New cat loli thread

New cat loli thread
>lolis and cats are needed
>crossbreeding is recommended
>the flow must go on

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luis maria

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Dude. I mean really. Am I the only one around here disturbed by the fact that that phone has 2 notches? God damn, disgusting as fuck.

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I fixed it for you

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thats a nightmare

I just made this webm now, request your waifu and I'll make one later with her, If I can find a character card.

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Just like in real life, I can't find the spot.

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>not 60fps 8k video

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ackkshooually, I can't post that high quality on Cred Forums, but yeah I can go that high.

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>not posting a video frame by frame on Cred Forums
>complaining about file size

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lol I can't even post a 4k webm on Cred Forums

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>crossbreeding is recommended

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That is 1/60 frames user.
I can scroll fast enough, trust me.

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Nigga, I ain't screenshotting 60 fuckin times, you take what I fuckin give you, and what I'm giving you is a

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>can't click the screenshot button fast enough

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here have this thumbnail, it's all yours, my friend

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We can still see some detail. SMALLER!

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>not going 1x1
>not posting 33177600 pictures
>not generating 1 frame
>not repeating it for 60 times and post resulting image

Nigga what are you even doing?

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I can't even, right now. Cred Forums Y U DO DIS?

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We have the technology!

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let me see you post a 1x1. It won't let me. But here's some physics instead.

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>when you accidentally slap her while you tickle her eyeball.

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say, what game is that

asking for a friend

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The fact that you actually tried that, it's funny as heck.

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Koikatsu party on steam with mods and patches to make it more like the japanese version, which is superior, because it has more dlc.
would have been funnier if I succeeded.

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Go to those number again my friend. But yeah, it would be funny to actually post pics pixel by pixel, and videos frame by frame. It's not like it has been done a few decades ago, but okay.

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you should check your asshole, there might be something stuck in there.

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What is this game?

ohh you little sperg

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It's too late, you already lost

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doki doki thank you mr. roboto, are you turning japanesey?

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why is she angry being in loli form

that's the face of success, the Aha! moment. Like this.

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Pantsu too large

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heh, did you think this thread was gonna die? Not on my watch, you crazy sonofabitch

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Misplaced Existence

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This pic struck me right in the kokoro

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>nopan takagi cat
I'm officially dead now

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Why are you dead user? Is it the Coronavirus?

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Imagine if we get

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No. I didn't see the corona loli yet to die from that. At the moment takagi struck my kokoro


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I just need more cat loli's in a box, is that too much to ask for?

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redpill me on lolicon Cred Forums. why are you guys into it so much and why is there so much discussion surrounding it?

but who was

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It's less researched, so instead find the answer to "why does people like anything at all?", and then you will find your answer.

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Cred Forums autism

Well lolis are a mix of everything. In some animu they are actually way younger than the protagonist but with extremely high sexual power. Also, liking an underdeveloped girl is also a lolicon... because small tits and no ass is a sign of a child... and most of the people here are closeted pedophiles that can't actually fuck some real children (yet).

For example, I'm the middle kind. I like the loli body while searching for maturity. No tits, no ass but mature. I don't like loli porn but I love the cuteness in general.

But in a loli thread you can't have only cute or only porn... so loli threads are a mix of the both with occasional guro and dick ravaging.

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fucking lol

Interesting. So loli attraction is more of a body-type thing? I thought it directly correlated with age.

Like for example, a lot of Pokegirl porn have them drawn all busty, but since they're canonically young it's treated as loli? Also, why don't you just jack off to petite girls if you like that body type? Not trying to attack you, just curious.

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i licked my screen a little

I never been to Cred Forums in my life, I've only ever lurked Cred Forums and Cred Forums and /l/(I miss you)

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i like the size difference their arms, legs, feet hands and fingers are so thin and slender, and their orifices are just as tiny

wish there was more just oral/fingering loli doujins honestly, as much as i can get off to lolis getting impaled on 14 inch dicks i prefer that kind of realism where actual intercourse is generally impossible, at least without hurting the loli involved

this encourages me to make more OC

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It depends. There are a lot of people who only go for age. See the guys who yell at lolibabas and often post todlers. Also the same people as mentioned above yell at people like me that I must also be a pedo like them... Well, it's Cred Forums after all and it's not point in arguing.

