Waifu bread? WAIFU BREAD!! I'm back bby :3 how are we all this morning? i hope you're all doing well <33

waifu bread? WAIFU BREAD!! I'm back bby :3 how are we all this morning? i hope you're all doing well

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hot as fuck, post moar plz :x

me and you both, user-san! D: what time is it where you are!?

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11:30 pm now

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I "wake"

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Crush my dick you gorgeous amazon

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Hey hey!

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YOU AGAIN D: how are you, user-san? still neutral? :3

why hello there c:!

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also to my Discord fam, my username has changed to LinaInv3rs3_#8198 so feel free to add me again c:

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What's up?

Attached: 1580873173217.jpg (633x798, 241K)

nothing much fren, just enjoying the pictures you're posting - i've got work in like an hour also but i really cba D: how about you?

Attached: LinaInverse7.jpg (633x354, 78K)

Just here for a comfy chat. Blasting some music. Life's good.

KON KON Motherfucker!

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I should really sleep

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You aren't Kon though are you

Attached: 407Remalicious.jpg (1300x1687, 1.29M)

Kon kon went to a surgical operation. Now it meow meow's in english tho. No more floof tail, but at least it's a tail, and so on.

No wifi-sama tho... u alone?

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It's not worth it

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Not what I meant.

Yes, usually how it is

Take heavy duty allergy pills. Should do you a few hours

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What did you mean then?

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qhat is her name

Eris aka pic related

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ooh, what music are you currently blasting? i've got some LIA on atm, she's a beautiful vocalist (if you haven't heard of her before) - here, have a link :3!


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Literally what's on right now: youtube.com/watch?v=JWay7CDEyAI

Mostly into metal to be honest... this is just youtube mix educating me on quality music.

I love the voice in your track, but the rhythm is way too fast for me atm.

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Jesus fucking Christ.

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Sachiko claimed
Brings strange imagery to mind when your's is as in the gutter as mine.
Should I read Tomoko's manga or watch the anime, in your opinion?
I need something to keep me awake.

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Anime only goes to chapter 28. Manga is currently on chapter 172. What do you think?

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Guess that means I should cop the manga then.
After I finish my coffee. What are you up to? Getting ready for work I assume?
Shitposting aside, good morning Mai poster.
Did you sleep well?

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Missed you Lina sempai

Yep but I worked up super early and feel jaded all day can't even enjoy vidya without getting angry how are you doing?

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Akame's claimer is now claimed~

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why is that hamburger blue? I hope she doesn't eat that

Attached: IMG_20200204_101658.jpg (524x466, 43K)

Did someone say hambarga

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I woke up early as fuck again. I'm feelin' pretty neutral right now.
Just trying to enjoy my coffee. Doesn't feel like it's working.
Maybe you should take a nap? That usually helps me cool down a bit.

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Been a while.

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Hirasawa Yui
i wish i woke up early. i overslept instead.

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Hey. I'm slow and falling asleep
Its good to see you though. Sorry I dont post more

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Take a rest then.
Feels comf seeing you here too. It's alright.
So no add?

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I either wake up early as shit or oversleep and miss the entire day. Lately there's been no in-between. How's your morning going?

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Aegis claimed.

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I need friends to run Iceborne with.


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die nigga

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Tweet tweet

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>writing a song for your dildo

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Guess I'll hangout in ...

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I don't speak weeb.


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you are weeb, whatever you speak is weeb
better than Cred Forums

You usually do anyways

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i've missed you too user-san

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its a lot of fun yeah and no black cocks


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visit me there every once in a while

Attached: hig3zhdj.png (1072x1516, 1.92M)

i'm there all day lol

Attached: 31784ff7db7b4ba6e54e82227125e33c.jpg (800x929, 617K)

Sorry, I won't say more :)

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I haven't seen you there cute fren :)

Attached: hit32ßwgg.png (1239x877, 1.55M)

Sounds closer to that
Warning: Closest thing to ear rape i'm willing to subject you to
Why would you do that to yourself?

Attached: 78623916_p0_master1200.jpg (826x1200, 1001K)

i use a different name and avatar there~

Attached: d0d6cc788f5fd6566fc9185236a79aa1.jpg (640x895, 217K)

because you hate me

Attached: thumbnail_f152b80ad4971ad18086ee49c7ced606 (1).jpg (150x84, 5K)

can you add my disc?
so you can tell me who you are there :)

Attached: sca34rjfj5.png (1054x1309, 1.74M)

i like turtles :3

Attached: LinaInverse15.jpg (1890x2645, 647K)

i don't know what your intentions are....

i like centipedes :)

Attached: Oh...png (583x841, 772K)

I like birds

Sup supreme
Rem poster!
How much for a lap dance?
Hey, who spilled the beans?
I'm kidding. I don't hate anyone, why would you think that?

