I can't stop thinking about death and dying Cred Forums

I can't stop thinking about death and dying Cred Forums
I can wrap my mind around nonexistence but the moment I do the most confounding, absolute dread comes over me of everything just fading away to nothingness before I slip off into an eternally dreamless slumber
That is the closest I personally can think to describe dying
You can't remember not existing before your birth, because you didn't exist to experience and you won't experience anything after you're dead
Similarly an appropriately named 'dead' sleep in which you close your eyes and re-open them 8 or so hours later as if you hadn't closed them for long at all, that's the closest a thinking, sapient being can (likely) come to understanding what death and nonexistence is actually like.
Every living thing, not just humans, is limited in perception by the eternal self; there are many but to each there is only the one: them.
Humans seem to be a rarity (although not alone) in being able to differentiate between life and death. Other hominid species in captivity have also displayed a similar (though more primitive) understanding of death and it also evokes an emotion of intense fear in them as well.

How does anybody ever make peace with nonexistence being forced upon them in much the same way existence was also forced upon them? You are here for what? To die after a period of time?
Where does the despair come from as you start to comprehend that you will eventually and possibly without warning suddenly stop thinking? Stop experiencing.
I find myself falling deeper into nihilism the older I get...
What was the point of it all? Did I have it right to not take my youth seriously? Had I been wise or foolish to believe on the fundamental level nothing I or anybody else did or will do has mattered and lived without planning knowing those plans are ultimately meaningless? That our lives are meaningless? That the overwhelming majority of us will die and be forgotten within generations?

Why are we born just to die?

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to me it seems like a release life is hard and non of it will matter when it comes.

Fuck dude I feel the same way.

Is even the idea of eternal torment not a better alternative to pure nonexistence? Wouldn't you rather experience something than nothing at all, never being able to experience again?
Or is it just me? I know I can't be alone in wanting to persist for ever as an observer at all times and as a watcher of the Earth when need arises; to be able to see the end of all existence and see what happens after that. Maybe the Universe is reborn? Who knows! But I wanna be alive to find out.

I know it's not healthy for my mind to think about it but I can't stop. I can't stop asking that question. I can't stop thinking about my own death. Grappling with and coping over my understanding that I will not always exist.

It will be as if I and the world ceased to exist both at once but the reality is that the rest of you will be here and so will I, albeit burnt to ashes and not experiencing the world with you and I really can't handle it.

It's destroying my enjoyment of everything. Everything feels so pointless but suicide is obviously not an option--I'm paralyzed with fear of death, not life after all--and I'm really losing my shit.
That's why I turned Cred Forums into LiveJournal at 4 AM CST
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I know what you mean, and like the other dude said, in a way, it's like the final escape from all the bullshit mundane, pain in the ass aspects of life. You'll never be hungry again, you'll never have to wake up early to go to work again, all that shit just goes away. It is sad you don't get to experience the good things in life, or be with loved ones and shit, but knowing you're going to die one day should make you appreciate what you've got while you're here.

I feel the same way. But we really dont know whats on the other side. I guess we'll find out after death. The best and most relieving way to cope with it is just reincarnation. That's about it. Play games to forget about it and make the best of life right now.

I have been through all these thoughts a million times. My suffering is only exacerbated by the fact that since nothing matters to me, nothing motivates me. I do no-call-no-shows at work. I dropped out of college. I do feel freedom at the thought that I could do whatever I wanted and it wouldn't matter all that much, though. If nothing matters, why tie yourself down with a lack of confidence? Just do whatever you like within the bounds of the law and your wallet! Maybe you will find something that gives you lasting joy in this life. Stick around and search, user. That's all guys like us can do.

the only difference between myself and you is that I no longer fear that eternal dream less sleep. You're thinking of it inversely to me, I welcome the idea. Why fear the infinite nothing when it's really nothing to worry about? Everything has happened before, so everything will happen again. If you think the universe will one day come to an end, then you're absolutely right. Everything that's spread into infinity will eventually contract once more, pulling everything back into its infinitely dense state. That includes you and everything that was a part of you. You won't be aware of it so it doesn't matter. In the next cosmic link you won't remember any of this anyway, because it'll all be happening again the exact same way it did before, with a slight variance of some degree. What degree that is, remains unknown until it happens. But fear not, user. In another time, another universe apart, you've done all this thinking before and you'll one day, far flung from now, do it again. in the space between spaces you'll go unawares of your non existence until you exist once again. So fear not the infinite nothing. It won't hurt, and there's nothing there to scare you. It's peace. It's quiet. We'll all one day share it. You won't be alone.

