Best movie you’ve ever seen ever

Best movie you’ve ever seen ever

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A joke?

Do you mean Joker? It was pretty good but terminator was better

Op, what makes T:DF a better film in your eyes compared to Terminator 1 or 2? genuinely curious

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Couldn't make it past the first 10 minutes. Such a piece of shit.

This movie sucks and wipes saliva on male nuts.

It was like T2 but twice as everything. Maybe up to 4 times as.

Bubba HoTep

This thread is like running out of gas on the starting line with a meth addled over aged hooker in the backseat. Nothing good is going to come of it.

In some parts I reckon ten to fifteen times

The Grifter.

There are many really good movies out there.
I don't have any one favorite.
But if we look at the entirety of a film production, with the ingenuity behind it, the timing, acting and overall impression - I would say "2001: A Space Oddysey".
Whether you like it or not, you must admit that it's a solid production with hardly any flaws.

I did also seeOP movie, I was entertained, like I've been with the previous installment in the franchise - a fun romp, nothing to write home about.

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it sure wasnt that one
that shit was gay as fuck
it was more of a
movie about women and i guess mexicans
they really even incorporated
illegal border crossing and being detained

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Sign o' the times, laddie.

Alright, Interesting insight, I personally didn't like the movie all that much but it's nice to get a different perspective on it. To answer your question about best movie it's pic related unless you don't count anime bullshit, in which case replace it with Back to the future, Alien or Bela Lugosi Dracula

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You are either a fagot, a feminist, a nigger, a spic, a person with an IQ of 75, or all of the above. Jews hate human beings and desperately want to destroy everything good that human beings have created, including art, with extreme prejudice. Their nigger and spic pets conform to the same mentally retarded and mentally ill opinions of their paymasters. There is nothing of value in your opinion; you are literally subhuman filth and shit who deserves to be publicly executed for the betterment of all of actual humanity (white people). You need to be exterminated because you're jewish/black/spic. There is nothing good, kind, or honest about you, and you are the absolute lowest form of life that ever could be.

Aside from letting the bad guy go, A Princess Bride is the most perfect movie that ever was

fucking lol'd

>hardly any flaws.
Too long

Nah, it's the prefect length, you just haven't got the required attention span.

Grand piano

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Is Dark Fate really that bad?


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12 year old detected


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absolute kino

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Any new installment in any franchise is automatically bad and must die.
That is, if you're to trust Cred Forums and/or Cred Forums.
Only the films you watched during your formative years are good, the films before that were boring and everything after is bad and evil and made by fat jews.

Cynical old man 14 year old detected.


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The best Dark Vader

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im close to saying 'primer'
love that film

I don't think it's so much that user. It's that the films that were around in our formative years were original.

These days it's just reboots of reboots of reboots. Cashing in on the same old actors, running through the same story, because nobody can come up with anything original anymore.

although i think Dune might be my #1 when it comes out in dec

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I remember watching AI when I was 10 and I cried so much, one of the best Spielberg's movie imo

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"formative years" were a clue.
You missed the point entirely.

You forgot Troll

Better than any other ones since part 2

>Action packed movie

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Haha yeah I'm a strong woman I'm doing FUTURE SHIT! we got a lot of SHIT to take care of! SHIT!!

I am also a strong a woman and I am FUCKING injured, but good thing I am a strong woman because I can really take a FUCKING beating! FUUCK!!

I em also a strong wiming essay, we must take de fight to de enemy! Aint no MAN gonna save de wurld! We must le FIGHT!

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Marry, fuck, kill.

as good as it was, can't help calling it

Ghost Dog

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Oddly, you seem to have no problem with a whole slew of strong men in, say, "The Expendables" 1, 2 and 3.
This is fine with you.
But if there's suddenly one of them girloids with a bit of authority, you are triggered big time.

That aside, I want to manhandle Mackenzie Davis so much... sexy thing.

Would you be okay with "fuck, fuck and fuck?

AI is the most underrated modern film to exist. I found it remarkable.

Loved this film

Fuck it man, yeah.

"Best movie" is really difficult. I've seen a lot of movies and objectivly, the "best" is hard to define. Is it best picture, best direction, best actors, a best message, best action, a mix of all of that? It's hard to say, so I'll pick one of my favorite (and also most underrated) movies: Speed Racer.

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Bomb city, a movie about punks

Please show me the list of female characters in the Espendables that were raplced by men in the sequels and made jokes about not needing women anymore, and include the scene where your already established literal war machines are carrying bags of grocieries and petting dogs, I'm all ears

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boom. when you make a movie for 87 bucks and it still kicks ass

> the Espendables

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The thinking man...

"Speedracer" is like a huge wad of technicolour cotton candy, dragged through your visual cortex- it doesn't do much storywise, but it's one hell of a ride.
Nobody were "replaced" you triggered, incel child. The future changed, again, as it has done so many times in the terminator franchise.
YOu were fine with Sarah Connor in the first two movies I bet - but this third outing is too much for you?

Solid point

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Los Espendablos!