Cred Forums is exactly what'd you expect. Politics bullshit. I've never been there, but it's not rocket science. I hate politics.

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isn't it weird to think that I've only ever browse a couple of boards out of all the boards this site has to offer.

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To be honest. No. I mostly go to Cred Forums, Cred Forums and /c/. Sometimes in the ol' days I would've go to /x/ just for the greentext.

I'm not that invested to go to a particular board just to circlejerk with other anons over the same thing over and over again.

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I see. I suppose all lolicons are different, I personally hate the faggots that mould their entire personality around the porn they like and I've noticed loli porn attracts those people too... You seem pretty cool though user. The pic you just posted for example doesnt seem bad to me, so I don't get why others would be mad at it? It's not real, and it's just a small girl as opposed to a big busty one.Think I'm a lolicon without realising it?

Also interesting. So it's wholly a size difference thing and has nothing to do with age?

Well I'm not that invested into porn in general. I mean I'm not a full christian no porn and shit, I tolerate it, but I don't collect or fap to it. Whenever I feel the need to jerk off I go to a normal porn website, fap for 15 minutes to normal porn, finish off and carry on with my life. I don't need custom porn. I don't need voice porn or whatever other people around here want.

I am into lolis for 2 reasons. I kinda' missed out on early teen love and never had a gf until later... so I kinda crave that innocent love. And second... all my gf's until now had a loli body type and even though they were legal they knew on how to take fully advantage of their bodies. All the relationships ended in failure and I decided not to go for other relationships, not even if they come knocking at my door. So here I am, lurking or posting in loli threads... sometimes finding what I'm looking for and going to bed warm inside... Other times there is only porn and rape and go to sleep empty and sad.

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I can kinda relate to most of that. Do you have a Discord user? You're level-headed and cool to talk to.

To be honest I may seem level-headed but I dislike contact with people that are more than anons. I don't use any form of social media or social interaction other than Cred Forums. I mostly lurk around. I sometimes post. I sometimes troll. But never more than "that guy". The most pin point I have here is the OP's pic and the name "catguy" or "catbro". Can you guess why?

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because you're secretly that crazy cat loli lover, aren't you? AREN'T YOU!!! I know he's here, I can sense these things.

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I'm always here user... Always and forever.

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Thats fair user. Don't like social media at all? Discord is the only one I use, I used to have Twitter but it got overrun with triggered faggots that would probably kill themselves if they saw a thread like this.

I fuckin knew it, they said crazy cat loli lover isn't real. Wait till I tell my therapist.

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No... I don't want to learn a new "culture" again. To be honest, I don't want to learn a new culture at all... Maybe the day when I'll be gone from here will come.

I'm as real as the kitten you're posting user. Your therapist was right... unless his name was actually the rapist.

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catgirls in thigh highs are the highest form of art

First name Moe, last name Lester PHD in chemistry

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Well... at least he's moe... just like cat lolis kek

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That's a nice tail, It doesn't get included enough.

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coon loli was best loli until no more loli.
birb was shit

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Thems fightin words

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you bout to get egged on

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Well in my opinion, princess loli was way better.

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Come to the sky and say that to my face

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cats can't fly you egghead birb

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yea, that's what I thought. cats can't fly, and they can never be as fly

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alright, that's all the faggotry I can muster up for now, made myself cringe

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Why don't you land just for a little while?

to be honest that last pun was pretty cringeworthy

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fucking hell user you made me choke on my cigarette. I fuckin' laughed out loud and this barely happens around here. Kudos!

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I was giggling the whole time making it.

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today actually seem a good day for a quality loli thread. OC, fun etc. I love this day.

