Would you? Wwyd to her

Would you? Wwyd to her

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I would like to let she sit on my face

Asshole pics of her please
Source ?

No asshole pics

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With dildo?

Does she like to be rimmed

Just fingers. She loves to have her asshole licked and played with

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I would rim her for hours and hours
Skype or discord ?

OH I love it to clean up the ass hole with my tongue

She would be going crazy with your tongue in her ass

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Do you have Skype or discord sir
I can post mine if you'd like

Sorry no

That's to bad
I had idea she might have liked

What’s that

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Then I will stretch her ass to open the ass hole and put my tongue completely into her

Won't say here sorry

She would do anything you wanted after that

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Ok then

Then she would sit on my face while my tongue is in the ass hole, its would be nice diep in the hole.

She would ride your face with your tongue deep in her ass

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I would the put she in doggy position and start to fingering her ass with two fingers and then put with time one finger more

You would have her going wild

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The I would fingering and fuck she at the same time