Kiki, how far, you've fallen

My vote is for The Matrix
My anime vote is for Spirited Away or Akira

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I disagree, behind the colors, Speed Racer is all about family values. How hard work and dedication beats soulless corporation who just cheat their way to victory. About sacrifices made for justice.
And it had girl power adequatly placed before it was cool.
And I've never seen anything as daring in
editing since then.

The problem with Terminator Dark Fate aren't the females, it's that it didn't bring anything new to the table. I recommend Filmento's essay on it on Youtube, I found it quite enlightening.

That opening monologue fuckin kills me
My name is bruce was a decent campbell flick too

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Two equal best and I just can't separate them in terms of their excellence in every facet of these two films :

Trainspotting [ Dir.: Danny Boyle - 1996 ]

Pulp Fiction [ Dir.: Quentin Tarantino - 1994 ]

?? Mackenzie replaced arnold and the mexican replaced john. It's not literal body transformation, it's the roles. Sarah's story arc was fine, but her aggression was out of place

>it didn't bring anything new to the table
That's been true of all the terminator flicks, bar the first one.
Future robot comes to kill, future soldier/robot comes to save. Rinse and repeat.

Though I've been entertained fine by all of them. (not the TV show though, that was atrocious)


Probably not my all time favourite but one of the ones that surpassed my expectations the most.

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nice bait, it is just bad. A mexican terminator... please... with 2 elder and a tiny mexican? HAHAHAHHAHAHA. nope, it is shit, everyone realizes that.

Mackenzie is a soldier from the future, so in effect she replaces Kyle Reese, if you want to play that game.
The timeline has been altered, skynet no longer exist, instead we have Legion.
Now, you can seethe at how new movies are, or you can just not watch them. Watch something you like instead.
The question was, "what's the best movie you've ever seen?" - so, answer that instead.

>everyone that thinks exactly like me realizes that.

Star Wraws: Ebinsode 1 - The Phantom Menace



You're missing my point. Robot, future, etc, yes the basic plot is the same.
Explosions, chase scenes, yes, the visuals are the same.
But the characters were different. In T2, compared to T1, we have a "good" terminator. It's relationship with Sarah and John is explored. It's own character is explored. It's something new from Terminator 1.
In TDF, we have nothing new. Mackenzie is a warrior from the future? already done, that's Kyle. Another new, more powerful terminator, that impersonates authority figures? that's the t-1000 from t2. Mexican girl? she's John all over again (nothing against the fact that it's a girl: it's just the same character). Sarah? she's still Sarah.

The only new thing TDF has is "old Arnold" terminator. Which isn't properly explored because the movie is too busy repeating T1 and T2 beat by beat

>include the scene where your already established literal war machines are carrying bags of grocieries and petting dogs

Is this real? Is that actually in this movie?

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Dark Fate is not bad, it is plain boring. And posts all the reasons.

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Yes, variations over a theme.
This would not bother you in the slightest had all the characters been male... well, if the new John Connor had been anything but a white male, you'd have gone ballistic too, let's not pretend otherwise.
So, other than the original movie, it's all iterations on the theme.
It's just there's some females in this one, and that triggers you immensely.
It triggers every Cred Forumstard.

It triggers them so much they can't watch the movie without gritting their teeth. So watch the movies you want to watch, instead of being so fucking angry about nothing.

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What the fuck

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Movie showing the terminator, lost on earth without an objective, learns to appreciate humanity - values life, becomes as human as it's possible for him to be. Part of the plot.

Cred Forumstards shriek and moan and wail as usual.

I’ve always considered this to be the most aesthetically pleasing film, and the story is pretty cool for an older film.

Link to full movie:

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Again, I have zero problem with the fact that there are female in the movie. None, zero, nielch, nada.
My problem is that the movie does nothing with them.
Consider the following: you keep the basic premise of TDF: a terminator kills John, then fast forward a few years. You can keep the mexican girl, but now you make her old Arnie's step-daughter. You center the whole story around the terminator acting as a proper father effectively raising her to be humanity's hope. You explore the feeling of the girl, who discover that her father wasn't who she thought it was, how betrayed she fells. You explore Sarah, will she forgive the terminator that switched side, or keep her personal crusade on? In short, you focus on characters that haven't been explored yet in the franchise instead of reproducing what has already been done.

Slapping a pair of boobs on an existing character won't make it better or, heck, even different. If it's the same character, there's nothing new.

The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant.
Fantastic display of codependency, emotional abuse, unrequited love by people who don't even know what love really is. All done in one room. And some amazing costumes.

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I hope you’re right but it’s not an easy film to make

That said, I had little hope for pic related and then it turned out epic

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>Movie showing the terminator
Yes, this is an action movie called Terminator, this is the only plot we wanted, you fucking retard
>lost on earth without an objective, learns to appreciate humanity - val-
Kill yourself if you think this is a good "plot" to a fucking Terminator movie

>it would have been better if...
It's so easy to "improve" the efforts of other people after the fact.

