Pictures from 2000-2010 pt 2

Pictures from 2000-2010 pt 2

Red eyes, older hairstyles, etc.

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take me back

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What's her name?

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We used to just call them emo girls OP

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no idea sorry

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The glory days of exploiting scene girls

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Pair of fucking spastics

Legendary thread idea! Moar!

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I wish the normies didn't bully them out of existence, there used to be actual groups like in the old south park seasons. Now everybody is mixed on twitter, like the new south park seasons....

IIRC that's Snorl4x.


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shouldn't glory be hard-earned? emo girls were the easiest target back in the day. and always willing to take a cock in the ass.

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Damn. Haven’t seen her in a while.

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wish I still had my pictures from that era. These were the last girls who thought their nudes would be safe and you can sort of tell by their smiles. They think they are being naughty but no one will ever know

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When all the girls had Justin Beiber haircuts... Everything post-Y2K is irredeemable. The darkest era in world history, a plague or world war would have been preferable.

Wife in 2002, from my first digital camera.

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Nice, what's she look like now?

freshman gf back in college. This is pretty much all that's left, it was several laptops ago

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She's apparently a fucking psycho

Still a stunner 3 kids later.

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As in the good old days man, when women didn't think being a camera whore was a legitimate job and you could still convince someone you backtracked their IP because everyone who wasn't into tech was tech illiterate and didnt carry a literal internet machine in their pockets

Same, my first girlfriend if you could even call her that was a scene girl and I loved every part of her

Damn son, good catch. Love the outfits too. Thong? Congrats btw

From Kazza, Limewire days there was a pic I got of a girl laying on a sofa with a yellow shirt on and a lot of cleavage, she either was looking away from the camera or had her eyes closed, she had brown hair. Anyone have it?

Thanks, man. No panties at all.

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That works. Tasty wife bro. Hope she's good with the kiddos. Love to be up in that

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Thanks, yo. I appreciate that. She's a great mom, great wife, great in bed. Another of her back on topic, also from 2002.

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Sweet. Does she cook and clean? I gotta do that, not a biggie but I work a lot and it sucks. She's very enticing, good catch

wann see her now

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I'm thinking she's like 38? just doing some math based on my age and these pics

Haha. She does it all, man. And she teaches full-time.

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Drinking a beer for ya man, congrats. Sexy as hell.

oh yeah, emo sluts at its peak

Emily Faye
Tons of pics and vids of her out there

Fucking kazaa... found at 13...the beginning of my depravity

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Congrats? On being a cuck 3 times over?

Shouldn't you be running to catch the school bus?

too soon man

Im at the corner now daddy

Seriously, why the fuck would you waste sych time n resources on multiple money life (cock) suckers?

Too soon, wtf is wrong with you?

It's a little hard to explain to someone who's still waiting for his pubes to appear, but I'll try. At some point in life, many men feel a need to share their success with other people, and maybe help offset the retards of the world with bright and driven descendants. These men also feel a need to make sure their traditions, knowledge, and superior genetics are passed down. Plus, kids are a lot of fun and it's nice to recognize how fucked up your parents were and then do better.

Some day, after you realize that pissing away money on beer, hookers, gambling, coke, and crotch rockets, you might find that same drive. Until then, make liberal use of "cuck." It definitely makes you sound hip and edgy.

Another thread ruined.

user did good, he made sure that his assets have somewhere to go and his genes will live on.

that's how you got here too ya know.
but it seems your ancestors wasted their time.

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Damn no one like hennah that takes me back

> hurr hurr TOO SOON see guys I did the Cred Forums meme am I funny yet? Get it, because I said TOO SOON? hahaha

fuck off newfag

So many nuts to the pink belt video

All these cumdumpsters are like 30 now. Gross and unfuckable

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agreed. but their youth lives on in these photos. thank goodness for technology

Hannah, one of the sluttiest looks of all time

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Post cutters if you've got 'em.

Dear god let me see them tits

they were maybe the last naturally hot generation.
young grills these days look like worn out mutts.


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How old is that human?

she is in her 40s now

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I want to see her now.

I am enjoying this thread

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a few years ago

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This is why 14 yr olds should have parental settings on their devices.

good. I was afraid she got fat

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Tits now for comparison

My wife at about 20yrs old. So around 2005

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And yes these are polaroids that I had to take pics of.

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>it's 2020
WAKE ME UP. This is just a nightmare r-right?

