Whats the easiest and painless way to kill myself

whats the easiest and painless way to kill myself

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Acetaminophen overdose

a shoot on the head?


i dont have much tylenol but i have a lot of benadryl would that work

Just snort aspirin

inhale butane then hang yourself, butane is anesthetic when inhaled

Yes, take all the benadryl

This, but make sure you aim right. It'll hurt for a fraction of a second but u ded so gg,

Don't do this, my nurses tell me liver failure suuuucks

I got a few endone, and cancer that's probably going to keep coming back. Will the endone get me out of this?

What is this harem bullshit you're talking about?

if you inhale butane on top of it, yes

Jump off something high onto some rocks. Spatter your grey matter.

drug overdose painless because you will be tripping and fun,what do you think? make sure to do multiple suicide methods at the same time to be sure because there is always a small probability of you surviving if you do only one

Like, overdose of paracetamol + take a poision (find a poisonous plant) shoot yourself in the head and do all that ohn a high location near the ocean with rocks so you add gravity and drowning in the mix

Drug overdose + poison + shoot in the head + fall that will make you body flat + drowning

doesnt tylenol take a while to kick in, why take it if im gonna eat posion and jump

Because you don't want to take the 0.01% risk of you surviving and living your life in a wheelchair without being able to speak move etc...

Why take useless risk just do it all m8

4channers don't know what google is apparently

od on cock

recently saw this on a thread, google exit bag

Gun shot.

This is a meme. It is really hard to kill yourself with Tylenol

Obviously to the head.

lie next to an animal carcass in the forest and let the maggots eat you

Or toster, tub if you access a gun. It will hurt for a few seconds or so though.