Hello Cred Forums

Hello Cred Forums,

Of all the places to seek an audience with a freemason, I have to resort to this.
Greetings to you, I am a working man in my 30's interested in joining, however I live in Finland and I don't speak Finnish language, can any of you who are already members help me find a lodge I can contact? I speak English.

After all, it is ask12b1 and so I am here because I saw many freemasons post here before.
Can you give me a lead I can follow?


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don't call us, we'll call you

There are few freemasson in Finland but much more in Swedish community, try with them
Or maybe in the capital with all the ambassy

Right, but you don't even know my phone number.

You mean Stockholm?
Wouldn't that complicate things if there were monthly meetings or such? I am pretty sure there has to be a lodge in Helsinki, just can't find it.

Anyone know how to join here in the states? I had a close relative involved but he died a long time ago

Where in the states?

that's what you think

there's mason lodges everywhere you could go and you larp like a faggot

Right so I am ready to join with all my free will and accord, where do I go?

WM of my lodge here. Ask me anything.

Hello WM of your lodge, can you please direct me to an English speaking lodge in Helsinki, Finland? Surely you have ways to advise interested people like me to at least a secretary to speak to.

you have to meet several requirements

hard work work ethic
ability to keep secrets


Wrong. You have to be a free man, over 21 years of age and believe in a supreme being. Not having a criminal record helps too. That's it.

I have excellent references from every place I worked in, emphasis on excellent as in the word "Exemplary employee" keeps showing up in every reference.

I am not a genius, nor am mentally challenged.

I am able to keep secrets at the penalty of death.

You don't get how ready I am.

I am 30 years old, I believe in a supreme entity, and I am clean.

Also see,

Write to the Grand Lodge of Finland asking to be put in touch with the secretary of a lodge in Helsinki. The secretary will then write to you.
Grand Lodge of Finland
Grand Lodge of Finland
Kasarmikatu 16 D
FI-00130 Helsinki

Tel.: (09) 684 4320

state your rite and rank

Your enthusiasm indicates to us that you are nothing but a mere child. We neither condone juvenile entering our most sacred sanctuary nor accept solicitations.

Perhaps you should consider being apart of the Catholic Church. From what we’ve heard they’re more child friendly.

>You’ll never be one of us

>I am able to keep secrets at the penalty of death.

the oath requires this

Thank you.

York Rite, WM, IPM PProvGStB

you realize there are at least 66 degrees above the 33rd degree... do you acknowledge this?

you are _not_ on this chart

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murder johnathon fragile x syndrome pine gap australia 2016-2020 nsa


LOL, I just knew you'd be one of those conspiracy theory nutters.

can you access 702 phylez?

freemason wizards don't know dick about the new world order

i dont think you really understand whats going on here... zion has fallen

babylon has fallen has fallen, and zion with it

purge to commence

The masons have lost their way, user. My father was a Grand Druid and showed me the path. I learned to interpret the signs which govern our world through semiotics and came to understand the true nature of this life, the masons once taught this practice to their disciples however this is no longer a part of masonry. It has become a boy's club for drinking and chattering. Study the lore and before long you too shall weild all of the power that truemagic can bestow.

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I am born with power brother

the masons and other like groups are to be purged, they are no longer useful or needed

not my decision per say

I sit / stand with / against the gatekeepers to the troglodytes

Learn the language of the country you're in, that'll show initiative and skill.
Also, there's no masons on Cred Forums.
Furthermore, that is not how it works.

...don't forget the free masonry work they want you to do lol... my buddy who is is a skilled Mason joined and quit sooner than later when he was more skilled than most and was not getting his back properly scratched after scratching theirs ro the bone... lazy old entitled cunts is all they are now.
Also, they think they are badasses and give deathstares when I can eat anyone of their fucking lunch and have never dropped a gaze when they try this shit

>jewish conspiracies