Congratulations to all the cheering Amerifat yokels on your new king...

Congratulations to all the cheering Amerifat yokels on your new king. The transition to banana republic didn't take very long, did it? As the lights of civilization go out and the Enlightenment fades, a new Dark Ages descends on the West. Congratulations, democracy is dead!

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Good shit, dawg!

>democracy is dead
Democracy doesn't exist anywhere on this planet.

It did, once. Early US communities voted on laws and rules by simple show of hands at town hall meetings without a need for a central authority. Communities from the highland Yanomani to the Hopi have had direct democracies for Millennia. The Amerifat experiment with democracy couldn't survive the dumbing-down of the educational system; Fox News delivered the coup de grace. And now you have a king again.

King George is looking pretty good now, doesn't he, Amerifats?

It was this fags fault!

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Nah, he's just a conscienceless sociopath who knows which way the wind is blowing. He sold out his country to Russia because he knew the Amerifat people were too stupid to be saved. He's a symptom, not the cause.

I hate the king! How long before we aren't aloud to say that!?!

I hate the monarchy!

It does but let's say it doesn't of argument why can people criticize the American gov when there inside of America but not North Korean gov or most governments in the middle east or china's gov because the government is a democracy where you can gain rights by voting and that's why America and the west have a lot more rights than the rest of the world


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America and it's legal system is dead.


Amerika's legal system has always been, "He who has the most money wins." The only change is now it's, "Whoever has the loudest megaphone wins." Since money can buy you a very big megaphone, it's just adding another step to buying your rights.

Sucking the freedom out of America.

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Irreverent europoor

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Hi, Boris. Taking a victory lap? Hope you got a bonus from Vlad for destroying Amerika.

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I am the King! Get used to it! Losers!

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ok omar

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Lucky 7's of truth

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If fluoride in the water is turning the freaking frogs gay, is soy turning humans gay?

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You're welcome you little faggots.
I can't help what's coming next because while you're still seething in fetal positions in your dark closits you still think that your annointed one shillary should have won.
It didn't work out that way for you, get over it.

Well term limits will die within the next 4 and a half years.

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What's that supposed to mean?
You must be an idiot foreinger.

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I like this photo

democracy died a long time ago, newfriend

So he can be reelected. In 2024 and 2028. So on. I'm American. Born and raised.

The new King!

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Democracy has been dead, and good riddance.

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The rebels will never give up!

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Nice puppet

No its just a good photo and you're a giant shit posting faggot

Thank you.

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Stop with the bullshit.
What really needs term limits are these congress assholes that live on for 50 fucking terms and have to wheeled in to make votes.
At least they have to be in person to make votes but making term limits on shits like pelosi and schucky schumer will never happen because that would take a constitutional convention and they will never limit themselves.

Speak nice of your father.

Looks like Appolia from Godfather.

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Easy to amend Presidential term limits.

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Holy shit u retarded europoor faggot USA was NVR a democracy the founder knew retards like your self would screw over logical thinkers with your endless faggotry now bend over for Mohammed

t. Butthurt Eastern Europoor butt blasted about all the muzzies fucking his sister

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>one unrelated angle

i want Hillary to show feet so bad gets me so horny thinking about her crow feet bby

>mad as fuck

jealous sand nigger paki allahu
general ackbar paki fuk paki internet pedophiles

we have a democratic republic retard

Dude I'm chill lol. You're raging about ?muzzies?

Ree ree

This is Obama’s fault

Fuck you

Just remember the congressional types who have to be wheeled in there to make a vote after so many terms they have to be skeletons.

Thanks obama

Stay fat, Cletus.

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The only good thing is that congressional people have to be in person to make a vote.
I suspect those faggots will change that.

U Mad?

You’re going to be so triggered in November

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A lot of you people are foreigners and assholes that want to destroy the USA.
Read our little ole Constitution before pissing on it, or we're gonna piss on you!

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>Congratulations, democracy is dead!
Demacratic Republic is alive and well

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What a cry baby you are ..... #Ivanka2024

Dead rebels do

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>things that happen in leftists imaginations

> implying the impeachemnt was expected to happen

dude, relax. even the democrats are pretty open about the fact that it was clear form the beging that the impeachment was to lead no where. I mean, a 2/3 majority wasn't to happen. period.
but it gave them a valuable platform to bring the shit Trump has been collecting to a boil, just right in time.
To make the impeachment process happen was what mattered, not the (very foreseeable) outcome.