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Yea, the thread is slow, but wholesome. Just how I like my loli.

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I think there's 3 people here. Or 2... if the question guy is still around here. Well doesn't matter, in a few hours this thread or the next one will be filled with looliboru tods and 3dcg. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts this way.

Also you seem to be a follower from my threads because you seem to have the content I always spam. Nice to meet you.

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Yea, I never make my own loli threads, and you always make loli threads, I'm pretty sure 3/4 of my neko folder is your stuff heh.

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>my stuff
Nah dude. Nothing here is my stuff. I just collected what I found interesting over my years on Cred Forums and other boards like Cred Forums /e/ and /c/. I just share the quality content with the world.

But the only thing I found weird was that whenever I planned on posting a certain pic in this thread, you posted it first...

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is there any loli discord servers? i was on DFC but I think they gave it up

Loo Lee Discord

no. only post here, user.

btw this is me
>>8201028550102294020325052>>82010000120099474098920801519>>820095878009548894813You can call me NIGGER FAGGOT, or loser, I dump in loli threads all the time, pleasure to meet you again.

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Wow there is an actual separate 3dcg loli thread. Is this really the day when everything is just working as is should in the universe?

>You can call me NIGGER FAGGOT, or loser
Why would I do that? Just because this is Cred Forums and it's literal tradition to call everyone that? Nah. I kinda' remembered you from that cat and game but I didn't pay too much attention.

It's a shame we can't post 1x1 pics tho.

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yea, woulda been worth a nose puff

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Idk why, but your reply literally made me nose puff.

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Literally fuck you dude. I just lighted up another cig ... you made me laugh out loud again.

>drugs, edm and flying cats

Where was I when dis happened?

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Can we get some more dark/tan/tribal lolis?

is this real? did someone bring a cat to a concert?

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Can someone explain to me why this shit gets me so hard? Like when I think about it it turns me off but when I look at it I get more diamonds than anything

Because you touch yourself at night.

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Did the unnamed artist ever give himself a name? and or make a pixiv?

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I mean this guy, shoulda posted a pic

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I should check on alke, wonder if eh posted any goods

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no u

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hay guiz wuts goin on in this thre

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you walked into the wrong thread

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He's right tho

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heh, I was gonna make the same joke, but this is funny by itself and I gotta go.

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No really, are you me?

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Riley Freeman: NIGGA YOU GAY

Gayest thread in a while, no surprise catfag started it

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Ohh look and the toddlerfag decided to be the biggest gay faggot around here right at the end. Well enjoy faggot. I had my time.

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what gaem

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based patrician user

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Attached: 1551107587281.jpg (850x793, 192K)

Attached: 1462272872443.jpg (1500x1054, 345K)

Attached: 1426998876193.jpg (800x1131, 264K)

Attached: 1457266527652.jpg (1254x1254, 416K)

Attached: 1477859680477.jpg (1400x933, 182K)

Attached: 1449348953479.jpg (710x1000, 188K)

Attached: 1479755875084.jpg (2560x1440, 639K)

Attached: 1551987820714.png (1412x1000, 1.66M)

Attached: 1560854777182.jpg (564x798, 79K)

Attached: 1556512715954.jpg (850x833, 120K)

Attached: 1554792183815.jpg (1836x3176, 300K)

Attached: 1539991089063.png (600x912, 347K)

Attached: 1551036145657.jpg (1142x1464, 373K)

Attached: 1551701368680.png (650x938, 443K)

What a boring shitty thread.

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Attached: 1552146788269.jpg (566x800, 362K)

Attached: 1549227438207.jpg (1000x1414, 575K)

Attached: 1551195350280.jpg (1000x1416, 274K)

Attached: 1542153669023.jpg (1200x848, 1.1M)

Attached: 1548657423294.jpg (1500x1059, 1.34M)

is that some fanart of Born-To-Die's octoberween VN?! who's the sauce, man? IQDB ain't helping any.