So in America, the president can basically shoot up a school and kill a bunch of kids...

So in America, the president can basically shoot up a school and kill a bunch of kids. But he couldn't be arrested or prosecuted until months later when the house and Senate have passed and voted on articles of impeachment? In the meantime no police can arrest him and he can keep shooting up kids?

Does this not make sense to anyone else?

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What school did Trump shoot up? Man you liberals are fucking retards.

Yes. Essentially. The president is above the law. Says so in the Constitution.

He was acquitted after Republicans voted tlin the senate to not allow evidence and witnesses. Retard is a term forever synonymous with the modern GOP and their constituents, dude.

suck it

Do you think posting this on Cred Forums is actually going to accomplish something? I mean, yes this is marginally better than the non stop trap and social threads, b ut for fuckssake OP.
You're not going to change anyone's mind and your argument is abrasive and hyperbolic to begin with.

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If the local police tried to arrest the president they'd end up in a shootout with secret security. SS would be the ones to restrain the president and assess the situation.

OP is just giving an example. Like if Trump decided to shoot up a school. What would happen next? Who would actually arrest him? Where would he be held? If DOJ can't charge him, they can't hold him.

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Exactly this, secret service wouldn't stand by while the President went on a shooting rampage.

Im pretty sure both republicans and democrats would vote to impeach him in the house and the senate if he actually committed a crime. You fucking degenerate

You support this cunt?

Its going to be great watching you smug morons lose in November. And neither of you are even from the US. What's up with all these Eurocucks obsessed with our politics? You guys have your own problems.

>if he actually committed a crime
>actually committed a crime

Nigga. They wouldn't do shit. Mitt Romney is the only one who would stand up for what's right.

You know it's kind of funny I never thought about it till now, but why is it that it's almost entirely all people that have never operated, handled, or even seen a gun before are the most obsessed with banning them?
They say something like "statistically your less safe because weapons are dangerous" Which is entirely the point of weapons... Then they obsess over it if they hear about it from news or word of mouth.

Idk. What happens if the president makes a rude sarcastic joke? Oh yeah we spend millions trying to disrupt his presidency term that's mostly over, but we are so terrified of our own incompetence that it makes sense to attack rather than win the public's votes through means of attraction via trust.

You got a problem with authority, boy?

/b used to be great.

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Mitt Romney is just a piece of shit who wants to be president before he dies.

There were 18 witnesses and over 2000 pages of evidence. The House should have called more when they did the hearings if they needed more.

Romney is one of the most intensely unlikable people on the planet. I'm amazed he got this far in politics.

Calling any nation and telling them to investigate crimes or not get funded, IS PERFECTLY LEGAL AS THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF. However, he did not do this.
Mittens Romney is a Globalist that actually gets money laundered in ukraine!

Tell me that same story AFTER one of your kids is shot up and killed at school.

No amount of guns is going to stop school shootings.

Romney is a RINO cocksucker, who only voted that way because Trump did what he couldn't ( win the White House). All he really did was end his own career.

The senate voted to prevent them from being entered into consideration... Do Republicans know how to read?

Cred Forums was never great, it's just that it went from mediocre to fucking horrendous

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>if he actually committed a crime
except he did dip shit



Seems like Romney is universally unliked by everyone.
Therefore, he's the appropriate guy for the job. ... who makes the sheeple triggered is the man america needs

I long for mediocre then.

Depends how much time and tax payers money Dumbocrats want to waste

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There are ways to go about stopping it. The obsession about body counts and how hurtful it was pushes people to do it because they know it's the most offensive thing they can do. If someone called you sport and you throw a tantrum about it, they'll start calling you sport cause they know it gets on your nerves. You're just making a self perpetuating cycle hyping it up and exploiting tragedies to push your own political agenda.

Guns don't make people attack other people. There are deeper issues there that need to be resolves.
You're trying to treat AIDS by attacking the flu after some people died of the flu after AIDS made them more susceptible to it.

You just said it, and admitted your own defeat
>>>>>No amount of guns is going to stop school shootings
that goes the same for not having ANY GUNS, Because criminals will always have guns....They dont listen to law!!
100 million sperm, and you;re the one that got through, I think you've been cheated!

How is this a reply? user asked a basic and interesting question and you floored it the other direction, set the car on fire and launched off a cliff. Stop being so dramatic lol.

>implying the GOP would ever spend a dime for anyone but unborn babies

Not everything this about picking sides

He just asked a question about the nature of the presidency ya histrionic faggot. If you assume he's talking Trump that's on you.

You act as if half the students who go to school are shot at and killed. Nigga there’s like 135 thousand schools in this country

Too bad after this fine explanation and good presentation of claims and points, you're going to say that the solution is cleansing niggers, or you could have earmed the award for being at least a rational human being.

No the Senate voted not to call any new witnesses. It was the houses job to do that in the "investigation". Shiff used all the testimony and "evidence" they had. He was never kept from using any of the evidence and testimony, he was just not allowed to start new investigations with new witnesses in the middle of the trial. I can read perfectly fine, I also watched the whole time, so know what really happened.

When did I ever mention Trump in my post. That's on you.
I asked him what his actual intention is - and he hasn't answered because it's probably stupid.

id say its more like your trying to cure AIDS by preventing HIV from decimating your immune system.

oh wait.....

>It was the houses job to do that in the "investigation".
Werid that the President blocked people from giving testimony in the House.

No he didn't, and no crime was even alleged in the articles. Try again moron.

You could just, you know, answer the question if you want to post instead of imply some conspiracy lol. What's your answer to OP question?

Why are you being so abrasive, what are YOU trying to achieve? Do you really think that your tone is going to achieve anything? DO you really think the sheer hyperbole - the idea of murdering children in OP's post is going to achieve anything other than incise people who have an axe to grind.
What is the fucking point?
I think THAT is a fair question to ask - it doesn't rest on vague questions of hypothetical constitutional law or public support - the actors are here and now in this thread.

The president is obligated to divste foreign relations. He has the right to investigate or request an investigation by the country we are providing Aid to. sleepy Joe was literally video taped admitting quid pro quo regarding funding towards Ukraine.
>>But Trump broke the law because Joe Biden was thinking about running for president

He never mentioned niggers. You must be one if you instantly go there be what he posted.

... yet.

I actually wasn't going to suggest that as a solution. Although if you're open to them I'd suggest more guns, maybe even bigger ones.