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gross you fat cunt god bless us n a

>The transition to banana republic

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>bunch of words that mean nothing



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your bumhole has skintags lol yucky groom yourself sir

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i dream of this every night me and the rest of our cavemen crew

hehe omg Europe!

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Dreams are like assholes. Everyone has them, and some are shittier that others.

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If that means one of a caveman cronie and henchmen of bloomberg / de blasio / clinton then I'm glad to not be part of any of that part of shit. A damn desieges rabit dog can do better than do better than have have anything to do with bloomberg or it's shit crony/henchman de blasio.

why must europe now before caveman islam i am disappoint

we are going hunting tonight brother. we would be honoured if you would join us.

One might wonder why someone that grew up in NYC want's nothing to do with it anymore, duh, it's bloomberg and it's henchman/crony di belbasio

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You can thank your own leaders for "darkness falling on the west", after all diversity is strength and you need the third world swarming into Europe for the greater good.

Hopefully you will follow UKs example and wake up, if you aren't imprisoned for thoughtcrime.

Good luck!

Are you in Europe?

Indeed, but only targeted fucks.

>A new dark ages descends on the west


Let the Barbarian age begin! I love the dark ages and lots of interesting things happened then, let martial prowess be our new democracy!


Doesn't work anymore, get a new one NPC.

You got what you voted for.....enjoy

We can't do a star chamber type stuff, otherwise we become like they are. Maybe I'm naive?

Uhhh y-you can't say that! I'm reporting you to the thought police!!!!11!!!!

Is there anyone home?
I can't feel it hurting now?

>i am disappoint

How could dis happen?

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Just proves we need hate speech laws!

Wait what do you mean who gets to define hate?


Good. People don't know what's best for them.

Yea I know.
I bought three acres in the middle of nowhere. I'm safe cause I'm white with a country accent and these stupid assholes only target on arbitrary things.
Next step is pretend to be Christian and stay under the radar, I already don't have a social media presence. Like I'm golden. I'm a nobody.

Their grand strategy worked!
Trump: Highest numbers ever
Republicans: Highest numbers since 2005
Iowa: Shitshow
DNC: Clearly fucking over Bernie (as planned)
Republicans: Energized
Democrats: Fractured and Demoralized

Great plan!

David Gilmour & David Bowie - Comfortably Numb

I really wish american government would start dressing like this.

Yep, all you have to do is pretend to be something you hate until you die. Good plan.

Why would anyone here want to dress like some fucking cath cunts without meaning?

Well I have good news for you!

What is that such good news that it got banned? Fucking idiots.

Well he already hates himself so it shouldn't be a problem.

If America is so bad why does the world suffer when our economy goes to shit and the world benefits when our economy is doing good?

Based user

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Pure fanboy hyperbole.

Picture of a fat dude, text said "I am a European who is hairy, obese and loves Islam"

No idea what rule it possibly violated?

Easy reason is that they're thousands of year old failed shit nations that need to blame their failures on others, so they blame it on the USA a nation that hasn't been alive for even 250 years.
Yet they still seem to tell us what to do and should piss the fuck off.

Democracy exists, the options arent great somtimes but poeple mistly only say it doesnt exist when they dont get thier way.

>Why would anyone here
Not you you fucking plebian. I thought american plebs could read?
>dress like some fucking cath cunts
kek, read your history user then come back to me
>without meaning?
topkek dress in a hessian jumpsuit then

Maybe we're not all stupid enough to mark our shit as halal yet?

Honestly I went to America for the first time last summer and I was so excited to see the land of the free n shit. I went to Seattle and honestly everybody is fuckin stereotypically dumb, they’re aggressive and everything’s dirty . The American Dream is dead their garbage media has dumbed down the population beyond belief, Trump supporters are perfect evidence of that , mindless goons who believe whatever he shits in their mouths unable to objectively think for themselves.

Not that user but name one country please.

