I am The Machine!

I am The Machine!

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Fuck her, this is Russia.

He is the Machine!!

Saw Bert live in NY, really funny dude and managed to speak to him after show. Would see again

Fuck it, he is The Machine !


Muh Sheen ya mean


Anyone else here watch all the podcasts that they’re on? JRE, 2 Bears, YMH, etc.

Man, the more I see him, the more obnoxious he’s becoming to me.

The BillBurt Pod too

Obnoxious? In what ways?
Sure, he has an abrasive personality. But, no more than similar comics and his friends

I used to like bert

He has nice teeth
Too bad he died from heart attack

uuuhhhh i drink so much alcohol i party then lose a bunch of weight once a year then put it right on again but then lose it again next year

Burnt Chrysler

This is now a Jeans thread. Keep em high and tight.

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I heard he's racist.

He's such an attention whore and he's boring. Zero interesting insight, just stories about his boring life and laughing too hard about boring shit. Wow you drink a lot?!? Holy shit man that's really interesting you must be the only one. Fucking listen to cumtown you trash.

Him tom ari and joe are fucking hilarious together

He admited that the machine story is fake. He did go to russia but he got that story off a russian guy. But thats what made him famous

most cool people are

Imagine being this mad at someone he's never met lol.

Imagine reading that as anger lol. You get angry a lot?

reading comprehension, faggot

Yikes why you so mad? Did somebody insult your boyfriend?

i' actually not that user, just testing to see if you've been monitoring this thread, lol, stay mad

His only funny joke is fake thats brutal. Shirt shit is also hella gay

There's nothing gay about being shirtless.

>le epic fail guy

You aren't wrong. Don't like a person? Tune them out. Don't watch their content