>>Why don't you answer the question instead of spouting consipracy theories
>>What if Trump murdered a school full of children
Lol are all Dems this retarded

Epstein, Seth Rich, Emails


Potentially withholding military assistance for political gain

All they had to do was take it to court and get a ruling, but no, they were too afraid the court would uphold Trump's executive privilege claim. If the Senate had voted to allow new witnesses, it still would have had to go through the courts for a ruling on executive privilege, which Trump would have more than likely won.

At least you understood the analogy. I'm just saying over reacting to events isn't the right way to go about it when this is a modern phenomenon that's been accelerated by the attention it gets. It really undercuts that there are more systematic issues like mental health, and socio-economic issues that motivate a few typically kids to be radicalized into doing something that heinous. Besides a lot of schools are kind of poor infrastructure, different designs would go a long way, hell that worse shooting the VT college thing happened because a door got padlocked with a chain, it'd have been just as bad or worse if he decided to have been an arsonist instead.

>Spent $40 million

Except that's fucking wrong you retard. It was $32 million at most and $42 million in money and property was seized over the course of the Mueller probe.


So across the world, foreign dignitaries can commit heinous crimes and walk, scot free because muh diplomatic immunity.

Muslims and africans get away with rape and murder because muh cultural differences.

Does this make sense to you?

So what you're saying is that we shouldn't hype up school shootings and just act like nothing ever happened.

Makes perfect sense.

Investigations belong in the house. All witnesses called in the house. All evidence, house. Everything complained about not happening in the Senate DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THE SENATE.

That's like bitching ther supreme court of the us won't hold a trial over your $2 parking ticket from taiwan.

Schiff is wanting to make the Senate do his job, which any average 5 great old could have done better.

> You guys have your own problems.
Like the US President slapping tarriffs on them when he feels like it

>ut no, they were too afraid the court would uphold
So you want congress to slog through years of court when the President is found to have potential did impeachable shit?

Well don’t you understand. America is number one. We set the standard for everything, and are the hyper focus of the rest of the world. We have it so good that we can bitch and complain about a dopey president saying something stupid here and there despite the rest of the world being absolute garbage. They would be so lucky to have a leader like trump, and he is probably one of the worst presidents ever

Yes because Americans are simple minded

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ooooh kay yikes breathe

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That wasn't the question. Please attempt to turn your brain on and read. Then attempt to answer it.

Lol you think this is true. You've never left the states.

Well I think it has more to do with socio-economic issues typically. Most kids don't have good prospects even if they're in college and it's the best anyone can really offer them as a chance to improve their circumstances. People tend to push kids into school too early, and public education really is a nightmare for a lot of kids maybe having independent educational assessors that don't work for the districts that actually can randomly show up at different schools and give questionnaires to the kids about how the schools are might go quite a way toward fixing some fucked up circumstances that causes these things if the situation is bad enough maybe yank the schools funding or firing the administration if they're not able to fix it.
Home schooling was actually my plan for kids if you'd ask me personally, but those kids don't look nothing like me and I have nothing to do with them so yeah...

Just because your father was black and never showed you any father daughter relationship at all, doesn’t mean he wants to fuck his daughter. It’s weirdos like you who would never show their daughter any sort of fatherly affection at all because you do want to fuck them and are afraid people will pick up on that

Why the fuck would I ever leave the states?

That is the way the system works. He isn't the first president to claim executive privilege.

You're gonna be posting these retarded whiny ass threads for the next 5 years of Trumps term, ain't ya OP?

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>That is the way the system works.
In that Congress can push impeachment at any time, for a wide variety of offenses.
You cocksuckers are speaking out of both sides of your mouth, saying witnesses and evidence gathered aren't satisfactory, but then defend Trump stonewalling all subpoenas to a degree that's maybe never been done in US history.

By your logic, any President can use his full resources to beat congress via attrition in court, where no initiative is granted or ability to use their powers of checks and balances.
That's how you create a dictatorship.

And he didn't claim executive privilege, otherwise the witnesses that did come forward would be under indictment.

5 years left, OP. Seethe & cope. Trump's your President for almost half a decade to come.

You're letting facts get in the way of OP's tribalism.

It doesn't fucking matter, Trump is the best president we've ever had. Trump 2020

oooh call him a libtard 400 times now cause you're so not triggered

He could only claim executive privilege on certain people and documents. As soon as he invoked executive privilege, the house dropped the subpoenas of those people and documents, instead of going to the courts to get a ruling.

You last remaining Dems are gonna do a Jonestown-style mass suicide after Trumps re-elected. Kek!

Yes to literally all other countries on earth while in others the supreme ruler is completely outside the law

5 more years of your pathetic liberal tears.
Seethe and screech, I love it baizuo.

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>instead of going to the courts to get a ruling
Is time a concern to you or no?

>Seethe & cope
Even if I was
'seething" that will pass, YOU will be stupid forever

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>please respond

That is the system of checks and balances set out in the Constitution. He is not the first to claim executive privilege and won't be the last. You need to learn history and constitutional law before you comment and make a fool of yourself.

dude just post a pic or claim in identity, you do this every day. get off disability.

That'S not entirely true.

The White House Cabinet Secretary could look him up and send him to bed early without supper when he misbehaves too badly.

Also, most old people get a little crumpy when they don't drink enough. I guess the secretary will also make sure Trumps hydrated and diapers are changed regularly.

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>Trump is the best president we've ever had
you're too young to remember anyone before Obama.
Don't worry after you repeat every grade in high school at least twice, maybe, you will learn.
>I know I'm way too optimistic

>electoral college exists so that a supermajority by population alone doesn't decide anything
>instead, every election is held hostage by the swing states
American politics don't make sense.

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Melania without makeup?

Yet Dems are so "brilliant" they couldn't beat a game show host even after running the Queen Bee of their party and wasting 1.32 billion in the process trying to get Hillary elected. Sounds like you're the ones suffering from a stunted intellect, boomer.

Dude he will be 75 by then

I didn't make the rules. It was set up like that in the Constitution. But you leftist fucks only care about the Constitution when it benefits you.

r u insulting my girl?

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>He is not the first to claim executive privilege and won't be the last.
He's the first President to do so on such a wide berth, where his lawyers right now in various court cases are arguing he has the right to profit from foreign governments and murder without consequence.

You want to defend the system as you watch it being abused right now. Allow a president to do whatever he wants, gut the power of congress to do anything about it besides court, where a judge appointed by the President can write it off entirely, then the cycle repeats.

Yeah this is definitely the robust power of the constitution the founder's envisioned.