You mean like when Bernie is winning Iowa and the DNC decides he isn't?

And they should run more of the country?

Touched a nerve did I?

Ok get one of these, might help you feel better

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Yea, but the issue of inviting a foreign government to interfere in elections hits at the core of the system, it's hard to ignore what this means I'm the long term

Your mistake was going to Seattle, I seriously doubt you saw many Trump Supporters there, it is a Democrat stronghold and a "Liberal Paradise".

Only children and aging women get tattoos.

lol.ur gay kkk

Still MUH RUSSIA? I hope they run NPC update 02.2020 soon.

>Touched a nerve did I?
Typical pleb response. HURR TRIGGARD
I'm agnostic so i don't give a fuck about the Protector Of Pedophiles Everywhere or his plebby acolytes.
You need to read a book because you obviously don't anything about history, royalty or even religion.
In your opinion fashion is pointless so let's run around naked.

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Their are alot they have a vote. Think 2 chocies isnt the best but still people only have a problem when the results arent what they want. "Then it is the end if democracie." Where as uf they one they want wins they just say "ok democracy really works"

Does this offend you?
If it does, then good.

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How is that a "pleb response" for me to not care about your savage shit response?

I assume it's like that everywhere, from my experience, it is, America works because we let the exceptional succeed and profit off their success

>Their are alot they have a vote
Name one please. Or stfu and sit down on a dildo.

i love this song on heroin

Why would a picture of your dad offend me mohammed?
>me to not care
>Doesn't care
>Replies twice
Topkek nigger

Im not american. Would need info on if Bernie is winning or not.
But the pist saud that democracy doesnt exist.

Mistly people say that wgen they lose like if you're in a group and have a vote to do somthing just becouse they dont pick your thing does not mean it wasnt democratic.

Shine on yet exposed by the light

yes hurdurr cankle bitch i’m horny for house wives

I don't know, moohamad is nothing but a sack of shit to us. You tell me why it should make a difference to the shining city on the hill?

Yeah their extreme liberals are just as retarded, I’m going to Texas this summer so I’ll let you know my findings. America is just so flawed and it’s surreal that a country with so much power has vested control of this power in a bunch of selfish retards. Marco Rubio admitted that his crimes met the threshold for impeachment but voted to acquit so protect his fag party interests

Don't you guys ever get tired of this thread?

Yeah perfect for op. Should get somthing like this to express their emotions. Hopfully they dont change.

You're going into room 101!

> don't know, moohamad is nothing but a sack of shit to us.
Why do you suck the shit out of his anus and call it chocolate fudge then?
>You tell me why it should make a difference to the shining city on the hill?
It shouldn't but you seem to think it does, if you didn't why even save the pic and obsess over his shit-nozzle so much?

No, it's all in fun.

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Oh it was totally SOP for the "Democratic" party.

Don't ask me those questions, the answers are the savages that worship moohammed and stone people that disagree at the least of it. No wonder why we don't want them to have nukes.

Australia. I guess. Shit chose but we get one. Would prefer a better option though.

Good all the interesting people will be there... and Jellyfish

Should be fun.

sop = socialict operating party?

Australia is a representative democracy. In this political system, eligible people vote for candidates to carry out the business of governing on their behalf. Australia's system of government—its institutions and practices—reflect British and North American traditions combined in a way that is uniquely Australian.

Not operating so well at the moment. But we should totally give them control of everything!

>Don't ask me those questions
topkek copehard faggot nigger

Why are from time and time again are you afraid to break away from Britain and become an independent nation?
t. USA

That always works out well.

last time we did something truly amazing happened. POWER TO THE PEOPLE

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Lol fucking arab please come in my wife
David Gilmour The Strat Pack

>Why are from time and time again are you afraid to break away from Britain and become an independent nation?
>Knowing stuff about a foreign nation means you must be part of it.
Typical american retards. You'll all be niggers soon.

I dont know the queen said we could and still be part of the commonwealth games etc. But people voted to stay.

I think it was very close though.

checked and based

shove your topkek up your ass cringekek

Moscow Mitch couldn’t corral the Mormon daddy

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That's what you say you aussie faggot tard fucks are time and time again with votes are too stupid and wimpy to get over from Britain. The USA did it by force or did history escape you, you stupid cunt?


