This cunt scammed me! Can i get some of you fags to help destroy her...

This cunt scammed me! Can i get some of you fags to help destroy her? Kik: Laylatayla19 I payed for a strip video and the cunt went quiet. Do your worst. If i actually get the vid I'll post it.

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I remember a time when you btards would go crazy for this shit... ive also got the paypal email details to help

Shameless bump

Read the rules newfriend.

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This is what happens when you trust these hoes. Such is life

I remember a time when btard remembered that they're not your personal army. Don't come running here asking for us to fight your fights. So this chick laughed at your little dick. How is that our problem?

>I remember a time when you btards would go crazy for this shit...

In the past we would contact the girl to get your info and fuck with you. You're lucky I'm not in the mood. Remember the rules.

So what's the story anyway? You have her money for a strip video? Why not just find some ethot, they're everywhere these days. It's not hard to find a chick that looks like her or better? Or is this just some elaborate troll?

This place is dead... use be be a community helping each other out. Such a shame. Been here on and off for about 10years. Such a shame...

>use be be a community helping each other out.
haha, kill yourself newfag.

That's what you get for giving internet whores money you dumbass.


She's so fucking ugly why would you want to even waste your money to see this ugly slut strip? I wish for Magneto to rip all her dumb piercings off her face and insert them up your ass

Please stop... i made a mistake... im going to cry. Stop being so mean.

Not OP but ever since NYPA became a known phrase, I feel that anons now just use it as a crutch. All of the anons in the old days that were either too scared to join the army or too lazy would just quietly lurk. Now this same type of user has this phrase to through about as an excuse and to suggest that they otherwise would have or had any capacity to help in the first place. In short NYPA anons would have been worthless anyways.

No the problem is people abused Cred Forumsarmy and people got sick of it old Cred Forums is gone it's a new era.

Bullshit. Nypa. Come up with solid entertainment and it's a party. You're mixing up your history

>new era
era era era check out my sick beats era era

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just some guy using the pics of this chick.

No sympathy at all, because this shit has been going on for 20+ years.


Call the BBB? Like seriously what do you want people to do for you? Get arrested for harassing some girl online for not showing you her tits? Fuck off lol

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What will LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand do for OP?

Cred Forums died long ago, just deal with it

we are nothing, nobody cares


Nypa as always been a thing, how can op be so retarded to think anyone would help him in his dickless crusade to get some pussy pics with 0 chance of kek
U're lame and prolly also a creepy retard, op


why pay hoes for stuff you can get for free?

why dont u stop being a beta cuck and go outside and find urself a woman to fuck buster brown (btw did u know that porn exists for free on the internet)

imagine getting scammed by a little bitch in 2020
OP please kill yourself as soon as possible you fucking incompetent retard

In the past you weren't here. Faggot. You'd be more interested in fucking with user than getting nudes from the chick - you're a limp wristed bitch role-playing as if you've been here. Walk into traffic and die at the scene, nerd.

She's ugly bro tf are you doing getting scammed by ugly dumb chicks. Good luck to you, most likely you were unfortunate in the genetic lottery.

Found OP's website

You paid to see that ugly thing? I think that it did you a favour by not posting their nudes.

Did you ask her to verify and how did you pay?


>use be be a community helping each other out
No it didn't. We did these kind of things for fun, not for vindication purposes. When it brough the luls, you could mobilize at least a hundred anons, but if you got yourself scammed by an e-thot, you'd actually be someone we'd choose as a target, not the e-thot herself.

You're a huge faggot.

Im happy to see posts that remember the rules. After everyone screaming mods and posting animal abuse threads. NEDM.

Most likely it was a guy catfishing u
Ur never seeing that money again you jew

I'm bored, I'll fuck around and see what I can do.

Cred Forums will turn on itself and cannibalize each other in a heartbeat just for fucking lulz this place is not your friend zone.

Same. Contacting her as well. Then we'll
watch that faggot mod instaban us for "muh raid tread"

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