TL;DR, I'm just tryna help, even if it all seems like BS

̸͉̹̺̹̥̰ͩ͛̀ȧ̴̳͎̮͎̟̀̊̐ͧͦͪm̢̱̟̺̬̼̘͕̈́ͣͮ̄ͤͨ̚ ̭ͣ̓̎ͯͯp̤̺̍ͬͩͧ͟ǫ̡̤͔͎͕̮͇͕̿̈́͑͆̍ͫ̊͠ͅs̵͙͖͔ͧ̄̋͆͠t͖̖͈͌̎ͬ̓̽͑̕i̶̩̼͚̔ͮn̸̨͉͙͖̂͌̔ͬ́̚g̸̮̫̜̩̘̦̓̐̇̆ͫ͋͠ ̨̝̻̬͍̥̜̩̇ͮ̌ͭf̨̩͖ͤ͂͒ͫ̂͋̿͘ͅr̤̙͍̠̮ͮ͌̀͂̌́o̸͉̻̟͖̫̫̤̣ͨ͘ͅm̢̼͚̼̞͈̻̱̞̾̾͘ ̵̺͍̯̖̗̖͔ͭ͘͠2͈̙̏̉̔̄̎͂͜͡0͙̘͙̍͑ͪ͞͝2̻̄̇̈́͐1͎̩͖̺̐͗̋ͤ
̹͎̭̥ͫ̉̂͟P̴͖̰̱̙̳̖̟ͭ͟R̥͇͎͎̿͆́̒̂̂ͧ̔̏̕E͕͎͕̙̖͊͊ͬ̄̐̕͢P̠̱̯̮̠̗̱̈́ͤ̿̽A͓̤͉̺͎̙ͣ̈̔̾̄ͧR̴̙̙̬̥̼̺̗͚͑ͦ͌ͧ͛̕E̵̩̼̪ͪ͒̎ͧͦ̃͐̚͠ ̞̦̔͆͑ͧ̔̀N̯̙͒̔͌ͪͣ̀O̘͉̔͊̕͢W̸̤̖̳̼̠ͤͮͩ̓

I had an experience with my cat dying not too long ago that got me thinking about reincarnation
as bizarre as it sounds in his last few days alive I told him if he needed to go, to go and come back as another gray cat with a white spot and sure enough a few months later a little gray cat with a white spot in more or less the same spot was born.
Some more context, there are no gray cats out here and as far as I know there have never been any gray cats in these inbred little bastards. He also has pretty much the exact same personality as the one that died that makes me think reincarnation may actually be real but... If it is what's the point? It's not like you remember any of it anyway, right?

If your really concerned about death tho best way to prevent early death is being healthy have a gun for protection and an IFAK


IFAK- North American rescue
-chest seals

Here you go OP.


Take heart that when you die the world will be a slightly better place.

have you considered having sex? With a woman?

I've started really getting health conscious. I stopped smoking completely and I cut out the sodas, preferring coffee and tea for my caffeine fix now.
I'm really, really banking on being able to stick my consciousness in a machine that I can then use to operate a body that experiences everything just like a real one from the safety of a remote location with an array of backup power sources because I'm pretty sure any backup copy of you won't actually be you so it's better to completely avoid any potential power loss to the machine your consciousness is residing in. I suppose one could disperse themselves like a virus across the web, but there's a lot of vulnerability to that and your entire life becomes digital. You trade a lot of dangers for just a few of them.. Not a bad trade from my vantage point.

Well I rather believe in reincarnation then anything else that shames you for what you do or what you think. But before their was something their was nothing in life. So who knows if we repeated being born again. Without knowing. However it becomes. I'll see you on the other side once I hopefully die of age.

How old are you?


Have you considered having sex? With a man?

delusion is not an option either

why? Are you offering?

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Ok how many more things in life would you say that are left for you to experience at least once have you done everything you have wanted to do in your life because once you run out of new things to do or look forward too life becomes pretty bad as the older you get the more it hurts just to live death is an escape from eternal boredom and pain i think and if you live long enough you will welcome it.

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Everything infinitely because I will never tire of it.

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I'm sure everyone reaches this train of thought at some point in their lives, although yours does sound like it's at the more extreme end of the scale, I'm not one personally for suggesting prescription drugs but tbh it sounds like you could do with chilling that mind out a bit...
But otherwise I just think you need to find something you enjoy enough or care about enough to let this mindset slide, whether it be a newfound purpose or a lovelife or a passionate hobby? Maybe nihilism has many valid points that are hard to ignore but in essence you are here whether you like it or not, I think acceptance of your fate is key to letting go of it because you have to ask yourself this: "Is living my life to the fullest I can more pointless than living it doing and believing in absolutely nothing?"
I don't think it is.