The constitution isn't a holy relic, and has been altered.
Trump right now is seeing how far he can expand the impunity and power of the Presidency, and that is a glaring crisis for how our constitution works, and thus needs to be amended.

Tl;DR - you're still a salty lil bitch cause Trump defeated your corrupt cunt queen Hillary.

just proved you are a CHILD.

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It is to keep the liberal city dwellers from from pushing through agendas that don't represent the biggest part of the country. The founders didn't trust the people who congregate in the cities to have the best interest of the primary producers in mind. The farmers and ranchers get an equal say.

>an investigation by the country we are providing Aid to.
>yo this country might be corrupt
>let's get this corrupt country to investigate one of our political rivals in a corrupt manner
>eepy Joe was literally video taped admitting quid pro quo regarding funding towards Ukraine
Which was also the policy of Obama, congress, the EU, and the Ukrainian government itself.

>my girl?

Op Trump's still gonna be President no matter how much you cry like a little fussy bitch.

Fuck you nazi

in fact he can now do whatever he wants. he is Above the Law.

Any President can do whatever they want. Investigate political opponents, go to war without congressional approval, kill anyone they want, when they want. Trump's not the only guilty party mind you, Obama did it, GW bush did it, Bill did it, Reagan did it.

Presidents have Absolute power now. There's no more need for congress. Who needs the house or senate? They serve no more function. Everything's done by executive order.

Israeli-funded congress gave the Israeli-loving US Presidents full power to support Israel, and put The People of America out to pasture.

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Do what. How did he profit from a foreign country? That was the Bidens. And who did he murder? Other than taking out 2 terrorists. The system is set up to keep congress from using impeachment to override the president's decisions, which is exactly what the leftist communist democrats are trying to do. I don't remember the left crying when Obama used executive privilege.

Executive power doesn't extend to criminal cases.

weird how it was all bullshit to begin with
> but muh fake charges!

Like I said. I don't remember the leftist crying about Obama using executive privilege in the fast and furious investigation.

many constitutional lawyers disagree with you aaron

Why are you talking about Biden? Who fucking cares? Fire him into the sun. Illegal is illegal. If someone else does a crime and gets away with it, that doesn't invalidate the law lol.

Same in every other country. Only difference,. Other countries have no impeachment process. Rulers in other countries make the law themselves. Just look at prince Andrew. Molested and raped children with Epstein. Never even been arrested for it

you poor fox-loving imbeciles. have you seen the list of people who've won the Medal of Freedom btw? and then there's Rush Limbaugh.

None of them are partisan, it's not a partisan list. and then there's rush Limbaugh. your kind have shat on my great nation.

There once was a decent GOP. Your kind has fucked its ass raw, distended its colon, and bled it out. A reality tv show host. Who's next, Macho man randy savage you goddamned retard?

serious though is that Melania??

He didn't do anything Obama didn't do. Obama bypassed Congress and created a new law. Also stated I don't need Congress. I have a pen and a phone. Obama withheld aid to Ukraine leaving them vulnerable for Russia to invade and take Crimea. Told Russia not to negotiate with Bush. Wait till I'm sworn in and I'll give you a better deal. Need to go on?

the vast majority of America live in urban developments you imbecile.

my God, it's as if God opened the floodgates of Retard-Hell

Do you have any sources for your claims, kid? or just another bloviating tranny


Why are you talking about Obama? We don't have time machines to fix past wrongs.

don't forget ed buck the serial gay tranny killer

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Yeah. Pretty true. You don't like Constitution? Go an change it.

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Trump's more successful then you will ever be in your life, let that sink in.

Yes, and they often push agenda harmful to the parts of the country that produce the majority of food, oil and products. The EC was set up to balance the scales so the rural folks don't get screwed by those city dwellers.

>when your dad gives you a billion dollars
>lol I'm so mad

Trump was found not guilty , let that shit go you massive hypocrite

Epstein's Donald's best friend.

You republicans SCREAMED when he died. To this day you're so SO MAD that pedo is dead. Because you're ALL PEDO's. The entire GOP is a bunch of fags, trannies and pedos.

At one time the GOP really was the party of family values, God, fiscal responsibility and small govt.

Now they're the party of PEDOS, fags, trannies, spending, lies, corruption, no morals, no integrity, dishonor, fucking our soldiers, fucking America in the ass for the highest dollar, the party of the jew, the Nazi party (ironically), the retard party, the povery party, the welfare party.

Whilst democrats are the party of the people, the party of family values, honor, integrity, morals, America, unions, The People, The Constitution, Ethics, Succeeding, Jobs, Economy, Science, Intelligence

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He was impeached by the house. (Found guilty.) He wasn't removed from office. Nobody with half a brain expected him to be removed from office. It's important to hold criminal presidents accountable and that's what happened. Would you like to talk more about Obama for some reason? Boy we should definitely impeach him since he hasn't been president for three years. Are you happy now?

No, I figure Ted Nugent is next. I personally would like to see a good strong White Nationalist like Rick Tyler in next but I don't think we are quite there. As for the medal of freedom, it has always been given to someone on the same side as the president. Hell you want to talk partisan, Obama gave it Biden.

bipartisanly, the senate voted to convict

even manchin, jones stuck with Dems. and Romney stepped over to say FUCK TRUMP.

America knows the GOP is too corrupt and up trump's ass. Thus any GOPér up for election in Nov is going to lose.

even if trump wins, he'll be impeached and tossed out this time.

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introduce legislation that retroactively impeachs obama? ok!
Lets preemptively impeach Biden for already succeeding at what Trump was accused of?

you 2 need to stop dwelling on the past, just let that old shit go already

Trump didn't break the law. He upheld it by requesting the investigation into Biden. That was my point.

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You sound about as smart as your average retard.
>durrrrrrrrrrrr ted nugent was on WWE too and reality tv, I wike him mummy, give me tendies me excited for nugent WOOOOOOOOOOOO guns

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No if he shot up a school he would be arrested and removed from office on the spot what he was impeached for wasnt a crime so please kindly go kill yourself

Trump can't request investigations. Don't you get it dumbshit.

That's up to non-partisan DOJ or the FBI if they determine to.

That's why trump's so corrupt. NO president should ever ask for someone to be investigated.

Another reason he needs to go.

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Incorrect. Most constitutional lawyers would tell you you're incorrect. Trump haw absolute power.

HOWEVER, he wouldn't be able to touch a firearm, the Secret Service does NOT permit the President to touch a firearm in case said President uses it on himself.

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It happened less than 24 hours ago lol. It's probably still ok to try to clear things up for the retards who don't understand how/why things happen.