Attached: 77678273_p0_master1200.jpg (1000x729, 788K)

i hate birds...

i don't know... my gut has a mind of its own...

Attached: b48f749f46c1e55c2b47550ca133861c.jpg (948x1335, 508K)

I'd like to talk with you about all kinds of things :3
no need to hold back let's converse without prejudice in private my fren.(only text!)

my man!
Mein Neger! :D

Attached: mur2rehrj.png (1939x1371, 1.61M)

I like dicks!

Wait, no

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Attached: abi2zj.png (419x505, 295K)

Tenleid is mine
no 2D waifu

Attached: 03cbc25c-4d3a-496c-ad1f-82228198157f.jpg (1152x2048, 239K)

does aegis habe a dick?

thats where you belong

I'm scared... I don't know if you're trying to do something...
and i'm off the market... im sorry if i hurt you...

Attached: 4b269d0d4f266de55139db8584629502.png (980x1383, 1.42M)

Hi Lina poster
Everyone's does, I guess.
Mine gives me the shits whenever I eat McDonalds.
Whoa whoa..
Let me see your nigga pass
That's pretty gay bro

Attached: 78146642_p8_master1200.jpg (612x868, 515K)

birds and centipedes dont really fit together, but theyre both nice

I knew it


What exactly do you eat that makes you sicky?

I have a lovebird and he poops everywhere...

cute :)

Attached: Cafe Kotori.jpg (431x600, 72K)

Silly user.
What do you think strapons are for?


It's a prank bro

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wazza wazza wazza wazza
no pass
no stress
leme see them dogtags comrade! any rubels for me?

Attached: rei2rh.png (1237x906, 1.62M)

fucking bitch..

Attached: Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu 5.png (1920x1080, 1.98M)

dont verbally abuse your waifu retard


Attached: kas78hfd.png (1000x708, 1.08M)

I'm well. Day off work today so just laying in bed watching some anime. Getting kind of hungry...

Hope all is well with you Lina sempai

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Heyhey people

Attached: UVdZpUr.png (1357x1920, 1.8M)

She knows i love her...


Her ears are cute and pointy

Attached: [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 01 [48704517].mkv_snapshot_13.00_[2018.02.14_18.41.02].jpg (1920x1080, 620K)

whatever! forget about it.


Attached: chr2r43z.png (640x797, 154K)

Yes yes! Emilia half-elf!

Attached: Emilia.(Re_Zero).full.2653281.jpg (1080x958, 319K)

Just a cheese burger and fries. Somethin about those McDonalds cows just do me in I guess.
Did you think she was lying when she said she was the cutest idol?
That picture is top notch too.
Oh yeah bro my bad. Just a social experiment haha.
>Sharing loot
I'll let you pick up the scraps after i've cleaned out every corpse on the map my friend.
Suh dude

Attached: 77579462_p0_master1200.jpg (1200x946, 457K)

That's out of context.

Haha yeah bro, you should see my reddit upvotes bro.

Attached: __aegis_female_protagonist_kirijou_mitsuru_takeba_yukari_and_yamagishi_fuuka_persona_and_2_more_draw (704x1000, 808K)


Attached: koy7yga1g4.png (1920x1080, 1.17M)

>ywn start a farm far away from the city with your waifu
Someone pass me the bottle
Haha yes xd
Edit: So many upvotes wow!
Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger
Why are you aiming at my head?

Attached: 77579897_p2_master1200.jpg (1200x786, 682K)

Uhsuuuuuuh dude?

Reddit Gold?

Attached: original (1).jpg (372x395, 57K)

Now we just need to repost the same five memes every day and say "We did it reddit" after something we have no control happens to something we don't like.

give me gold plz
Spend real money for an award on reddit.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_ten_ch__56c9fa3fd95aae5110d4b08e02e66aaa.gif (588x706, 57K)

what even is your discord...

only half? ;~;

I see... I has to wash the fuck out of that grill when I worked at burger kang

I'm sorry..

Attached: 3133d17dd1c343ff63f92043b9b40164.jpg (1232x1774, 260K)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas queen
Don't forget to only respond with shitty memes whenever anyone asks a question and always be as PC bro as possible.
I used to work at a sonic.
No A/C in the middle of a Texas summer while working the fryers and grill?
It was an experience.

Attached: 1578758799327.png (800x1130, 1.17M)

im not gonna shoot you ^^
but looking at you... im gonna shoot some myself OwO

...fuck kill me now.

you are playing with my kindness... i don't appreciate you doing so...

