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Fun fact, they're not even actually jews, they're Ashkenazi, European decent.

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You Laugh, Jews Lose?

You Jew, You Lose

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Poison is not substance, poison is dosage.

Botulinum is the deadliest toxin on the planet. A couple pounds of the stuff could kill the entire human race. And yet people pay thousands of dollars to have it injected into their face as Botox. Strychnine and nightshade has been known to be deadly poisons for well over a thousand years, yet even back then people diluted it and made it into an herbal tea to cure ailments. Conversely, you can die from water poisoning and oxygen poisoning.

You're retarded.

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Nice try, but denying won't make the truth go away

Ok, seriously, what do they mean when they say Europe won't survive? I've seen this in a few places, and have even watched the video with that broad, but I never got what they meant. To say Europe will not survive implies an existential threat. What is it that they claim that Europe needs from a bunch of poor, uneducated African migrants?

You know you're not supposed to swallow mouthwash right? So then why the fuck would you willingly drink water with the same shit in it and deny its there?

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Dosage, you fucking moron. And drinking mouthwash won't kill you. Alcoholics drink it all the time.

Fluoride is not a mind control drug you dipshit.

Ah yes, the tree of life

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Ok, no, that's not an answer.

Europe. Existential threat of some sort?
Migrants. Solution of some sort?

Seriously, no joke. I genuinely want to know, given the claim that Europe won't survive without multiculturalism/diversity, why not? What is it that's changed in the last few years that Europe, surviving for many hundreds of years, suddenly needs?

Seriously, what are they even claiming? It doesn't make sense to me.

I didn't say it controls your mind, cocksuck, it's obviously a fucking poison that you're dumbass is trying to justify is okay to injest.

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That's the point, they are of they're father the devil, the author of confusion. That's why none of the politics make sense. Like white privilege? What?

either europe give in and become a shitskinned moronic trashrace ruled by them, or they will continue bringing millions of africans to destroy them

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You best be trolling, nigger.

What do u guys have against Cred Forums?

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fluoride in water is such a low dosage that it will have no effect on the nervous system or any organ system

But what about the accumulation of the dosage over time...?

it is cumulative, and needs PPM level dosages for an effect

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The amount of fluoride in drinking water is so low that it will never accumulate in your body. You will die from drinking too much water.
the amount of fluoride in water is 0.7 mg/L (0.7 ppm) and the lowest harmful dosage recorded in humans is 5mg fluoride / Kg bodyweight. That means that to have a negative effect the standard 70Kg human needs to consume 350 mg fluoride.
350mg of F could be found in 350 L of water (rounding the .7 mg/L up to 1mg / L to make math easy)
to have harmful effects from fluoride you would have to drink 350 L of water or like 85 gallons of water in a day.
So no fluoride in drinking water won't hurt you so go put your tinfoil hats back on

kg is lower case btw

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>You Laugh, Jews Lose?

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I do pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, not grammar

You Like Jews Lose

I am not being disrespectful, guess who taught you what you know

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Happy Birthday voor Hitler
[Reupload] Napalm Sticks to Kids youtube.com/watch?v=t9eybY9qFfY

Idiocracy - Electrolytes
Indiocracy - Brawndo : It's got what plants crave!

God Bless America I'm not like everybody else youtube.com/watch?v=DNgvwgW2TSw
God Bless America - I'm not like everybody else youtube.com/watch?v=oHeTJt-Hii0
I Never Cry - God Bless America (Fan Made) Music Video youtube.com/watch?v=Mip-37TmdhQ
God Bless America (2012) Frank rants youtube.com/watch?v=52EnTtGstKg
IQ Tests Pt1 youtube.com/watch?v=LH3wTuu8u5U
IQ tests pt2 youtube.com/watch?v=chaEgz7VlFc

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I studied at a methodist college...

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This is a TV stunt..


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lol there's no sodium fluoride in rat poison. and they use a salt of fluorosilicic acid in municipal water fluoridation. haha

Peek tinfoil hat.

This smells a lot like one guy emptying his paranoia folder

Why are you surprised to find paranoia and disinformation in a Jew hate thread?

Who actually makes all this shit btw? Most of the quotes are fake or out of context, “facts” are inaccurate, etc. Is it just seriously committed hobbyists? Or is someone actually pushing all this propaganda?

spreading hate again

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Based Israelis

Refugees go the fuck home. Especially fake African “refugees.”

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