Cry more

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I only like Nugent because he is very pro second amendment. I didn't say I thought he would be good. I was being sarcastic to the stupid post I was answering. Read my whole post shit-for-brains.

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Not legal if it's for personal gain, especially relating to election tampering.

The house determined trump broke the law. Your feelings about it will not be recorded in the history of the US. His guilt and subsequent impeachment by the House will. Whether you admit it, like it, protest it, or not, that's how things are. I'm sorry this is hard for you but it will be ok.

You're the problem with this world.

Sadly this. Trump couldn't find 1 person to say "he didn't do it"... under oath.

Whilst dems had witness after witness UNDER OATH who said "he did it".

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Yes it is his job dipshit. He could have asked the DOJ to request it but they are still executive branch and still represent the president.

your kind will be deported and/or purged.

After 3 years of constant sniveling bitchy fit tantrums & even having their cringey impeachment attempt humiliate the whole Democrat party - Op's still here shitting himself in unhinged infantile rage.....That's just sad.

Not sure what gender this is, but now have a fetish where I make a MAGA hat wearer whimper while I pump their ass full of cum

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thats some neat "alternative" facts

Exactly. He even admits on video that he did it.

Dems do throw bitch fits, actually mostly the press, but the guy is still a con man and obviously unfit for the office.

But it's true.

No. The DOJ isn't the President's tool. It's apartisan.

Your kind are so corrupt and stupid, you don't get that.

again, that's why trump must be removed. You don't even know right from wrong, because trump's breaking the law right in front of your drooling retard face every second, and he's normalized corruption.

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you can't take a fake accusation and compare it to child murder and expect me to think you have a functioning brain, get off this site you idiot

Obama didn't give it to Biden, your racist and your useing Obama name cause he's black.
The Dnc gave it to Biden.

Since no reasonable argument works on you clowns and reason is far above you.
How's it feel a nigger was your master, lol.
You can't just take white accomplishments and highjack them cause you have never done anything aside from jerk it to cuckold and blame blacks and jews for you being stupid and poor.
Learn to fucking adult faggot and quit blaming everyone else for you being a weak, useless, piece of shit.
INB4 your only argument is "lol. Found the nigger".
I'm whiter than you and I look down on you as the lower rung of society you are.
Kill yourself nigger.

This was regarding a corrupt prosecutor that had nothing to do with Biden himself, but was being removed for matters of state corruption.

Big difference.

>emotionally true

Why are you retards arguing?

Google "acquitted"

Stop sniveling and screeching about orange man bad.

So if I want to get away with a crime, all I have to do is declare I am running for office?

Would rather be around conservative fags and trannies than you typical morbidly obese green haired incel leftist. The conservative fags smell better, look nicer & give better blow jobs.

No, watched the entire hearing. Also read the articles of impeachment (not a hard read, recommend)

Your misinformed tone tells me that you're probably a Trumptard

he was corruptly investigating Joe Biden's son, nothing weird here, move along sheep theres a orange man to be mad at

You dumbass they already had enough evidence and witnesses, they didn't need to drag on the procedure any longer on the ramblings and half-truths from Democrats that couldn't formulate concrete evidence without the witnesses saying "maybe" or "could be"

Lightly regulated capitalism generates a lot of wealth, while also pushing that wealth to the upper class.

So, this meme is asking a question that doesn't make sense. In a lightly regulated free-market economy, you are going to have massive wealth, and the economy is going to grow a lot over time, and you will also have a lot of poor people, and the poor will make up a larger portion of the population over time.

I mean, I get your point, conservative policies lead to a lot of poverty, but this is just a really dumb way to communicate that point.

>What school did Trump shoot up?

It's simply an analogy of how shot up emotionally dysregulated self-loathing libtards feel.

Google "was bill Clinton impeached"

ahhhh sewer rat Barbie. I wonder what old kellyane's up to. probably getting pumped full of some big negroid semen, for a gram of meth in DC. TBH I can't believe her heart hasn't given out yet.

Trump's too, he's what 80? 350lbs? Horrible cholesterol, he's in awful health. Grossly obese. The gods have been kind to him, if not to poor Donald-ravaged Ivanka.

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People on Cred Forums are fucking retarded. It's like Anonymous Facebook full of boomers and summerfags.

Is this how you watched it? lol

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And the Senate cleared him of all charges, thereby nullifying the impeachment. Get over it . Impeachment is not guilt, the Senate decides guilt.


KYS since you're too fucking dumb to follow a simple conversation.

No, raw feed. I also don't have WEBM, so whatever that is, no.

you are the geen haired sjw's. all you do is spit, hiss cry and whine. all Trump/retard supporters do is whine, yell, scream and threaten civil war because they don't have the intellect to debate substance

poor foolish creatures, the emotional intelligence of toddlers

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"we don't need the murder weapon, we already got enough evidence with this donut!"
OH no.... How could justice of not been served...

When I get caught for growing im useing the trump. Defends and just claim it t isn't illegal and I'm allowed to do it, NO COPS THAT WERE THERE ARE ALLOWED AT COURT AND NO EVIDENCE PRESENT.
Let's see if that works for us little guys too or just corrupt fat welfare queens.

Not really, because that'd be a crime.
Trump is not a criminal, but a fair and just ruler.
Seriously, you americans get someone awesome as this and you complain, while we have to fend off hordes of mudshits brought in by our useless gov.

It's not healthy to live in an echo chamber user. Live outside of it sometime, and you actually might learn a thing or two.

GuNs DoN'T ShOoT pEoPlE, pEoPle Do!!!

People just trying to get some fucking restraint on people getting guns and everyone goes nuts.

When you say "there are deeper issues that need to be resolved" you are 100% right and we need to take guns from the people that have issues. These are the peeps we want to keep guns away from. The people that think shooting up the school is offensive enough for their vengeance, not your average American.

But you know. Fuck gun control, I guess.

And I dunno who is hyping up school shootings. Everyone knows they are a tragedy, but again, that's the reason people do it - to cause a huge enough tragedy that their pain can somehow escape through infamy or mass murder.

Be the president -- in the dirtiest, most corrupt admin in US history (with a senate that supports you, and is as corrupt as you).

so be trump from 2016-nov 2020.

Keep listening to your hero, Limbaugh, and dropping on your knees for Hannity and Orange Man.

Yes, Orange Man *is bad. But for reasons which I will not list because you're obviously cucked by Orange Man and love Orange Man without reason. He could shoot someone in Times Square and you'd still vote for him.
Or, you could get some news from multiple sources and actually read a book now and then.