Attached: koy1drh.png (1227x1080, 1.55M)

You right :)

Attached: Kotori9.jpg (423x600, 42K)

Discord dms are where the real cool kids hang!

Also yea only half!

Okay... you know what? I don't want to bother right now so how about I just send you my credit card info and you use as much money for Reddit gold as you want?


Cute idol maid

Attached: tumblr_pjiymtjt8P1qg53joo1_400.jpg (400x568, 94K)

Orange man bad. Doggo pupper good. give karma

Sounds good!

Attached: __aegis_and_koromaru_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_ugai_yuichi__26e9dc428491004be567ff93ee3a9f5d.jpg (720x720, 70K)

:D ur the cute

Attached: Kotori10.jpg (476x567, 278K)

I don't TK ((On purpose))
See: Kaguya poster
So what are you up to today King?
Drink Soylent bro it's good for you

Attached: 1578758767189.jpg (636x837, 84K)

I already drink tons, now I'm a cute girl. OwO

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_yuiha_ghost__367f9ecd91448f77e0eb4c2cf39d2b38.jpg (685x600, 105K)

you take that back °-°

Attached: nre5h.png (640x360, 316K)

hello there user-san, how are you? :3

oh i'm glad you're well user-san!

Attached: LinaInverse8.jpg (466x264, 40K)

Oh! Hello! I remember you!! We had a minor weeb talk a while back!!


No u

Attached: kqbsg21op6z21.jpg (706x1000, 105K)

Well, I have a meeting in about 45 minutes. Another one in 1 and a half hours. As well as a class in 3 hours. Hbu?

Attached: Kotori13.jpg (428x600, 49K)

Kimagure Orange Road!

No u silly :)

Attached: Kotori4.jpg (849x1200, 458K)


>she was _____ her ______

Attached: 981b9767f97f2a79bcaa44c62f654c9f.png (629x1000, 601K)

You sure are.
What pronouns should I call you?
If you shoot first and miss it's not my fault if I turn and put a 5.56 round through your face shield.
Running on coffee alone yet again.
I'm doing fine, trying decide if I should watch anime or read some manga next.
I'm thinking Gabriel Dropout.
So what are you up to user?
Sounds like fun.
I'm alright, just doing my neet thing as always.

Attached: 1578758830239.png (700x1041, 588K)


Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_34no404__8d35aaa3b88e106331013e56b8d93131.png (666x1200, 222K)

i remember you too, your choice of waifu is excellent if i do say so myself :3 i'm down for weeb talk anytime so hit me up whenever you see me post

Attached: LinaInverse6.jpg (400x225, 28K)

did you steal any food?

please don't give up on me...

I'm not a discordfag...
Bumping threads is where it's at~


Attached: tiny asa.png (58x31, 5K)


Attached: 78696840_p14_master1200.jpg (851x1200, 728K)

I feel, storms have been coming and going for the past 2 days. We getting some lightning atm and I dont wanna walk across campus.

Attached: Kotori 2.jpg (573x880, 175K)

I managed a good sleep

Attached: c95dc53f0c85faba562229af885b10c6.gif (540x304, 1.2M)

S-Steal any food? Of course not!
Wh-What would make you say that?
Rain is pretty based when you don't have to go outside in it.
Weather's been alright for me. Little colder than i'd like, but that's what the hoodie is for.
Did you have sweet dreams?

Attached: EPlpRn9UYAExwiX.jpg (1280x1600, 575K)

plz no!
I just want some tuna ;_;

I've had so many disappointing expereiences with you now...
do you really mean it? I can tell you mine if you do... even tho you are so rarely on disc i still would want to have you there...

Im awake since yesterday :D almost 40hrs now my fren :)
vrchat all night

Attached: tou2sxrt.png (850x850, 746K)

Call me all the pronouns.

A good sleep.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_nyoro_nyoronyoro000__2d62bbac7abaa5734ee3f2a88cb71090.jpg (497x785, 555K)

Attached: thumb_wow-i-reauy-shouldnt-stick-my-penis-in-there-however-64533585.png (300x349, 35K)

Walking on a wet sidewalk coated in snow to a corner store to buy pedialyte~

Tyty! For sure!

I think there's a difference between a discord user and someone who uses it primarily for dms tbh, but that's just me

So cool!

Heyhey Rorycon

That's a long time to stay awake!!

Attached: 03ae3873870b813f157959905476635ebc4eb8c9717118d3cd70563c26f01ea2.jpg (1280x720, 82K)

Thats why Dodogama best boi


Attached: unknown-6.png (80x69, 9K)

Alright, but the Tushonkas are all mine.
I need them to trade in for AKs
Okay zie xer sie vey e xim terself pers / attack helicopter
Last time I remember drinking that I thought it tasted like Chemo juice.
Unless i'm thinking about something else.
I might be.