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Welcome to the internet newfag! This undoubtedly won't be the last incredibly easy to find and WIDELY spread girl you'll find here!

let's see that body now

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I'm nostalgia'ing so hard. Great thread, OP. You're the least faggot OP to ever exist.

35 yes old and 4 kids later

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Wish I could, she is a sorprano in my church choir, and I found the ancient pic of her (had to be college). But I have no further source.

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Fuck you man, ruined a great thread

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not bad for kids. shoulda pulled out a couple times but she's still pretty hot

Caroline Mosley


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Ryden armani

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More? She's fucking gorgeous

I miss these days, the days of my youth
2000s masterrace

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so much underage itt and I saved everything

She looks so much like one of my cousins ex's it's almost scary (I know they are not the same person)

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Second this. Not even sure why...just...yea.

More of her? Her body is fucking awesome

until like 2016 when it came to escort ads I still considered the shitty camera pictures as real girls and HQ pics as possible fakes. Now all cameras have good quality and it's not as easy to tell real girls pics from fakes

Remember the days of going on photobucket and trying to find nudes on the recently uploaded

I never saw any nudes on photobucket but did find some nice fap galleries, might go look right now

I no lie unironically want a girl like that

Never got to date a goth chick growing up and these days I don’t see too many at all.

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Its fire honestly. They are pleasers in bed. I use to be alpha goth. Goth women are again fucking black fire i miss it l

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shitty 2000s quality cameras and webcams make me hard

it is fun

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Ex gf. Man I wish I kept more pics from high school

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Web Cam pic... named as I found it on Dec. 26th 2002. Was in a P2P shared folder (Remember Napster?) and I am 90% sure it was accidental.

My holy grail has always been to find out who this little ginger was...

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polaroids ... my wife and I met in the mid 90's, both had polaroid cameras
upon discovering our mutual fetish while talking on a hike, we immediately fucked in the forest then bought film on the way back to her place.

years later, mfw our 10'ish son almost opened the 'box from the back of our closet' while moving

moar Cracky-chan pls

I used to catfish so hard with this girls set

That's tomboy-chan, gb2reddit

shoulda reverse searched the IP man, then you would at least had area...

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Porn nostalgia thread, I like this. I recognise way too many of these

I am pretty positive her son, my stepson, who is now 13 has seen them. Is it fucked up that I have them in a place that I know he can find them? Lol

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man I miss napster, kazaa, limewire, so much good porn. Although my PC's tend to not get virus's as often these days so there's 1 good thing

820102268 Ember, body probably isn't so hot now since she has been dead for several years.

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dont get it. whats the problem?

Still kick myself for deleting a handful out of my collection, ahould have made backups every time my ex sent a pic. More?

An interesting thing about this era is how you can see what a wasteland instagram has made. A decade back, girls decorated their bedrooms however they pleased, there's all kinds of colors, posters, stray electronics, etc. Meanwhile, every nude taken in the past few years looks like it was taken in some kind of prison, just a body and walls and maybe a piece of furniture.

its a meme.

google "perfection girl"

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not to mention there's hardley as much fap material on their profiles since they put like 6 filters on it and look retarded, you can hardley tell what they really look like unless you see them in person

>ctrl f "stickam"
>no result

Man, you guys missed out. Those were the days..

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Used to cum to this girl daily

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Oh man I have several pics of my ex from around this time. I would post them but one I'd need my laptop. And two my ex still visits the site from time to time.

Something like this?

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One of my earliest faps, and the funniest part is it was multiple years before I found out she had more pics

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This is fantastic

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Same. Did you see when one of her boyfriends exposed her again a few years back?

Here you go buddy.

Dont drain your balls too much now.

What a nostalgic thread..'s another pic.

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ew imagine having to wait until marriage to see this pussy

stickam was the last bastion

Back when cameras weren't primarily in phones

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I should have backed up everything. I got lucky and found a couple I never deleted on my old email

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what a great win
the invention of filters was a mistake, you never see pics like this anymore even if they're nudes. You see a nude and it has some retarded filter changing the color or something

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Wish someone could clean this up

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I'm with you bud.. filters are false advertising tbh. I want to see the girl not a digital version of the girl.

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Quick and dirty, not much of an improvement though

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Never mind, it's worse. Looked better within Photoshop.

Nice! Thanks. Tits of a goddess

Exactly. Like fake tits and Photoshop. Lame. I wanna see a real, unique girl trying to be sexy, not the same perfectly staged filtered pic a thousand times

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Sauce? Moar?

nostalgied hard
will upload my colection if ill see future threads like this

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These are great.

