New Rekt thread. Show my something horrific I want nightmares tonight

New Rekt thread. Show my something horrific I want nightmares tonight

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Holy shit that is disgusting, you can't upload that shit even here


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What was it


Oh fuck i m out of here

Dann i missed it what was it

Fuck I always miss that kind of shit.
Fucking ninja mods
What was this?

What was it?

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now tell us what was it

Could have gone without that one. Fuck

What had they put on? I cannot understand what it was for them to erase, when I have seen in Cred Forums things, more beasts, disturbing and disgusting of my life.

You don't want to know. Just glad I'm accessing this on tor.

Please suicide you.

share y'all

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was the deleted thing cp?

I don't feel good. Mommy!?!

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pretty sure he didnt post anything, it sounds like op's responding to himself to get some attention

god tier bait faggots
10/10 troll

>people believing something insane was actually posted

just slippin

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>Show my something horrific I want nightmares tonight

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Genius way to kill yourself, family doesnt have to clean up ez pz

Does anyone here have that one video where a kid around 14yo is decapitated with a machete and it's so fuckin long, like it takes em around 1min30 to be done with the neck?

Story behind it?


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not a clue, i just saw it once like year ago, it made me feel so unconfortable that i closed the tab without saving the post and i'm obsessed by this vid since then

REKT thread dude

I seen it 2 days ago and it's some really fucked up shit.

ha normalfag. i know which video you're talking about but im not sharing!

Tbh i cant watch the real fucked up ones or close ups, but i get the same feeling you do


Only a faggot would withhold a rekt vid in a rekt thread

i know you are but what am i?

Probably doesnt even have it and just wants to feel needed

cmon user, dont be a nigger, share the video

I can watch the accidental and the niggers shooting eachother but I cant watch the home pets ones. Everyone watches humans dieing vids atleast once. But it's always some really weird obvious mentally broken person that is into home pet deaths stuff.

typical newfag move, i'm 100% sure you don't have it. Show a screenshot if i'm wrong, and there you'll owe my respect for being a greedy bitch user

This one speaks the true true


wow gotem there faggot

This, give proof you fat fuck


we got a faggot here...

Don't let rekt threads die, they're too rare these days

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its sucks how the cp threads get more attention than some good old fashion circus thread

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Obviously reversed

wish i could hear the cracking

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almost made it

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What was it you fucking whiny faggots? Thanks for ruining it for everyone else you fucking niggers.

dont be naive user, there was nothing, they're just messin with you

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Fuck off back to Cred Forums, scum


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Mindless Self Indulgence - Witness

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I love how that's not how you'd even approach a dog but he's "certified"

Please stop talking to yourself user (You)

He chose... poorly

i was not, i just want the decapitation video and i'm pissed off by these newfags who think they're funny playing their "i have it but you won't" thing. as simple as this

Video shows officer firing on dog, wounding girl
Police officer shooting at dog accidentally kills woman
OKC police shoot pit bull to stop attack
When pit bulls attacked in a pack
Taking My Pitbull Drifting - PapaKleb
Virginia cop shot dead on first day on the job

Then why no link for the graphic? If someone posted the "deleted" image as a joke, there would be a link to that image, wouldn't there?

nerve gas?

He uploaded a bullshit image, then quickly deleted it (file only) then samefagged it with "MODS"


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not really rekt but whatever, he looks like a funny guy. why on earth would you do that tho

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Shit taste in music.

auto tune goat (original beat)
Top 5 Goat Songs (2013 - GOAT REMIXES)
Goats - Auto-Tune Edition!
Happy Birthday voor Hitler
[Reupload] Napalm Sticks to Kids

God Bless America I'm not like everybody else
God Bless America - I'm not like everybody else
I Never Cry - God Bless America (Fan Made) Music Video
God Bless America (2012) Frank rants
'Hanna' Opening Scene - "I just missed your heart" [HD 1080p]

If they're on Youtube, they're not Cred Forumsworthy, fuck off with your normie shit

reddit fag

Plane carrying high-ranking US officers crashed in Afghanistan - Taliban 86,961 views•Jan 27, 2020
CIA jet crashed with 4 tons of cocaine 133,799 views•Jun 8, 2008
raycist psycho white bitch shoots black gentlemen without reason

user calls 911
Muslims says "UK go to hell, UK police go to hell" in Britain.
Fuck New Year's Eve!
TSA Eric Cartman "Toilet Safety Administration" Gerald Broflovski
KAC Raided by Toilet Safety Administration
EXCLUSIVE TSA Unveils New Genital Visualizers
TSA Harassment Parody
Tsa pat down of suspected terrorists

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None of these are even rekt videos, fuck off back to plebbit

Shot balls

I love the fat cop just walks over to his buddy on fire and calls it in while watching him burn.

more like this please

Oh man somebody beat me to it

This is why the corona virus happened!

