Age, cunts fucked, loved

Age, cunts fucked, loved
>31, 5, 1
Au au au au cn

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25, 3, 1

24, 16, 1

29, 73, 4

17, 12, 12

I don't think you know the difference between love and tolerating your presence

underage b&

>20, 9, 1

Young Lightskin chad with the alpha male numbers, fuck with me

>24, 2, (the) 1

those are rookie numbers lmao was at 17 bodies at 20

27, 4, 1

26, 27, 4

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31, 0, 0

Her birth name directly translates to 'beautiful satan'. I am Satan. We met on the 6th OCT 2K15. DCLXVI is clan. Go away.

Cis piv must be living human. Only rules.

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Should I breed these girls? Mew would never approve.

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24, 0, 56

I am abiding by those rules babe

yo what the fuck

Keep in mind that I'm a fag and have fallen for two different men. I did fall for one woman before all that tho, but my faggy behaviour drove her off.

Twink asses 4

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Just checking bro

Mystery uploads disclaimer

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Straight cis only faggot is all that counts. Must have had piv to be considered for love boy or girl. Stupid retards

It's crazy. I'm good looking but I'm autistic as fuck so I just keep having very short term relationships and hookups, and I fall for the good ones

8/2 billion babes in the world bro. You only live once. Worth finding the right one. Don't internalise sluts egocentrism deadshittism if they are white English they are American compromised. That's what I look for. Not ruined by USA woman retard culture touch. Bit I'll let any look for me. Love is love. But I'll still smarten my odds on my sides of things. Date 3 girls a month but I'm looking for 1k+ sex fucks at least from her. At 2/5 hitting that heavyweight. Want at least 3/6. Exercise and purge.




Your words are practically indecipherable to me, but it's as if I can feel your energy through the computer. I like what you're saying. I just like fucking a lot of hoes. To each their own.

wtf. Waste

Omg fuck yes I did it. I DID ITTTTTTT.COOM!!!!! Autographs???

The times I fell in love with men was mutual, that one time with a girl was more of a crush I guess.

Not really sure wtf I am, probably just BI. Still dont think the fact I want tight puss, makes me any less of a faggot.

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Wasted quints. Kys faggy

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Yeah bro all the college girls I fuck tell me that being bi is valid so go for it dude, it'll probably get you laid more

How are you still counting it?

30, 20, 3.

27, 12, 5

I'm saying don't date English chicks and exercise. And drink water. Eat protein.


Archaic definition of sex is the transfer of knowledge. You can't fall in love without straight cis sex. Ur delusioned schizophrenic and retarded. But you already know this. So shut the fuck up.the correct response to passive aggressive attention whores is physical Government tier violence DCLXVI


30, 4, 0

I have been keeping a log of all of them since I was 16. I mentioned autistic.

They should have learnt by now. 2020. Start culling.

Fuck you, that's not a real amount

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27, 11, 3

25, 5, 1


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No way fuck off niggers I earnt those dubsxxxxx

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I think I'll give it a try havent tried dating girls the last 6 months. I feel like I have alot more confidence now that I know I'm relatively attractive, and just have more experience in social situations.
wtf are you on about?
Dont really give a fuck about your definition of love.

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Probably his insta statistics. As I said. No love=no love. Split minds will disagree which is circularly recursive in logic to the point of diagnosis. Fuck Americans are schizophrenic. 100% ruined English
Georgia guidestones transcript
New language time once USA removed zz

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yeah dude, fucking men is definitely fucking

No U need sex to love. Rest is schizophrenia but I'm talking to a faggot. Mental illness usually comes in clusters less Ur just temporarily depressed after a rave or something.

31,5, currently 0

seems like my gf is past the stage of impressing me, and the lust is diminishing

Yeah if Ur a female and it's with Ur overies oofxxxxx

>24, 5, 2
I lost my virginity at 13 (she was also 13), and since then I have developed a schizoid personality disorder. Despite being attractive, my age will change but my cunts fucked/loved will most likely not. I really have no interest in sex or romance anymore. All women are pigs and I really do not understand how they can treat people so poorly just because they have that filthy crevice between their thighs.
>I hope to be completely asexual by 27.

Anal and jog together 3x a week is doable even if Ur both running triple Jobs in my xp. Go for the less fried fat op on takeaways etc kills Ur sex drive

bro i think your schizoid pd is cockblocking you

Focus on fitness and don't take the pills. And don't be violent minus self defence. All men born without down or fragile X syndrome have their place in life

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Where the fuck are you getting these rules bro lmaooo

30, 25-35, 2
Used to be a party guy but had a battle with alchoholism around 28. Now engaged and sober

All women aren't pigs though if that's true he's the pig. He's just attn whoring, fake post. All English speaking women aren't worth the time of day. That is believe, mostly. But there's other options now. 2020

Oh so you're one of those Fucks who think two men cant have "sex"

Suck my faggot ass.

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Atlantis brother it's the year 40,000 on their Callander, you are like baby to me

Nice xx is this a kitten? I used simple map charts little chicka$






Randall Carlson younger druid impact video

Graham Hancock magicians of the gods pdf

Earth's children clan of the caveat Jean auel amazon

Food of the gods Terrence McKenna pdf

Ernst Abel 12000 years marijuana pdf

>When she give U the mummy bites with her lips on it skin ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAÀA

Younger dryus



Bro I just love fucking hoes

I'm averaging 400 roots per ho tho bro


I have no idea what roots are bro that's not a quantity that holds any meaning to me

Theoretically I can pass on 399 one night stands if the same equatable period hits one average. Which I basically am. I turn down sex daily. Looking for stable steady. Lovemore likely. Better life. Want sex 10-100000 times with same female is my life goal

24, 67, 2


Roots are laying pipe

Oh, I get it. nice.

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18 , 20 , 2

Night babes xx

-big spoon xx

Honor mew. Worship her. Read up on Bastet and amonra xx

18, 1, 1

24, 6, 2

My first was when i was 13 behind my middle school in the woods with my "gf" after our first sex ed class