Not my absolute favourite, but up there with Daisies and the Holy Mountain in terms of sheer psychedelic fuckery.
Ringo Star plays as Frank Zappa who here is the evil mastermind who constnatly records his band's thoughts and conversations in secret as they tour the middle of a TV studio cotton candy Anytown America and weird shit starts to happen like Demons, and Keith Moon trying to molest Ringo Star.
I've yet to see a film with so much creativity and weirdness that doesn't veer too far into edgy shock-value.

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Probably the best movie I've ever seen

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A lot of Kurosawa films are in the running but this is my favorite

Fassbinder breaks my heart again and again and again.
"Angst Essen Sehle Aus" was hard to watch.
"Welt Am Draht" was a dystopian terror.
But he's very, very good.
Calm down, calling for suicide because of a difference of opinion may be a slight overreaction. Also, who's this "we" you talk about?

Imma just gonna put this here.

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That was an absolute heartbreaker of a movie - very well made.

I'm not saying it would have been better.
I'm saying it would have been *different*.
If I want terminator 2, I watch Terminator 2, not Dark Fate.
Dark Fate wasn't bad. It was pointless.

Not Barry Lyndon? The timing of the zooms? The actual candlelight cinematography? the battle scenes?
I have to say, that's one of the most innovative films I've ever seen in recent decades. Especially the transitions between scenes - actually using digital technology to accomplish things you can't with celluloid.
Based Kurosawa fan
based Malick fan
is that from Ghana?

>"Angst Essen Sehle Aus" was hard to watch.
Just started watching this the other day, haven't seen the other, but it's such a fucking weird style of filmmaking which I love. He seems to really get the motivations of lonely people, that desperation for contact.

>calling for suicide because of a difference of opinion may be a slight overreaction.
first day or what? seriously. and obviously he's talking about the people who were expecting to see a Terminator movie

We'll agree to disagree.
I was entertained.
Barry Lyndon was top notch - I'm just in love with 2001.
Notice the cinematography - it's like paper theatre.

>I was entertained.
See, that's exactly what I said in my first Speed Racer comment.
You deem that being entertained is what makes the "best" movie. By all means, please do, but that's not my criteria (though of course it plays a part).
If we aren't judging with the same criterias, we come up with different results.
Heck, a serious contender for "best movie" in my opinion is Jurassic Park. And I hated this movie, I had nightmares for years after watching it. I can apreciate all aspects of it, how remarkable it is, how well the special effects handled the passage of time, but I'm still utterly terrified by it.
... Yeah, it wasn't a good idea to see it at release in theaters when I was 5 year old.

what is this shit? is it a real movie? i thought they stopped after doctor who and the GoT cunt were in it.

this, terminator would have put the joker to shame today. the "character arc" for humanizing him is fucking retarded, he is a literal machine

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this is pretty insane actually, I'm surprised there isn't more of an uproar from fans tbh

The Professional.

If you want to humanize robots, I propose Real Steel. A movie that made no mystery that robots are just that. Robots.
But the main robot gets humanized because the kid can't help but relate to it.

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human is a literal organic machine
humans build nice robots sometimes

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humans didn't build a nice machine here, that is the point

literally nothing comes even close to these 3 masterpieces

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the scene in the third hobbit where all the armies are just about to fight comes pretty close honestly, fuck you

Those were literally boring as hell

i dunno i didnt see that new movie , just 1 , 2 , that with cunt terminator , salvation

Never seen it

That’s a yikes

it was alright, no real rewatch value but thats okay

well all arnold terminators were built at the same time for the same purpose and literally come off an assembly line (they specifically mention this in T3) so his place in dark fate is absolutely moronic

I think his best work was raping the poltergeist girl to death.

This was pretty good.

i dont understand how he grew old, i mean looking old, afaik those robots dont age like we do

Best or favourite?

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they were given human tissue to look like humans, but it still deteriorates

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they dont explain that in the movie tho, I just thought it seemed lazy

ya im not sure if t101 should have ability to learn anyway , if the mission is over his computer should just hang and wait for new order forever

.... well it definitely wasnt Dark Fate, that was a dumpster fire worse than Genesis.

>theres anything worst than genysis

Did you not see Dark Fate? Its literally worse.

#ForJohn #BlessUp #TerminatorLivesMatter

Back up a minute...
That shotty Linda is holding... The slide is waaaay to short. Who could cycle that?
Fake and gay.

what were they thinking adding that faggot dude?

super shorty, it's a real thing.
>battlefield 4 flashbacks

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I hate Billy Chrystal and therefore cannot watch your recommendation but otherwise agree completely with your world view. Can you list one or two alternate films
Thanks user

Only the first one was driven by artistic integrity. The second and third movies were plagued with bad action movie pacing, dialogue, choreography, and unrealistic or overly simple background elements and details.

Jew propaganda
Message is jews hate humanity
Smattern up

Will check out
Any others like it that are good

The shining the sequel where it was called the shooping.

Original Oldboy

A true masterpiece

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And then at the end, Arnold Schwarzenegger saves then...

How has no one posted this? To the farm with you all

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i cried when his mother looks at the monster. as a nod to say thank you for being there for him

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If this doesn't include gay bestiality then it is misleading and I will not watch it