Trump will probably get voted in again for 2020
Most people don't want to see or have a woman be President and most, if not all Hispanic/Mexicans and African Americans dislike or hate gay people so the gay guy Pete probably won't make it ether

So it'll ether be Bernie or Biden and Bernie's a fucking Communist and Biden is just as bad as Hillary

Until Democrats can muster a good candidate, Trump has it in the bag

Attached: 1556282560969.jpg (850x927, 205K)

>Trump will get voted in again for 2020

You forgot eating their own once they step out of line.
poor mitt Romney had a gun to his career and didn't flinch.
He is a cocksucker but I respect him for not being a coward like the rest of the GOP.

Look how fast white and loyalty didn't matter the second it was convenient.
These trumpets are America's version of brown coats.
Get names so when shit calms down these racist niggers can't just assimilate back after trying to kill us for 8 years.

The DOJ is a Dept of the executive branch. The head of the DOJ is appointed by the president and served at the pleasure of the president. You should learn what you are talking about before you make more of a fool of yourself.

The Trumpenfuhrer did say he could.shoot someone dead on Fifth Avenue in NYC and nothing would happen. I think Repubs will do anything for their God-Emperor

Attached: 1579665471049.jpg (1125x1182, 1.27M)

he could shoot you in Times Square and i would be ok with it
>shoot your fucking dog too

>most people don't want to see a woman

FAG. God you trumpanzees are such fucking fags. You talk about living good lives with a wife and kids, and before you know you're "going hunting" with 5 male friends the homosexuality gloryhole for a week. how many republicans have been caught doing THAT! THOUSANDS.


So corrupt that the Dem controlled house needed to contrive bullshit articles of impeachment.
They're at it again, here's the new articles that are the real reason orange man bad.

Attached: imp.jpg (960x960, 64K)

You say that like our school shooting numbers are low in the US. Fucking idiot. Until they are zero and everyone knows why you shouldn't shoot up a school, you can't at like a school shooting a week last year is nothing to scoff at. It's still a lottery and still could happen to your kids or people you know while numbers are that high.

To be fair, i'm going to be writing him into ballets for quite a long time lol

>orange man bad

Seethe and screech, I love it baizuo.

Attached: nnnnnnPPPPPPPPCCCCCCCCCCCCCC.jpg (239x249, 4K)

Yeah, that adds up. Also I hope Trump shoots your kids.

you must be gassed.
the slow roll to fascism has started, and it must be stopped.

Attached: Kill A Nazi 2020.jpg (605x458, 81K)

>get over it
>please stop being correct it is bothering me

Attached: 1575450881240.jpg (519x531, 161K)

It is the presidential medal of freedom. The president awards it, not the dnc. You are so stupid, you can't even understand basic concepts.


why do you keep saying that

have any evidence to support your claims, kid? or just another bloviating tranny who supports trump


HURRR department of Justice is appoint by president and is also his friend DURRRR
SUPER HURRR doj say friend is good, friend good. DOUBLE DURRRRR
I bet you justify your wife getting cucked like your country by saying that huge nigger dick isn't a person!
So it doesn't count right?

It was the prosecutor investigating the company that hired his son with no experience.

sorry, trump's Israelis *all of his supporters* can get a little frisky

Attached: Trump's Owners.png (877x495, 698K)

theres an actual chinese word to describe leftists, trust me it's not flattering

My bad, thought you were talking about the nomination.
No bully.

the head of the DOJ isn't appointed retard, he's nominated and then goes through grueling hearings to make sure he's non-partisan and fair.

Bill Barr will be prosecuted for what he's done.
He lied under oath during his nomination hearings, he's trump's dog, and trump's treating him like his personal attorney.

BOTH of them will be indicted after trump's out of office :)

>So in America, the president can basically shoot up a school and kill a bunch of kids. But he couldn't be arrested or prosecuted until months later when the house and Senate have passed and voted on articles of impeachment? In the meantime no police can arrest him and he can keep shooting up kids?
>Does this not make sense to anyone else?
It doesn't make sense to you because you're a simpleton brainwashed by [the media]

Shooting up a school would be a very criminal case, and would certainly lead to an arrest and criminal court.

What we witnessed for the past 8 months was nowhere near a trial (in the legal sense)

You forgot his second term.

cool chink shill speak english

Go figure. A authoritarian government using slang to dehumanize a population so their base don't see a issue with their mass murder.

But I guess your all going to scream MUH COMMUNISM.
We gonna find out in a few years when trump hits his third term. All yall who think your cuckolding and anime nazi waifus are cool are gonna be lined up against the wall.
Imagine trump finding out these people existed. He'd have you exterminated like. Roaches.

It was literally a trial.

Stay mad kid

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it is. Does it not make sense to you? What are you, 12? Ever taken a civics class, or do they not have that in like, the 8th grade anymore? I feel like this type of post is made be someone who’s either ridiculously naive, or who wants to make a point. So, what’s your fuckin point bro? The president is not going to shoot up a school. The last president to actually commit an impeachable crime was Richard fuckin Nixon if you remember him from history class, and he resigned before the senate ruled. Aside from the fact that the outcome depends on the number of like-party members, this may be the deciding factor in whether a president resigns rather than an admission of actual guilt as he was never tried for anything after. Being president has its perks. Therefore the process of impeachment is a complete sham and only exists to be used to remind people of its existence from time to time, you know when half of the legislative branch doesn’t like the president. The last 2 times anyway. I feel like you zoomers are fuckin precious, the way you try to understand your world with your memes and the attitude that you’re so fuckin smart. When I was your age, I was in the military and have zero fucks about politics ironically. I just wanted to party and get laid. You people can’t even do that without the angst you root around in your whole lives.

Attached: A2E535BA-34E7-40B4-8CC5-C0249ED75248.jpg (720x622, 22K)

chinks are authoritarian leftist scum with an element of capitalism.

Trials have evidence and witnesses. The defense team doesn't get to claim to be guilty then walk it.
Defense doesn't get to withhold evidence.
Like much wrong with what you said.

The first trial in US history that wouldn't allow witnesses to be exact.

The GOP made history.

You are too stupid for me to answer. If you decide to have an intelligent conversation please try again.

Its not this time around. It's that the bars been lowered so dramatically for what is expected of the president now.
Ie if stealing 1 dollar doesn't get caught and he is rewards, future presidents, or him, will be incline to steal 10$ cause no one gave a shit about the 1.
Basically this just opened the door to more criminal activity the way the door opened to money from superpacs and no American has a voice.
This "kangaroo court" was democracy on the line. Now we basically have a soft dictatorship. Which will get harder.