Kind of, but I am glad to have ability to experience this shit. And it's amazing to be bystander of that reality.

It does not keep me from fears, anxiety, etc. but it is not so "bad".

>Be me
>Spawn randomly into game
>It's big and scary at first, I'm a total n00b
>As I get stronker the world is less big and scary and even starts to be fun
>I have lots of stuff here, lots of friends
>but there's a quasi-counter in the corner of the screen
>it's always counting down but the countdown is just a bunch of question marks
>you try to ignore it and keep playing the game
>eventually you lose all your HP
>"come on user it's time to go"
>"can't I keep playing?"
>"no user it is time"
>"well can I come back and play later?"
>"Hahaha... no. Come."
>and then you and your character data are deleted from the life.exe servers
>your itenz and zenny are dispersed

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This is bull shit tho you cant do things over and over say you do everything a 10000 times and there is nothing left how would anything you do be fun if you live forever it wouldn't just be 10000 either you would go insane before you lived 1000 years unless you could reset your memories or some shit

No I just genuinely don't get tired of doing the same thing over and over again
No spoilers on this board but

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Ok so you never have to change anything then you just watch the same film over and over eat the same food listen to the same song never changing them do you

There is some fluctuation but the gist of it is that I can play the same library of games over and over again, watch the same movies, same songs, yes
It's not like I couldn't put myself to sleep for a long time and/or wipe my memories if things start to get a little dull


We are born to learn, experience, enjoy, and then think back. It's up to you to decide if you enjoyed or regretted it.. for the afterlife, I personally believe that our ancestors are looking down on us 20000000004/700! Lol. And that they are in a higher state of conciousness to where they just watch our lives like a TV show. Dont take anything soooooooo seriously, but also dont take things as a joke. What you decide will in turn decide your future, and try not to think more than that. Stay positive, stay humble, and (for real) try not to let your demons take control (but once in a rare occasion can be ok, just dont let anyone find out and dont let it become a regular thing). other than that, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a blessing, for that is why we call it the present! Enjoy what you have, even if it sucks, it's still something to at LEAST learn from :)


Hope this helps.

I'm so nihilist I find myself empathizing with the BBEG in RPGs and movies that are trying to end all existence usually because they see the absurdity in it

At the same time and on the other side of the coin and in the other palm of the other eye I don't want to stop existing because I love the absurdity

Still though I understand and even empathize with them, I can fathom eternal existence being Hell if you don't WANT to exist, but what if you do?!

Holy shit just eat some mushrooms about it

I've already done psychedelics
I extracted my own DMT from acacia confusa root bark just to make sure I was getting DMT, then I loaded up several tokes... The closest I have ever come to seeing other worlds was a very, very faint cyclone of infinite depth with the pattern you might see on a piece of peppermint candy, a swirl of black and white. It was like looking into an abyss that knows you're just a part of it or something
Also done shrooms and acid, psychedelics don't really affect me for some reason. I don't really get "breakthrough" trips, it's more like being high on some really potent sativa cannabis than anything else.

I'm very envious of the rest of you. Other autists who have tried psychedelics have reported similar failures with the drug, others report success with really high doses but... Yeah. Really high doses of mushrooms is really a bad idea if only because of the gastro-intestinal distress (which I was fully lucid enough to enjoy during my "trip")

It sounds like you need to listen to the entire Death Grips discography OP

In the wise words of the prophet Mc Ride- “DISMISS THIS LIFE, WORSHIP DEATH)

nderf.org helped me a lot

Ignore any Jesusy bullshit or stuff regarding any mainstream religions, however God may appear in familiar forms as to not troll fundamentalist christians and so on

I don't know
I think I may have talked to God when I smoked DMT
I doubt any demon would be consoling me and telling me they loved me and that everything's going to be okay and yada yada making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside about literally nothing
but the fact is that I am still a material soul, I think. I've spent much time thinking about it and it's not that I'm soulless or anything like that, my soul is just attenuated to this material plane. It really likes being here, and it (I) really want to stick around in this particular form this time. I like it, and not just because I can't remember anything else, or if there even was anything else.

I know all of you understand it, even you dipshits who keep harping about how it would be a "release."
Go ahead and go chug a metric fuckton of high fructose corn syrup and shoot up heroin until you fuck your insides up and have to live with a literal death sentence looming over your head and then tell me what a release it is to have your body writhe in agony for days or weeks or months as you slowly rot away into literal nothingness.