Imagine being so retarded you try and write shit balls but get it wrong

hitler should've won

>people can never make mistakes
>typos don't ever happen
>spell check doesn't ignore vulgar words by default
>the O and I aren't right next to each other
>Nobody uses Swipe or speed types


Yea, it certainly wasn't one of the two Biological Weapons Research facilities located 20 minutes away from the market they claim it stated it. Both facilities are the only facilities in China to be certified to store, and where actively storing SARS and MERS which are very similar to the new coronavirus in many ways including the current estimated R0.

That had nothing to do with it. Eating bats and rodents was all to blame. Please don't look into our Bio Weapons facilities right down the road.

Can't hear the creaking tho

>shows two white guys throwing a molotov

Yo what the fuck happened??

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Nobody gonna talk about how fucking funny this one is?????? I am dying

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"I'm am a certified animals lover and that is why I kicked it when I invaded it's person space."

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Did you answer the wrong person user?

This thread is not bopping too many replies and not enough vids so have a spam of my best ones

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RIP Salt Bae

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my opinion is that you shouldn't even speak about those things. Just be glad you didn't see it

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That first one.
Dog: Who are you stranger!? Why are you scarring the kids?
Why do we keep giving pussies badges to literally be above the law?

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I assume he's on drugs

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gay dude has wide enough hole to do it ye

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Idk what he expected, that wouldn't kill anyone

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what did he fuck with?

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Gotta give me some rare pepes for that one kiddo, as simple as that

this might have an intersting background story

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Probably was allergies to bees and him dancing like an eejet upset them very very much

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nigga they were not bees, they were something else, I never seen a bee like that.


with an irrationally agressive dog that's how you train them to calm the fuck down, you dominate them.

nobody gives a fuck what you listen to.

Probably fucking Polish filth, being criminal degenerates as always.

See,...if you practice enough, you won't miss........


Hes had his ear cut off and is being forced to eat it you fucking moron, stop giving your shit opinion on each clip.

Nice dubs silly

A very efficient and effective way of culling them all out.

african bees or hornets, both can kill you pretty easily

You mean the rival cartels son who got held for ransom? At least that was the story I heard went with it

>everyone reply like this picture is the most fucked up thing youve seen because in a couple minutes im going to delete it and everyone will wonder what it was

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In the back of a pickup truck?

Giant DontFuckWithMe wasps in Africa.
They stung right through his suit.

I want the other video of the roid rage competitors having a little chat with him outside afterwards.

Planet of the apes

It's sad. All of the video in here are sad. Even this one.

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Ok I take it back. Not all of the videos in here are sad. I suppose this could be considered sad because of how pathetic he is. I used to explorer condemned buildings; I thought this guy was trying to rob the place but he might have just been on an adventure.

Haha did you really just say that. Holy fuck ...

Now that's some good porn.


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poor frog


you shut your fag mouth before you get neatly cut at the joints into 10 pieces.
don't test me LIB

I wonder what their motivation was

probably a snuff vid. she was under long enough to experience bigtime brain damange.

there's no way that dog survived in the long term

brain swelling and eternal bleeding are my short term diagnoses, followed by a pretty quick death. he was limping pretty hard, at least a few broken bones as well

Do you have link to the full video?

Kek you'd probably get confused and think you're on drugs instead. brainlet

well to escape the fire you massive fag

snow is soft, dizzyness is not deadly

try it and see you turd i'm gonna crap down your mom's throat and make her think it's a burrito

is this art?