The slide to fascism is upon us
>trials w no witnesses
>police state
>precedences set by trump
>internment camps for Mexicans
>the biggest fiscal gulf between the middle class and top 10% in US history
>murkans can't buy homes
>jobs aren't paying liveable wages
>republicans keep voting against their interests and for the authoritarians pushing the fascist slide

At some point, maybe in years or decades, there will be a Critical Mass reached. Hopefully I'm too rich by that point to care, and the plebs will have to battle it out.

Attached: TRUMP2020.png (799x692, 865K)

Like Eric Holder wasn't a partisan, opening civil rights investigations for Obama. They are all partisan. If the weren't they wouldn't be nominated in the first place.

Logic on Cred Forums. Lol. At best I got 10 seconds to point out your inability to connect dots.
Cool of you to step up and admit to no rebuttal.
HURRR doj man suppose to put president first and country second DURRRRR
He's suppose put America first. It's very simple.

This guy gets it aside from the fantasy of being rich.
Your gonna starve with the rest of us.

It’s not the senates Job to make the case it’s their job to decide if it’s bad enough to remove

Two non-crimes with shitty reasoning is not worthy of removal of office


And no. Thankfully I'll be on the other side of the world. Watching it on the news. Likely making a fortune on the barbarity.

Technically yes although I doubt a president would be acquitted if he was charged with murdering children

that ended in an acquittal

Nothing the president was accused of was criminal. Even if what he actually did was hold up aid to Ukraine to apply political pressure to the government there, that’s called “politics”, if you weren’t aware. You tell me the statute he broke and I’ll agree that we’ve somehow set an imaginary bar so low that presidents could shoot up a school and so long as he has the support of his party, get away with it. Do you fuckin hear yourself right now? As if words have sound, I’ll grant you. But fuck sake bro. I used to be a Democrat before the cucks, feminists, and trannies took it over and I didn’t vote for the guy. But his impeachment was a fuckin joke bro. Complete and utter nonsense. Being dishonest and a sleezeball isn’t illegal when you’re shielded by a dozen layers of politics established over the last 2 and three quarter centuries.

Correct, according to Republicans and trumps own lawyers, the president is above the law and can do whatever he wants, including killing political opponents or bribing foreign nations into helping him get elected. American democracy is officially dead.

You sound like a total asshole, I'm sorry you're like that.
Thanks for the correction tho, those amazing American schools.

What crime you fucking nigger? “Abuse of power” is not a crime it’s an opinion and “obstruction of congress” is not a crime in fact it’s literally the executives right and granted power to “obstruct congress” the three branches are literally designed to obstruct each other

high crimes and misdemeanors = bad behavior. trump's bad behavior are worthy of removal. clearly you haven't been to college, and haven't learned about our forefathers. they wouldn't have stood for this fuckery. Nor would have they have stood for mass shootings.

they'd have directed the installation of militias in each state and banned guns if they were alive today.

They were exceedingly smart. Not durrrrrrrrrrrrrr nascar-loving, Cheeto-eating, Budweiser-drinking retards that plague the south today

The south was actually a very well read place before and during the civil war, before its decline. Now it's full of Podunk retards and inbred trash. Collapsed economies and fat diabetics.

Very sad.

Asked a foreign government to spy on a US citizen.
If it isn't illegal it should be.
"hey Great Britain we can't like, do these warrants so could you all like tap their phones then spend that on over, niceeee thanks".

Fuck you for defending that and acting like you're a American. Go back to Russian you fucking fascist.

They didn’t prove it was for political gain that’s why he was acquitted

(Not to mention that isn’t even illegal)

>shoot up a school and kill a bunch of kids
true but only nigger, dunecoon, and spic kids and I'd support his decision. I don't want my kids going to school with a bunch of nappy headed, blubber lipped, jive talking monkeys

Because they blocked evidence and witnesses after admitting the act happened.

He’s allowed to do that and the congress can go to court to force compliance

They chose not to force him through court. That’s like the cops trying to investigate a crime but not bothering with getting search warrants and just bitching when the accused doesn’t let them search his house

It makes perfect sense, the whole point is a union of states if it was straight popular vote smaller states would never have an impact

Ahh more liberal tears. Keep crying faggot. Still got 5 more years.

I'm actually quite kind, if not impressively educated.
Why do I sound like an anus?

I daresay all but 1 Ivy League School is in the US. Aren't they.

Lol Congress has ceded power to the executive consistently for 100 years

They did it to themselves so they could just bloviate and hide behind beurocratic obscurity about laws and regulations

they voted against it because the democrats would pay a bunch of people who have no problem lying to congress while under oath. they've based their whole case on lies and technicalities

>says something I don’t agree with
>must be Russian bot
Literally no one cares what you think. Your opinion is as meaningless as the rest of your life. Fuck you for existing. If you don’t like it, kys faggot.

Attached: 32A82CE2-79A3-4197-865A-E858ED3C9D48.jpg (680x755, 211K)

Please trump follows the constitution better than bush Obama or Clinton

You must be underaged b8!

Obama LITERALLY had a a father and son American droned in Sudan because they mad pro terrorist videos online.

No proof, no trial, just a fucking drone strike of two Americans

>lying bad
>orange man good

Attached: 1578194832919.jpg (700x800, 105K)

He didn’t do what? Nothing he is accused of is even a crimeIt’s basically the congress just saying they are unhappy with his foreign policy action

Guess what? That isn’t congresses job:

>the democrats would pay a bunch of people who have no problem lying to congress while under oath
oh so there's no point anyone ever facing any consequences ever, you fucken pinhead

>They did it first!

This is the equivalent of a child punching a kid for taking his lunch money, and the other kid smacking him back. Bunch of fucking monkeys. Learn to love your people, and understand your economy.

>trial with no witnesses

If a prosecution fails to bring a good case it’s not the obligation of the defense to pick up the slack

Um rudy constantly said he wasnt doing policy, nice try tho

Romney voted so that he could be an establishment GOP candidate for the 2024 race. That's why he crossed the line.

OP, you bunch of dumb asses don’t mind aborting babies. Go on with your educated, double standard fuckery.

High crimes and misdemeanors has long been determined by everyone to mean real actual crimes

He was not charged with any actual crime like a legal code law that was broken .

You have a nice opinion there but it’s worth fucking dick

>if it isn’t illegal it should be
Uhhh...what? That’s your argument? I tell you that nothing he did was illegal and you’re all....hurr, I don’t agree with your reality so I will substitute my own....fuck you fascist? Do you even know what fascism is?