I exist - cool, I stop existing - I won't care cause I won't exist

No one is checking this? wow

ok diogenes
should we throw you to the dogs outside the city wall as well?


Finally. If you didn't I would have

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By the way, I think it's worth mentioning I got some really really strong feminine vibes from whatever it was that was consoling me while I was coming as close to tripping balls as I've ever been

It's hard to look up at the stars and think I'm a blip not only in the universe but also in time. A nice thought is that time is variable so the you in this specific moment will exist infinitely. But ya its hard.

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I feel you user


OP here
I had the thought that I think clarifies things. Reincarnation or just annihilation of the soul, or eternal slumber, I don't want to lose what is me. I don't want to lose my individuality. I don't want my collection of unique experiences to stop being mine.
Maybe it's selfish and totally against some natural flow but I genuinely do want to stay here forever, even at the risk of there being something better "on the other side," whatever that is. I'm not so convinced there is anything but nonexistence there, and not of the kind you can turn on and back off for 8 hours while your vessel repairs and recharges itself.
I know that ultimately whatever I am is a collection of 1s and 0s arranged in a biological format; the information in your brain is just that, information, and it can surely thus be converted into a digital medium. The "soul" or "spark" certainly is energy, and I think that if you first make a copy of the brain and then capture the electronic signals and transfer them quickly to an electronic medium, you could absolutely survive the transfer intact as the same individual entity. The whole trick to it is that your electrical energy in your brain is "you," not the brain itself; if that energy is lost (IE upon death) your energy returns to the universe through dissipation. That is why it is so important that you maintain multiple backup energy sources at all times, because if that original spark is ever lost through power failure, it's as good as a biological death. Anything that wakes up when the system reboots will be a near perfect or perfect copy OF you, but it won't BE you.


>How does anybody ever make peace with nonexistence being forced upon them in much the same way existence was also forced upon them
Because nonexistence is the only guarantee in your life. The day will be done, the sun will set on the horizon. Now forever go to sleep. Rest in peace.

Give up, OP. Copy or no copy, nothing will last forever. As long as there is an energy gradient of some kind, you will always meet the same fate. Machine or not, it's all the same. Forget the fact that it's entirely possible that recreating the exact quantization of your simulated mind between 2 distinct points in spacetime should be equal to blacking out, and waking up.

Just give in.

You may like this dimension and the bipedal ape you're temporarily occupying but how can you say for certain you belong here when this is all you know? People who have had NDEs say the other side feels more like home than anything else they have experienced

Just think, there's 40 billion earth-like planets orbiting the circumstellar habitable zone of their parent star in the milky way alone. If each planet was represented by a single grain of granulated sugar you would need something like six and a half tons of sugar to represent those planets - and that's just our own galaxy. There are as many galaxies in the obersvable universe as there are stars in our milky way, so multiply that by our six and a half tons of sugar. In my mind there is no doubt that there is alien life out there in the universe, and that we have occupied beings in past lives out there. The weird thing is, light takes many years to cross the universe so some of these specks of light in the night sky are photons that left a planet that you lived on many years ago - technically you are looking at yourself.

What frustrates me is that there are so many retarded religious people on this planet who pick one grain out of that huge mountain of sugar and declare "yep, god made this one special planet in six days, and he's very angry about where we stick our penises."

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This is the perfect time to mourn your own death. This will also lead u to the answers u are looking for

>Because nonexistence is the only guarantee in your life.

That too.

>Just give in.
human life span vs machine "life" span...

tough choice champ

You die as a human, or you stop working as a machine. Or you do both.

You need Jesus

no u

thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of years of existence vs maybe 80 or 90 if I'm lucky
again, I'll take my existence in the machine living vicariously through an android hooked up to the network genetic clones of me fused with machinery, ready to go whenever I need them so I can still be a mostly normal human when I want to be.

And then die.


Woosh, what? You live, and then you die. What went over my head? Where you very clearly said that you'd rather not take the 90 years of life, in exchange for machine-network-genetic-clone hodgepodge?

yeah but millions of years with nanobots that i can use to self-replicate and easily self-repair
pretty much forever. as long as I have material to make nanobots I will never die

eat shit


>yeah but millions of years with nanobots that i can use to self-replicate and easily self-repair
A bunch of science fiction terms that conveniently forget about entropy. Pretty much forever isn't forever. All of those things require work to be done. You don't have infinite energy to do work with, and you don't have infinite anything to store the infinite experience you're going to need to experience to experience pretty much forever. There are an exponential number of progressively pressing problems you would have to bother yourself with, eventually, until it both consumed you and robbed you of your ability to do anything but attempt to maintain a very tenuous and low-power equilibrium.

