Fb/ig/vsco fap thread

fb/ig/vsco fap thread

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Dick is out for petite girls

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Liked that fuck toy?

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1 is thick af

Notice anything?

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Gangbang material?

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fuuck, what a nice ass

moar aussie sluts pleasee


Anyone want more?

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Ask for more but don’t reply to me with gay shit

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What would you do to this teen?

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She needs to be held down and fucked

>implied workout
>face caked in tons of make-up

Aussies are so fucking tight.

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id let those cheeks suffocate me

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Incel. Just enjoy the cocktease photo.

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Just force my spit-lubed cock up her ass to watch the anguish and concern on her face...

fuck yeah they are


How many guys?

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Pass. I've got thousands of better pics, of hotter women on my harddrive already.

Flat and tight is the best.

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We’re impressed !

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Anyone? Any interest?

check out kenaaaco

fuck me

Agreed, feeling her tight pussy squeezing your cock would be perfection
She has such a cute ass

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Shams from the previous threwd

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user who liked her still here?

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No interest?

Mmmm stroking

Don’t @ me with gay shit

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Got kik? I have like 300’pics

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Paris photo?
Mosaic lamp? I love those.
Party nail???

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Slight upskirt

Post more of this snowbunny

Still here

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My ex thoughts?

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Yes pleasee!

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Bet your cock wants Shams lips on it so bad

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post her nudes


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Fuck yes it does

cute slut

Which hole would be her best?

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I want some of her mouth to start. But I am excited for the pussy

How would you use her?

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Damn indeed.

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What do you like about her?

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Did not see that ass coming

Love a hot doctor

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Nigga you talking like you’re ordering from a waiter.

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and a cheap slut

i would fuck her then and there. Where is she from?

Fuck me!

Pictures taken seconds before being roofied


Would this teacher get fucked well?

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Your cock will be rock hard from the thought of Shams going down on your cock with these lips while looking at you with these sexy eyes. Saving? Fapping?

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love a nice ass

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Her mouth would feel so good sucking every last drop from you

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Which one of these sluts you would take back to your place and then fuck her brain out plus to creampie her pussy? And why?

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My cock is rock hard from that thought. Both



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3’s a little firecracker. More

She's from Queensland, Aus

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Flat and tight is just so right.

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loving her

i bet that ass looks better without pants on

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holy shit more

can't stop stroking

She's definitely a cock addict

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You can just tell she only likes BBC.

That I can go balls deep without having to spread much.


Post kik for lewds if interested
She get it up?

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I would cum in her several times


Left looks like a total fucking freak

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what a little tight slut


I would love to tie her up and rape her

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U can’t, but you have to bust it all over her face soon

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Small cock? Lmao.
No tits = perfection

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She'd make such good babies

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Left or right?

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cute little slut

Which would u rape

bikini or ass?

Less clothes. Bikini?

She enjoys being ravaged by niggers like this.

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can I keep stroking for now? Tell me when to bust.


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Would you gangrape her?

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oh yes very hard and bad

Absolutely, others can join to help hold her

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i bet her asshole needs licking

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You could leave her broken and destroyed

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i want to rub my cock in between those tits

Left looks like the kind of girl who insists she's not a slut but loves to take a stranger home and get a good pounding. She would probably relish a hot creampie in her well used pussy.

4 seems the most reserved which would be fun to break in. Get her on my big thick cock and she'd break down and love it soon enough. She'd joyously take my cum and then panic after because she's not on birth control.

5 would take my cum in her ass, guaranteed. 3 has probably taken the most cocks in the group, but 5 does it the best along with 1

leave her for my friends

One more user, have to get to work, need to cum to her

Now bust it all over her face

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Don’t reply to me with gay shit.

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she looks to be punished

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Imagine cumming inside her jailbait pussy while she cries out your name

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Would this teacher get gang fucked hard?

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while she cries "please don't do it, I have so much pain"

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tight body

She's just another pregnant teenage whore now

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Pick a whore

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No one likes her? What a shame.

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I fap to her now, full body pic please

Who has her nudes?

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Interested? (Have one nude)

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no this is perfect go on please

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Oh fuck she's cute

shes hella bad


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yes that´s perfect, this little whore gets my cum now

Omg left is perfect

Anyone interested?

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Her face is gorgeous but man I wish you posted body pics

I have more

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Bro keep en coming. I'm saving.

I haven't fapped in 25 days but when I break down later I'm going to bust a nut to this thin slut so hard. If I could buy her where I'm from to avoid fapping I would.

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let me see her cute ass


She's hungry for you

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Omg more

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Post em

Read what I said earlier. Don’t @ me gay shit.

She’s a gamer girl weeb believe it or not. A Dutchie.

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Have nudes

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oh yes she gets it

Imagine her being spitroasted by two

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Now that’s fucking nice

Will post nude next

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less clothing

Such a pretty face. Shame she’s turned into such a thot.

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what a good little slut she is

More like this!

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so sexy, more

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Could’ve been actual model but she turned to thottery.

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Size queen.

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good she only deserves attention from dick

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Did you not fucking read what I said? Don’t @ me with gay shit.

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Sure is

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jesus christ i love her ass sm

little slut

It’d be a crime for her not to get Blacked.

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Good for a gang fuck? Teacher slut

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why didn't your mother aborted you?

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show me her ass

Any interest?

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She really needs to get ravaged by a BBC.

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Bet she loves thiccccc cocks mmmm

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She fucks herself with her BBC dildo when she gets BBC dick pics. No doubt.

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Attached: 9A8918FA-557D-4C54-A17F-03B6A93F9095.jpg (750x752, 117K)

Oh fuck more in next

Sure. Ask for Rae if I forget