Hey /bros rate my balls! Also ball rate thread

Hey /bros rate my balls! Also ball rate thread

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Bump my balls


why am I looking at your balls

cause balls are hot as fuck and you love them

Checked! And idk user u clicked on my balls not me. Post your balls user

Not very good. Sparse hair. Too smooth. About #3 as balls go.

I want to burry my muzzle in them so much

Come on they arent THAT smooth

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Thanks lad i give yours a nice 8/10 would like to see that noodle on top too ;)

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5/10 post a better image and perhaps the rating will go higher


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9/10 nice almost sacred trips


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12th day semen retention streak

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Bust a nut for your dubs user


I wanna feed off your balls user

Nice i also want you to do that

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Mm nice balls and softie user 7/10 might I inquire about your age?


Post cock

>no quills, no pillows
>look at that it looks like two balls and a bong

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This threads for balls tho if you wanna see my cock you gotta kik me

Snap me miller274

Do you have kik instead by chance

I don’t sorry

Ok ill snap you then


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Here’s one I just took

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I wanna put these nuts in my ass

Thanks, I love my big balls

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NO! thatd hurt silly