And then the universe would start getting dark.

If you want "woosh", there's your "woosh". Death by hubris.

lol entropy
i don't think you understand the cascading effect of nanobots, how quickly they can copy themselves or what they're capable of doing on a cellular or even particulate level. If I managed to follow through with this grand scheme (and I'm not so deluded as to think I really have a chance but a man can dream no?)
and secured my consciousness in a computer with network access it would also create a cascading effect. Imagine individual directive, a human ability to learn and recognize patterns combined with every processor on Earth and slow-falling around it. If I then had nanobots (which are not science fiction lol...) to handle all repairs and ensure that I always had a steady supply of materials for new nanobots and energy to maintain the spark, yes I or anybody else could theoretically live indefinitely. The only thing that could claim you at that point is a universal whimper, but again... millions or even billions of years of conscious observance and then death or 90 years and then death?

It's a no brainer for me, it is my wish in life to be uploaded into a digital medium before my fleshbag fails.

>lol entropy
Entropy is the reason you can have thoughts and do actions. Entropy is a lot of things. Entropy is what you laugh at. Entropy is the face of death.

>i don't think you understand the cascading effect of nanobots
And you don't understand entropy. You're just blurting out concepts that sound cool. I nearly launched into a bunch of paragraphs as to why entropy would ruin this fantasy of yours. I don't even think it's worth the time.

Nanobots aren't the science fiction. The means in which you intend to employ nanobots in the face of everything that currently dictates their existence and their limits, does. If you made your consciousness some form of data that could even be transmissible between a cluster of nanobots structuring themselves in some way, you have to worry about efficiency problems. That's a fancy way of saying that each time you try to beam your consciousness between clusters, like a giant brain, there's always the chance you lose pieces of yourself. Especially if you're being constantly bombarded by cosmic radiation, and you just decided to toss some nanobots into space and laugh at entropy. And there's more. There is so much more. But you just prattled off some line where you'd magically be able to handle all repairs, and get a magic steady supply of matter and energy, and somehow not run into all kinds of problems that real nanobots encounter daily. Let alone this idea of using just nanobots.

You're too focused on the ends to see why the means aren't worth it. You're too obsessed with death. If you ever did manage to somehow achieve technological immortality, this grand oversight would carry over and be your ruin.

I'm laughing because you're arguing some stupid technicality and whataboutisms just for the sake of being right or trying to convince me I'm some fool for wanting to live forever
I think you're a fool for putting your faith in there being something beyond death
There is no shame in wanting to live for as long as you possibly can

also I understand entropy just fine, I think you're the one that doesn't really understand what he's talking about
what you're saying boils down to
>eventually no more matter or energy and you die hurdur
yeah I got it Spock, thanks.

meanwhile you consistently ignore that I am telling you I don't give a shit, a million years in a machine is better than 90 in human flesh.

Get fucked.

>I'm laughing because you're arguing some stupid technicality and whataboutisms
>just for the sake of being right
I haven't spent my time insisting that I'll live forever because, because, because, because, because. It's not for some vapid sake. If you do this. For real. It won't be like anything you're imagining. I could just sit here and eventually die, while you potentially go on to actually upload your brain. And then you'll be swamped with all kinds of logistical issues. And then some. The very concept of memories doesn't even bother you. Information has to go somewhere, yet you don't even seem to care.

It's not about shame, user. You're going to find out too late that you're a fool. You will end up like all of the people who tried desperately to find immortality, wasting their lives. And instead, you choose to say that I've put my faith in there being something beyond death.

I haven't.

>I think you're the one that doesn't really understand what he's talking about
If you really believe that, then who am I to stop you? Go. Upload yourself. Do it, user.

read and do try to comprehend that the point that you think you're making isn't a point:


I think you might genuinely be retarded, your reading comprehension is absolute trash

It's like you can't handle that I don't give a shit about what you're saying because I considered it already and in the grand scheme of things it's totally irrelevant because again and again and again
>a million years as a machine is better than 90 in human flesh
why is that so difficult for your eyes to focus on and understand? It's not like I'm speaking Japanese. Are you failing to read on purpose?

Have fun, user.

sorry you're such a miserable argumentative faggot you can't see the closest we can get to eternal life as a good thing
I hope you die well

You don't have to hope. You just have to misrepresent everything I say, do, or think, until I flush your upload down the septic tank.

quit dicking around and read Dolores Cannon

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