How does Cred Forums feel about fat chicks?

How does Cred Forums feel about fat chicks?

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I wish she were my slampiggy

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I love a good thick 200 lbs girl, but nothing over 250. Too much fo my

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That pussy looks amazing

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Mmm yes

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Fat chicks are objectively the best

Don't bother trying to change my opinion because it's mouth opinion it's fact

*not opinion, fucking pleb phoneposter

what is that bergina
it looks so comfy but not right..

The best

Love fat chicks like this

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strongly, regardless

the fatter the better

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not really fat but it makes muh dick diamonds
>kinda chub though

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It’s all about proportions and figure. For instance pic related has absolutely nothing going on ....

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Whereas this chick absolutely does, despite them being roughly the same size.

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Actually I can't see any difference, I'm sure somewhere under all that fat is a beautyfull women, she just needs a diet to find her.

Fat chicks are beautiful creatures that deserve to be loved and cherished. And in return they should stay at home for their man always naked getting fatter and staying pregnant and bearing their man's children.

Not bad, married one. She gives lousy head and her old fashioned needs some work. But she performs once it comes time for foreplay to be over and the real show begins

Need more pics of that outfit.