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Why should we read Orangeman’s toilet paper?

Lol why is magneto in a nazi uniform

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>That's what you say you aussie faggot tard fucks are time and time again with votes are too stupid and wimpy to get over from Britain.
kek when you still think i'm an ausnigger
How does the spic dick taste american? I can honestly say i've never seen a spic or nigger in my life.
>The USA did it by force or did history escape you, you stupid cunt?
>Gets destroyed in an argument.
Britain raped the fuck out of your ancestors user, then bailed before you got too mad at them and you started killing each other over it.

His final form obviously

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Wanted to see how it feels to be like gorge sorros

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Yeah you should instead of being seething in closits like looser faggots like shillary weirdos. Get over it it.

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that lizard guy scared me tbh

>As the lights of civilization go out and the Enlightenment fades
Boy, you're quite the drama queen aren't you? The Enlightenment never occurred for EVERYONE - the plebs have always needed something to deify and venerate above the human condition - that's exactly why communism and fascism never worked. Most people have no sense of the erudite and intellectual - they just wanna make it to the next meal/rest/play/fuck and a pleasing narrative that tells them it all means something.

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Nice retcon fucking retard

I don't know, why don't you tell me what spanish dick tells the USA about. You seem to be quite well versed on it, so do tell us?
You fucking faggot!

Scan I penetrate you while you explain this to me in detail? Maybe use your tears as lube to jack off with? My peehole may have a hair or two stuck on it from letting cum cry that way but I will force it down if you do not accept me

>I don't know, why don't you tell me what spanish dick tells the USA about.
Jesus. How can you be so illiterate?
>You seem to be quite well versed on it, so do tell us?
Your dad told me he let spics and niggers fill up your baby bottle. I gave him aids through the butthole immediately.
>You fucking faggot!
At least i don't eat chocolate donuts with extra chocolate sauce.
>TFW i thought you were a nigger but it turns out you're a beaner

Why are you such a faggot? Is that all you can think of? Dicks and butts and dicks in butts?

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That lizard bitch is nothing to be scared to be about. Just blast his out, but remember to be magnimimous that is once you know it can be killed, don't kill it. It might be your friend later.
Vengenge is never fun.

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Maybe it even let you win to see what you would do...

Only my dick in your butt I want to use your sweet boypussy while you sniff your fingers like the guy in your gif

>destroying America
>record unemployment
>booming economy
>better trade deals
>people coming off welfare

Seems like it’s only “destroyed” if you want hand-outs or if you’re salty about the orange man beating that hag last time.

I think that you speak plainly if you're capable.

Green speak is for faggots and those who can't speak directly.
David Gilmour " Guitarist Extraordinaire "
Ahh the shadows


It's a very sneaky operation, and they already know about it. We lurk them out them pick them off. Shadows don't deserve any quarter.
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Shadows have laundry day too you piece of shit

So do the vorlons, it gives us a day or two off.

seems to be an amerifat tourist...

Piss off you uro trash sack of shit that can't buy anything without being halal.
Are you too stupid to speak to speak for yourself or is the islam hoarde speaking for you now, you fuckers are a sad lot.

Must be an amerifat but we don't suck up to islam like you faggots do.
You hypocrite sacks of shit.
You just have to have someone to blame don't you... why not blame yourselves your failures?
Mark Knopfler - Telegraph Road - Córdoba

Why don't you tell me more about "amerifats" I'll tell you more about 100% eurotrash cunts...

Lay off the kool-aid. It's a president. You need to go back to school and slap your principal for allowing you to fail civics and graduate you retard

They'll never get over the fact that their "annointed one" didn't win and will seethe in their dark closits and just deal with it. One can only just deal with it.

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Would anyone in their right mind rather have this thing?

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Democracy isn't dead but its definitely got some nails in the coffin

What makes it infuriating is the stupids you can see all over this thread celebrating because "their guy" is the one who killed democracy. And they're too moronic and lacking in imagination to see far enough ahead to wonder what's going to happen when it's someone they don't like who holds power because they kicked democracy in the nads.

All hail the GodKing!

it was never alive

The overly edited cringy picture ?