Attached: 1578758994195.png (800x1130, 850K)

smol rood

Attached: 1498643567862.jpg (450x539, 51K)

I shoot him all the same though.

Classic attack helicopter. Certainly not a tired old joke driven into the ground by the far right.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_2_more_drawn_by_soejima_shigenori__sample-3ec2d1ef79e7a88908442b13349e8059.jpg (850x850, 90K)

what even is sleep.
I talk with frens 24/7 and all in different timezones.
new vr frens only awake when I would usually slep.. shit happens.

are you a fren? >~<

someday I will try my hand at it
not now


Attached: aoi34wgs.png (1000x715, 747K)

Aren't most jokes and memes driven into the ground and beat half to death nowadays?
Look how they massacred my poor Wojak..
The fights are the best part.
When they aren't just me getting fucked by a guy I didn't even notice.

Attached: 75524028_p0_master1200.jpg (1200x887, 590K)

Did you just assume Pebble's political bias? Also, Dodogama deserves better. At least say you capture him.

Attached: 45c37013e5706c30.jpg (1098x1500, 373K)


It's a children's medicine made to help rehydrate and give back necessary sugars and salts to get you up and moving when sick. Helps with colds, hangovers and the like. In reality it's basically Hyper mega super Gatorade on steroids lol

No you're a toaster

I like to consider myself a fren yea!

Attached: ug9rna3ar2ox.jpg (870x1199, 142K)

holy shit cringe lmao

All memes have to be political now. Except the low effort Text on image ones that are all the exact same.

Nope, slay. The only monster I prefer to capture over kill is Odogaron.
He's a good boy.

Please no.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_kou_garakuta_teikoku__450f8573e9e4e93583d7a933a46289ef.jpg (550x903, 322K)

Woke up a little later than I wanted to but is okay.
But... Dodogama... all himb do is a slep

Attached: a940e25b11caf22b26701493a5013ac7.png (1116x1579, 984K)


Same tbh, but in my eyes it's better than waking up way too early at the very least!

Attached: 20200122_065734.jpg (240x275, 45K)

aww shit :<
happens too.... balance.. win some lose some.

hell yeah brother! :)
I'm looking forward t the new season!
or is it already out.. i can'r remember i been in vr every day now i don't watch anything anymore
god no.. :( what have i become.

Attached: wait2rfhs.png (650x750, 854K)

>Helps with colds, hangovers and the like.
I'll have to remember that for later then.
C'est la vie
I probably have those deaths coming, though.
Do the same thing to people all the time.

Imma head out anons
Have a good time!

Attached: 72385572_p8_master1200.jpg (650x691, 311K)

He spit rocks at me, so I killed him.


Attached: __aegis_and_metis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_hrmd__91c58183331a722daf3772c4c674bd5b.jpg (400x485, 96K)

Orange road is cutesy comedy. NGE is good and Slayers is incredible! I've got tons of Lina and slayers merch in my room :3

Attached: okinu.jpg (459x655, 47K)

S2 of Re:Zero? It's not coming out for a bit. Leading up to the release, there's a director's cut of S1 with 45-50ish min eps airing weekly that's going to add a few scenes here and there that were cut because they didn't plan on anything past S1, but are necessary for anything past S1!

Cya fren! Have a good one!


Attached: 9e6d918be933ae3ebd59097d1489e93e.jpg (369x517, 29K)

I prefer to wake up earlier so I can have a second coffee
Dont disturb himb slumbr

Attached: tumblr_o2th1f59in1u0xk60o1_500.jpg (500x281, 44K)


Attached: sample_a019c59625710f19e3d62a5e18a90614.jpg (850x733, 167K)

have gud life!

oh... maybe i was thinking fo something else then... sad.

Attached: ufdv.png (1350x760, 1.81M)

I mean it is airing this year, but it's a couple months away still

Heyhey Stocking fren?

Attached: 20200123_221606.jpg (642x600, 184K)

Jordie Jordanson claimed

Attached: DgzrDhXUYAIZlhA.jpg (768x1024, 144K)

How do you have so many pictures of this man?

you gotta remind me when it do.. i feel im being consumed by vr stuff kinda day by day straying further away from my animoose

Attached: tom7hf4sd.png (824x1075, 1.47M)

I'm pretty sure I'm a fictio/cartoonophile. Because I'm attracted to nearly any beautiful female characters in whatever media I consume without real actors. All thanks to my ongoing year long r34 pron addiction. I couldn't tell my therapist about that tho because it'd be hella embarrassing.

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I don't have that many

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Rip Image Limit.
New thread?

Leave the house faggot


Sorry if I do this wrong. Never actually started a new thread before tbh