud of herself.

That’s the other girl, the English one. This is the American who looks like her who got BMed (look at the electrical outlets).

Anyone have any of the other megas, i know there were several girls like this?

So why is there a Brit plug in this pic

i feel bad for her if she was BM but sheeeit lol

floor mattress girls are the best lays. fight me

She’s British was blackmailed as were another 50-100. Her name is Tanya

In all these videos theres always something i don't get, if they are indeed being BM how the fuck are they capable of playing with their shit, smearing, eating and do through with it, you don't see them stall too much and for me it just seems rehearsed, or that it's not their first time doing it. Kinda weird not one of them suddenly starts violently puking or some shit like that, have a breakdown. Seems fishy. I think they're just paid whores that do nasty shit.

it was blackmail and shes like 15 you pedos

Where are the videos of her doing nasty shit?

my thoughts exactly. blackmail claim is like incest claims, dudes just saying it because it gets them off

search brit blackmail on pornhub, you'll find the vids

i know porn has warped your retarded fucking brains but not everyone will willingly play with their shit you stupid faggots

She isn’t English if you listen to her voice dumbfuck

Yeah the reactions just don't seem realistic to me, 'oh you have some pics in a lingerie to bm me, ok I'll get on cam eating shit' whores are dumb, but that dumb ?

thats because youre a sad manchild with no real world experience

she is so hoot

This is blackmail just like the scat sister sucking her brothers dick

You'd get on cam eating shit because you don't want pictures in basically bikinis getting out there ?

She only got BMed because she ousted herself as a pedo

random soyboy here... where is she from then?
im on a slow internet and i have 50% left on dowloads of the pictures. have not seen the videos yet

Where is the shit eating?

Where is that video?

Isn’t it the girl who actually is British who did that? The other girl faked it

She pukes in the piss one

I must see this

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It goes everywhere, great viewing

As long as it's not going in my mouth it's just wasted.

I’ve seen better pukeshots tbh

not him, I have no idea where the puke is

this is blackmail. Search hlbalbums online and you can find the news report showing the guy going to prison. This girl clearly isn’t enjoying herself and she was under the British girl leak not American so take from that what you want. Also some girls are crying their eyes out and being sick.

Mexican guy blackmailed them. Now he's v& in Mexico and will probably be killed.

Where's the shit videos?

hlb is dead

They're all pretty shit videos tbh,

This is a different take on a poor girl forced to abuse her 11 year old brother

Damn this makes me diamonds

any other girls where this happened and they also look as miserable?

these cunts, in their minds, are paid very well to eat their own shit, maybe $30K all together tops.

Yeah, we want more like that fucking hot.

Where are the videos of them eating their shit?

[citation needed]

Love them being blackmailed. Anyone else have any other sets?