No they didn’t, the house brought a shitty case it is not incumbent on the senate to investigate

Next time don’t be incompetent

Also it’s still not a crime kek

Evey one of them kids needed to die for thare country thay are all non counted casualties That served us well. Wake up. We've been a dictatorship and not a democracy for a very long time

Just because repubs bootlicked doesnt mean donny did nothing wrong

>uh a guy said a thing

The fact that you think some offhand comment by Rudy is evidence or proof of anything shows that you have poor reasoning skills

>If a prosecution fails to bring a good case it’s not the obligation of the defense to pick up the slack
the senate isn't the defense, it's the fucking judge, jury and executioner for an impeachment trial.
the house says "hey, this fuckers acting up" and the senate then has a trial to decide on if the houses declaration is worth removing him
the very body tasked with determining truth was only looking to cover it up
it was a sham trial, just as everyone expected

Attached: 1538925294311.jpg (750x739, 81K)

So you're telling me that a president isn't allowed to utilize the FBI? You know, the federal bureau of investigation? If you're so concerned about what a president should or shouldn't do, say or shouldn't say, why not replace him with a computer if everything is so ones and zeros with you simpletons

Attached: 1579292701670.jpg (597x313, 25K)

He did nothing wrong

Show me the law that was broken. Prove that what Trump asked if zilenski was illegal and furthermore a big enough crime to warrant removal of the president.

You LITERALLY can’t and neither could the house

The senate does not investigate they take The case presented

The house didn’t present a good case

Hahaha stay salty liberal

Trump's deported American citizens (who've died), and Americans have been killed by trump's retardation
>trump kills Iranian
>iran retaliates
>murkans killed
>60 soldiers get traumatic brain injuries
>Trump: "they're fine, they just have headaches, no worries."
>VFW: "Trump apologize you draft-dodging fag now or no soldier will vote you again you lying pedo!"

now the US Military hates him.

>random guy
>presidents personal lawyer
>said he was not doing policy
>mulvaney said it was quid pro quo
Kek, keep bootlicking

Impeachment doesnt mean a crime was broken. Mulvaney said it was pro quid quo, rudy said he wasnt acting on policy. I wonder what bolten would have had to say

You don’t understand the presidents job nor how our justice system works

Please stop being an ignorant faggot.

What does military action against Iran a have to do with anything? Presidents act militarily and get soldiers killed and wounded alll the time

How is that comparable to the extrajudicial murder of a man and a child ?

Trump's deported American citizens (who've died), and Americans have been killed by trump's retardation
>trump kills Iranian
>iran retaliates
>murkans killed
>60 soldiers get traumatic brain injuries
>Trump: "they're fine, they just have headaches, no worries."
>VFW: "Trump apologize you draft-dodging fag now or no soldier will vote you again you lying pedo!"

now the US Military hates him.

Gen Mattis: "Trump may be a fucken retard. Dumbest man I ever met. Coward. Belongs in prison."

Attached: The Retard.jpg (640x1136, 67K)

The house could have presented as good a case as humanly possible, the senate was and is in the hands of the gop and they would have declined it no matter what.

Just think about it: they denied the hearing of witnesses. If that's not a de facto admission of guilt, I don't know what is...

but what about the obstruction of muh-feelings

orange man bad ;(

lol, like the senate would convict him for shooting up a school. Come on, this is ‘merica.

And what great leader do you have in your country?

Attached: Screenshot_20200117-232905.png (496x493, 118K)

from a europoor perspective i find very funny that a senatorial vote is presented as a trial.

Then why didn’t the house accuse him of those “crimes”

Somebody dying as matter of policy has never been considered a crime and is iron comparable to the active targeting of an American citizen with military force you brain dead chimp

Oh is the presidents job to send his personal lawyer to snoop on political opponents? Rudy said he wasnt doing policy. Also if it was about corruption, the PM of israel is in some shit because of bribery and corruption. Do you think donny will paise aid to Israel or was that just a biden Ukraine thing?

First trial in US history with no witnesses.

The GOP's gonna lose the Senate in November, and you're attempting some Romanian Gypsy-tier shilling, but failing horribly.

Attached: Me Riding You.png (589x559, 150K)

>Impoundment is an act by a President of the United States of not spending money that has been appropriated by the U.S. Congress. Thomas Jefferson was the first president to exercise the power of impoundment in 1801. The power was available to all presidents up to and including Richard Nixon, and was regarded as a power inherent to the office. The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 was passed in response to perceived abuse of the power under President Nixon. Title X of the Act removed that power, and Train v. City of New York (whose facts predate the 1974 Act, but which was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court after its passage), closed potential loopholes in the 1974 Act. The president's ability to indefinitely reject congressionally approved spending was thus removed
it takes like 2 seconds not to talk out of your fucking asshole
the funds were allocated, he can't not spend them.
he was illegally withholding the granted aid for personal gain
you're literally a fucking tool

Attached: why-hello.jpg (963x921, 94K)

*pause aid to Israel

>uh my feelings say the senate would never convict him

Something unknowable maybe next time the house should bring a good case about real crimes.

Goddamn it’s amazing how incapable of rational thought you all are

I'd vote for the Rom

He's the only one who did what was right, in a field of snakes on either side, I'd pick that guy.

It had witnesses you fucking retard the senate refused to call additional witnesses which is not their job.

The house could have kept investigating and chose not too

The went in with a trash case and got a trash result

Ari Schlomo Goldberg get back into bed this INSTANT!!

>Mulvaney said it was quid pro quo
>rudy said he wasnt doing policy
>is amazed in how incapable of rational thought we all are


He wasn’t charged with that crime.

Maybe call up Nancy and ask why her house is so incompetent?

It’s not a fucking crime idiot

And even then let me know how it’s reasonable to remove a president over such

here's your (you)

and 1 shekel, Mitvahs to you, Make Israel Great Again!

Attached: Israels Bitch.png (275x183, 100K)

I didnt realize foreign aid in an election was illegal.

>The president's ability to indefinitely reject congressionally approved spending was thus removed
Yet it wasn't indefinite so what's your point exactly?


>maybe the house should bring a good case about real crimes

>defends the senate deciding to drop any case before the trial that could ever determine whether these were "real crimes"

did that orange fuck grab you by your pussy, too, and now you're in love or are you just retarded

The Republicans just acquitted him, even Mitt Romney voted to convict, but you're calling the House incompetent when McConnell explicitly stated it would not be a fair trial?

