As a black guy that lives in Wisconsin how do I meet asian girls?

As a black guy that lives in Wisconsin how do I meet asian girls?

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Do you have a midwest accent? That would be hilarious, ya.


Guess you don't really belong then, huh?

Leave Wisconsin. Your heroin addiction awaits you.

kys nigger


rob a store first and then go from there

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Through perseverance, we'll find a way bro. Wheres my qt.ginger.3.14?

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From Wisconsin as well, there aren't a lot of Asian girls outside of large metro areas. I recommend using a dating app or looking up city demographics and looking there.

Move to Madison. God damned Chinese and their viruses everywhere

Thanks, broski!

there are mung chicks, but they are ugly imo.

They are not so bad

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Get off probation

go to asia

Take a train or road trip to Minneapolis, like a 40 minute drive. Sanctuary city gets a lot of immigrants. I've had a few Asian lady friends over there, they always complain about being single, or some guy fucked them and bailed.

Met a few Malay girls in Minneapolis. They are like slightly darker Chinese but with a figure. If you can get pass the while Muslim thing

Sheboygan has a huge mung population

Hang out near school for tax preparation
You know they love math


As a non racist guy stabbed by a black guy over a trash dispute. Go kill yourself.

trips it must be true
Yeah no worries pal, I tried seeing an Asian girl one time and she went fucking nuts when I ghosted her. I don't like it when people stalk me. I get a bit of a creepy vibe when girls talk about being single like they might start that kind of bullshit so if you take one off the market good for you.

Asians hate black people. Meeting them isn't your problem. It's not being rejected by the ones you do meet. Also kys.

Can concur wife's fam hate them.

Go to Madison. The campus is crawling with Asian pussy