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Yup.. speaking of; have an ex of mines pic from years past.

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What an idea, I nostalgiagasm'd hard at these.
Back when camera quality was so bad, you had your imagination to fill the gaps!

The joe boxer smiley face thong really does it for me. Reminds me of college KeK

Keep'em coming guys, finally a quality thread. And all it took was a bunch of oldfags:)

Have a low quality pic of my 18 year old ex.

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Shyloh. Plenty a fap was had back then

Yeah.. that's the only drawback.
Pixles weren't as good back then.

Same girl btw

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Smart throw a bitcoin miner application exe into some html5 and viola porn for investment all while outsourcing

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Got more?

This was the golden age of Cred Forums

Im crying right now, these were the golden years all the sene emo goth tiddies, my first joint, my first ber and the first time i groped big fake tits at a concert. Fuck guys im goin no homo but i love you guys, made my teen years amazing this brought me back... I feel like a man again.

Go on

Thank God people are able to get girlfriends. Idve never known what a naked woman looks like without amateur porn. Never had a girlfriend or sex. Go to parties and find myself alone by the fire because everyone snuck off to have sex. This shit let me live vicariously. Godspeed fellas. Never stop sharing. There's dudes out there that need it.

Left one is Jennifer White?

Is there a set anywhere?

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Probably. I’ve seen her pop up ins sites like truthordarepics dot com

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pick a fat one and make friends, then make your move, then start hiking with her so she becomes kinda hot, then take pics and post them here. Dont give up, play the long game if you have to


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This pic is out there

Attached: lunchtime.jpg (900x675, 175K)

Got more?

Attached: 12.jpg (1721x1301, 674K)

Yup checks out.

used to fucking love scene girl threads!!!!

Go on

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How's this?

Attached: 08.jpg (1298x1719, 790K)

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>How's this?
Nice user!

Attached: theaterpantyflashb.jpg (1920x2560, 825K)

i used to talk about how the emo girls were hot but the emo guys were faggots, wish I could go back and take advantage of those emo sluts though

look who found 4chin

Hot damn look at that CRT monitor. Shit was radical man.

Came to this as a kid.... More than I care to admit

Nice, thanks user

OP is probably the son of one of these hores.

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is that that spider guy?

college girlfriend, 2004

Attached: 53.jpg (417x554, 62K)

I think I’m harder for the CRT than the pussy licking

glad you like her

o m f g

Yeah dude, scene girls were THE anal whores.

Perfect timing.

She's pretty. Wouldn't mind waking up next to her.

That was the sexiest video I think I have ever seen. Shame it wasn't longer.


Veronica Zemenova right? Shame she never did hardcore. Early internet porn sucked.

Thank you sir, been looking for her for a long time.

Jesus what was this little hot angels name?

Attached: 37215865.jpg (287x390, 25K)

Did you marry Jean?

Shame though. She doesn't look half as hot in any other picture of her I can find. She just looks so much better without her normal caked on makeup and tons of photoshop.

is that Cred Forums on the monitor lmao

college gf with my potato cam

Attached: 064.jpg (480x640, 28K)

no, it didn't work out and we lost touch


Attached: 72963330.jpg (800x1024, 151K)

look at them warlocks

anyone haveany more of her? user's polish ex gf posted around 2010 -2011

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Attached: 71685838.jpg (800x600, 69K)

Boo boon


Damn that's nice

Holy shit is is haha

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Thanks for posting all the same

Attached: 38190504.jpg (640x480, 86K)

Bitch Who Made Her Bf Anhero

Attached: butter-face 2.jpg (500x375, 22K)

Looks like she was wet and ready. Is she still?

she liked being fucked in the ass outdoors

Attached: 33992_132908460062682_100000305873222_248761_177673_n.jpg (469x719, 129K)

walking aids

Pics of that?

please tell me you have pics of that


Attached: 20200206_220259.jpg (695x955, 375K)

You can tell by the tattoos.

Great. Moar ?

What an odd angle

fuck's sake.

What the fuck user, too soon

What's the site prefix to this?

mega dot nz




tfw they ask you to prove you're an oldfag and you show this pic of you and your ex

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Wtf, dude. Too soon

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Perfection! Fuck I miss the thigh sock trend.

Were you even there? Do you know why it is still too soon?
No? Then shut the fuck up, newfag.

Yeah, but they didn't wear their eyebrows like fucking Klingons.

What the fuck is that about these days? I just want to laugh at most of the girls these days.