Why does her face make me cum so hard?

Why does her face make me cum so hard?

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Because she has serial killer victims face.

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it's something about her nose

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retarded ass nose

Straight to the chapel

she looks like another dumb generic basic bitch model whore

what separates the wheat from the chaff again?

She reminds me of the ex porn skank Alyssa Hart. It's almost impossible to find a picture of Hart without a cock in her mouth.

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Fuckin more OP

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Alyssa Hart always gets massive loads from me

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She's a particular kind of white trash that really works for me as well.

For me, I think its the illusion of her looking 18 pared with the dick handling skills of a cougar

For me, I know part of it is her size. Every dick she takes is the size of her forearm. It's adorable.

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