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You've never gone skiing have you. Brain swelling? from what? No rocks no impact.
You can see all his legs are fine, hes just been spinning at mach 4 in the freezing cold and is fucking confused.

you foolish tranny skiiers die all the time


Don't even ask, you'll regret knowing what it was

BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA THAT FUCKING HONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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she agree to meet senpai in afterlife

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>a boy (no older than 7) taking hormones and being told he's a girl
>a man, trying to breast feed a child
>naked women in the streets, with refugees welcome signs, truly the end of posterity for women
>visa, master, and american express, all designed to get you into debt through credit and propaganda
>refugee weak in Europe, a bunch of middle aged (late 30's) refugees come and talk to a bunch of little white girls with blonde hair and blue eyes (always sexualized pictures, it's obvious they're raping them, and even if they did, it wouldn't be reported because of racism)
>last image is of porn, fake and plasticized women without any sense of worth, truly the embodiment of hedonistic depravity
And what do you say, to all of this? Do you say, "we must stop this" or perhaps "this is wrong" even, or do you say "fuck off back to Cred Forums"
You are objective evil, and you shall burn for eternity for your sins which transgress mortal bounds.

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Good old Japanese bakky

nice editing. you couldn't just swallow a mouse without water. I can barely swallow a fucking Advil without water.

Imagine that big ass furry pill with claws scratching it way down your throat

Nope, that's from a series of breath control porn vids. No one died, no one got braindamaged.

Chad range officer clears the weapons

+1 fella

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>not knowing the difference between an AMtrak and a subway

Have you ever actually been to a city? Shit have you ever been on a paved road?

are you Netanyahu himself? trump's jew handler?

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She perished, no one could survive that long without breath.

it just feels... israeli in here.

Attached: jew trump destroys america.jpg (1279x1024, 170K)

i see you like what you see

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Attached: niggshalom.webm (288x288, 426K)


as if the JIDF were trying to shill for trump, as if trump weren't Thee Jew candidate

Attached: Trump's Owners.png (877x495, 698K)

ytf do they always jump from a height that probably will just leave them in a shit load of pain and disabled for life?


That face when you voted for trump... so you could SUPPORT ISRAEL FIRST!!! :))


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I don't know for sure but I head that in this one she actually did get some brain damage. I saw another video of breathe control porn done by some white people and the girl certainly received brain damage. Does anybody have the link?

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Ok, Zoomer.

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Attached: thangodwesavedthewestfromh.jpg (952x1024, 187K)

That's not how you harvest organs

if he survived this i'll put a stick up my ass and timestamp it

that nigga dead.

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Attached: goodguyswon.jpg (305x358, 30K)

check this out

Attached: 1578654927666.png (127x13, 520)

Giant Japanese Hornets you fucking troglodyte. DO you even Zoology?

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You're retarded. you might as well compare the first class cabins on the titanic to the cargo hold.

They caught a pedo, who tried to pick driver's daughter if I remember correctly

retard lmao

They were actually Dutch. Nice try though.

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Kinda hot doe

show's over for steveo


Holy shit.

Shouldn't they try to save him instead of just looking and giving him pokes?

You shoot any aggressive dog or cat that trespasses.

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Time Travel lol

Best Xavier Renegade Angel cosplay ever

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This vid makes my fucking blood boil. If I was there I legit wouldn't mind going to prison if it meant taking the whole lot of those entitled fucking criminal subhuman rats down by spraying in that crowd.

Attached: 1580826688430.webm (352x640, 1.51M)

Mission failed, we'll get him next time.

>You are objective evil
The sooner this sins in for the common man, the less violence there will be in the long term. If this goes on for much longer, there will be gas chambers and concentration camps again.


Theres no such thing as sin you brainlet.

Niggers can't swim

u no honor rapan! dishonor famry!
demand hara kiri!

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What's this from

Attached: 1567789847499.webm (320x240, 1.37M)

Does this exist
Please tell me it exists

you clearly didn't see the aftermath pics. Dude got holes as big as your fist around the neck.

oh my, Scrambles just got taken for the ride of it's feline life! it was trying to hold on with it's claws to the blanket for dear life, but clive the poodle raped the soul out of that poor cat

that dog went to TOWN on dat ass

Attached: KEK.png (229x220, 94K)

it doesnt, he got escorted away by security and arrested, this was in South Africa, apparently the guy was known to police for doing this shit, hes like vitaly but even more like human garbage because its South africa.

Die of cancer, faggot!

show pics of aftermath, immediately

i always loved the guy on that bike. just fucking sits there. cops don' do nuffin, huh?

Seppuku is an honorary death

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such a loser

Attached: 1565112299165.jpg (750x520, 39K)

Transport, not quite.
Owners, yeah, 80% jews.