>anyone ever facing any consequences ever
people who have done something wrong should face consequences. in the american judicial system for a person to be convicted they have to found guilty without ANY DOUBT. I could accuse a lot of people of a lot of things. I could say you are a murderer. do you think you should be prosecuted because I made that accusation? and I paid someone else to say you're a murderer? and in a conversation someone heard you say "that guy should be beaten to death with a baseball bat"? democrats have been trying to get trump out of office since day one and it's obvious they'll go to any lengths to make it happen

Oh fuck off. Romney is a pussbag

every republican in the senate said "it would be a crime if if anyone could prove quid pro quo" and of course everyone admitted quid pro quo under oath, and even before court like Mulvaney etc.

then they backtracked, and the retards listened to them. It's like the retards couldn't hear what the GOP said in the beginning about "well if anyone says trump committed a quid pro quo, we'd have a huge problem!"

we're dealing with meth-addicted retards from red states though, these people have never seen modern cars nor been on a plane. so... that's kind of where we're at with trump supporters.

Actually he has about a 85% approval rating amongst the military. The brass may not like him, but the line troopers love him.

>The GOP's gonna lose the Senate in November
What happens when this dream turns out to be false?

What makes you think it would take months if that actually happened.

Also, he can be arrested for local and state crimes.

How does one basically shoot up a school? Oh basically because you’re a pussy hat wearing faggot

then maybe let a trial decide whether the accusations are true? ohh, wait, no, that could end badly for trump, better not risk it even though we know better

To add,

Once he is arrested, he is effectively incapacitated.

Therefore, the Vice President would take over. If he got bail, the seriousness of the crimes would essentially make him incapacitated.

>we're dealing with meth-addicted retards from red states though, these people have never seen modern cars nor been on a plane. so... that's kind of where we're at with trump supporters.
I'm sure talking to these people in such a manner will definitely change their mind.

It takes more than a simple majority to convict the president.

>Dems do dirty shit in the house during the impeachment shit

>GOP returns the favor

What did he mean by this?


Dems "needed" more evidence and witnesses but yet somehow the same amount of evidence was sufficient enough to impeach him in the house.

Really gets the noggin joggin

Attached: - -.jpg (696x1000, 248K)

Name one American citizen Trump has had deported. The closest you will find is that bitch that went to be an ISIS bride and renounced her citizenship, then tried to take it back after her husband was killed.

it will be false. More and more people are seeing what is actually going on and the democrats are making complete fools of themselves. They have done nothing the last three years except try to dig up something that isn't there while the republicans are trying rebuild the country and the only people that still hate Trump are nigger lovers and bull dykes

>In the meantime no police can arrest him and he can keep shooting up kids?
are you joking or retarded


Repubs want to look at hunter biden because he has no experience at the position he held. Repubs dont care that donny put his kids in the WH that they have no experience for.

Really gets the noggin joggin

>money is more important than civil liberty
Let me guess you are a subject of the uk

nigger trump is the picture

that was up to the house but their case was so thin they didn't dare to submit any of what they called "evidence" because it was all he said-she said bullshit that would have been laughed out of congress

>Call Trump and his supporters Racist/sexist/homophobic etc..
>Be anti-Semitic

Attached: 1468224623789.png (634x465, 282K)

Dang hearsay evidence on a phone call, dangit

>Moving the goalposts of your own argument

Really gets the noggin joggin

Attached: Moving the goalposts.jpg (704x396, 93K)

And the air was released before the deadline to release it. Plus the act says to hold up the funds indefinitely, which by the way he didn't do. That's like saying it is illegal to withhold your paycheck. You quit the boss says you can have your check when you return your keys. Then gives you your check on Thursday instead of Friday's payday. Did the boss ever truly withhold your check? No.

>ignores repub double standards

Really gets the noggin joggin

Attached: 1577126459498.jpg (641x989, 136K)

All he did was kill his own career, unless he wants to switch to his real party, the Democrats. All he ever was was a RINO and no true conservative will ever vote for him again.

Trying to change the mind of a trump-supporter is like talking to a tree.
The only way to deal with their kind is to deport them.
Make no mistake son, they are the welfare class. They cost us trillions, and they are a malignancy that has to GO.


In fact, the never-trumpers are the Intelligent, Real Conservatives.

The trumpanzees, today's GOP and trump are all neo-con, alt-right (ALTERNATIVE RIGHT), the real right are fiscally conservative, small govt, non-racist, moral, family-oriented, and educated.

The ALT RIGHT is racist, uneducated, poor, prefer trump to spend big, want a HUGE govt, are the welfare class, are felons (immoral), and have many children by different mothers/fathers.

the alt-right is a cancer. a tumor. it will be cut out. those people don't belong in America.

Attached: wooooooooooo turrmp.jpg (500x547, 45K)

Trump kills another US Citizen in border custody and laughs about it.

Attached: diabeetus.jpg (1125x873, 88K)

What makes his family incapable and unqualified for their positions, exactly? Considering they are well educated. And how does that compare and contrast with Hunter Biden (Former crackhead, with no knowledge or experience in the business) being on the board of directors of a energy company that pulls in billions of dollars a year?

Really gets the noggin joggin

Attached: 1465799362516.png (795x1022, 607K)

The alt.right is a made up fantasy. Most of the people who voted for Trump are conservative Christians, and workers whose jobs were killed under the globalist trade deals. As for them being on welfare, here in Texas most of the welfare recipients are in El Paso, Austin, Houston and Dallas which all vote democrat. His base is really rural working class conservative Christians.

both of trump's sons are former and current cokeheads (they've both been to treatment many many times).

of course then you have the jew Kushner. he's a spy for israel.

and Ivanka's just there to fuck daddy.

And there's the old constitutional law against nepotism, but your kind don't care about those petty laws or that old constitution

Attached: 1574133252379.jpg (450x452, 108K)

>says the dilated tranny on welfare

suuuuuure "Christine"

How the fuck is this thread still up? So many whiny liberals today. Need to use some of that salt on the roads all these storms we’ve been getting

Attached: E004C672-E842-4181-A345-A41D9E6A3D47.jpg (470x470, 31K)

And Romney was never a conservative republican. He has always been a left leaning RINO, just like his hero John songbird McCain.

awe is the twumpanzee mad at the rom rom and patriot McCain for being Military Heroes and not draft-dodging pansies? *pats your fat back*

Trannies are a leftist communist thing. I happen to be a retired veteran and lifelong conservative White Nationalist.