The tea spilled
Not impressed

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don't have them, but Cred Forums for sure does, I've seen them posted here.

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Attached: 408.jpg (689x689, 86K)


Attached: 1567108702656.webm (450x252, 134K)

I hope someone posts them.

Hey, this guy founded Reddit!

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you shut your filthy whore mouth before I fuck it!

Attached: DELTA CAT ZERO ONE NINER.webm (640x360, 591K)


no shit you fucking cumstain

really really good keyframing and editing on that

super intense game of frogger

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no this nigger was trying to break into an occupied home...he (just like most niggers) is retarded.

the last image - the one on the bottom right - has got to be super old. ahh i love nostalgia from seeing old internet pics from the 2000's (: really brightens my mood in this sort of happy-calm way.

tan u is wat I do in fee time I have channel on youtub

Kill yourself you disgusting lamebrain

I can hear the chimp noises

Yeah, censor that disgusting vagina

this gives me an idea, maybe we should have a wall of fire between us and Mexico.

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I want to believe you but damn

Attached: 1566542032456.webm (360x360, 1.46M)

bump i wanna see some super fucked up things, no limits

Attached: The White Man 2020.webm (360x640, 342K)

Suspected of stealing money. Do some research pleb

..b bb blood and ...just forget it

Attached: 1577339225367.gif (600x600, 1.96M)

Attached: Big Booty Anal.webm (1280x720, 1.85M)

Attached: not today dog.gif (548x547, 246K)

refugees welcome

Attached: hiroshima-detroit-1945-2015-comparison-its-easier-to-bounce-back-from-a-nuclear-holocaust-than-endur (735x850, 298K)

I always wonder if that other guy on the left made the jump.

Why are you getting mad, I'm just trying to help

I hate niggers as much as the next guy but this isnt helping the cause

It is only the truth, you do whatever you want with it.

Attached: 90-of-all-interracial-crimes-committed-in-the-us-are-blacks-on-whites.jpg (500x500, 67K)

Not snuff she lived the full video is like 4 or 5 mins long but shes alive and well

yea, she doesn't even need half that brain to live

Trolling Cred Forums. Never fails to amuse.

U mean a group of tar babies jumped a white person because one on one is not in nigger genetics

"we need to do something about that white bitch problem in school"

The funny thing was even though he threw all of his weight against Arnold he still wasn't able to knock him down.

This is how I raid on Rust

Damn, saran wrapped her ass straight into a mii character

Horrible semantics, interacial crime obviously cant include black on black crime. 90% of interacial crime against black people is likely commited by white people.

But what you didnt show is the ropes of cum this white boi ends up shooting which still makes him superior to niggers because niggers cant cum for shit its always little dribbles.

Attached: 1575458955763.png (717x576, 310K)

back to twitch and fageddit you go, nigger.

Attached: 6u0ua8l8fvg21.jpg (642x1468, 118K)

Any more from her?

This guy is awesome

I fucking hate these, they make my skin crawl.
Good job, thread


They were black.

He's very famous in Indonesia, an act like that can cost up to 5 rupiah per person to view

that white abomination can't ejaculate.



Attached: White FAILURE.jpg (250x250, 7K)

Would you die from snapping your own neck like a retard?

the guy who snapped his neck is a white nationalist. it was all over the news in Norway, he's a meme there for the Leftists

So he didn't die?
Cripple? Continued being a retard or learnt his lesson?

Looks like that fall could have gone either way.

This is from a movie set in Northern Ireland

paralyzed from the neck down :(

Niggers wreck everything.

Attached: lil_kim.webm (400x500, 1.78M)


What a cunt you are. Bet your parents are proud they shrugged off that broken condom.

imagine not comprehending basic statistics.

Yep. You're an American. God forbid anybody ever gets between you and black cock.

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Attached: feet_first_good_job.webm (480x480, 859K)


Amerifats are so fucking gullible, you can see the film crew on the right

It would be the most beautiful, brigth, hot, impenetrable fire. The hottest from the standpoint of fire, right?

Attached: ham_planet.webm (576x720, 1.66M)

Attached: i_love_church.webm (400x272, 1.92M)

Then youve never seen the full video. That white boi shoots.

Attached: 1572735251181.gif (255x191, 1.64M)

thats not nice rico