I bought a house young

I bought a house young.
Fell in love. Been together for nearly 8 years.
Now my fiancée.
We have a 16 month old son.
I work part time to be the full time carer while she works (earns slightly more)
Decided to do this as she wasnt coping with stress.

Me and my boy have the best relationship. She is jealous.

Partner doesnt think i do enough around the house, despite my constant maintenance.
Tells me i need to cook every night - eventually do the grocery shopping.
Tells me i need to do this that and everything.

Bitch gave birth to my son.
I love my son, best gift i have ever gotten.
I oblige. I accept my whipping like a bitch.
Bare in mind i do alot of other shit, mowing, garbage, general tiding, washing clothes, dishes... after dinner ffs.

Partner does general clean of the house. Easy as fuck. So easy-she does this during her work (works from home)

Continues to say she is unhappy with me and that i never change.

Tonight says she would rather be a single mum then live with me.
Proceeds to unload all this shit... all this hypocritical shit that she has flipped on me.

It is terrifying at the idea of losing my son to this bitch, but its pretty funny her delusion and expectation would not willingly be met by anyone else (nor myself anymore)

Why are women fucked in the head?

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shit like this is why im terrified of falling in love because after years and years most relationships seem to simply go to shit. i dont want to invest in a bitch for years on end just to have her cheat on me or leave me out of the blue for whatever fucked up reasons they come up with. 8 years is a long time, man. perhaps she's found someone else hence the general bitterness towards you, but that kid is what should keep both of you serious and invested in it

I'ts not about you its about your son.
You made your choice when you took the part time worker position in the house, man up and get everything done, everything.
Secure you spot, life and finances so that they can be handled without.
Fuck someone who will do better if she doesn't
Even if she takes the kid maintain your household and life and she will eventually dump him on you as she has proven she isn't capable of being the main parent.
Have patience, be man stop fixating on gender you little bitch.

I bought a house young. Fell in love.
>be me "You fell in love with a house? You had sex with it."

lel newfag is discovering how relations work

just be one of billions and die slowly

Nah she hasnt found anyone else. She isnt a fuckwit cheater and technically "has everything invested"
Of all the ffucked up she is,she isnt a cheat.

When we met she was heavily in debt and had a shit job.
Lifted her up and got her a good job, she cleared her debt.

It would seem we have just grown into different people with different aspirations.

Although... this relationship has been financially beneficial to her and our break up would be too.

Idk man.

Ive cum all over the beaut.

Keep in mind my part time is still 3 full days of work and 2 half days - on those half days i am caring for a baby.

Idk if you have delt with children, but all those expectations become unrealistic to achieve.

>be me
>30 yo
>above average dick
>live in my gf's home since 2010
>don't work, play games, stoned whole day, she's paying for everything
>no children
>no plan at all
>no fights

Huh, going on 20 years as a house husband, my wife never says any of that shit. As long as there are meals on the table, the kids do their homeschooling, and I'm up when she's horny it's all good

Being a parent actually shows how much weaker the woman is to man.

Ifrom the anecdotal evidence ive accumulated its amazing how much better men can cope and manage children.

I bought a house young. Fell in love. Been together for nearly 8 years. Now my fiancée.
>be me "he is now married to that house."

>Why are women fucked in the head?
Says the autistic Cred Forums poster.

Keep those blinders on

Not OP but most women aren't cheaters despite what the fags on this Peruvian basket weaving forum will tell you

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OP I'm young and in love and I'd say you are just going through a tough patch sometimes there is things in people's heads that you cant see but I hope for your sake and your sons that you can work through it. I grew up without a dad and it fucked me up.

Had 2 marriages end the same way. After around 8 years they start itching for their freedom which actually means new cock. Everything becomes your fault and nothing you do is ever right or good enough. I'm a believer that it's a biological process and there is little we cam do to avoid it.

Stfu homo

I'd recommend waiting this out. It sounds like postpartum depression.
It takes a while to go away.

Get pure proof then take protective custody to be the best dad ever. (Courts are now being more cooler) show you're the better man AND father.

kys bluepilled cuck

You have to find a way to get her arrested for something, drugs, spousal assault. This will bar her from the house until lawyer gets it official (she'll still have to pay your rent).

Be careful with those parenthesis i dont want angry (yous)

yup whis isn't a bad idea at all

spike her drink with some meth, plant some on her, work on a story and call cops

Not all women.

It’s objectively true that there are women that exist who are worthwhile partners. You just so happened to have gotten dealt a bad hand. Sorry user - either stick to your guns (I would) and tell her you love your kid, but you’re better off without her, or you could crumble and continue to be even more of a slave than you already are. The choice is yours - which would you be happiest with? Really think about it.

op will an hero next week
and nobody cares
his son will get a black daddy or two

Oh okay - never mind I guess

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Orly? I didn't say most women are cheaters. Her bahavior says SHES cheating

Growing up without a dad didn't fuck u up. U thinking u needed a dad fucked u up

Didn't learn the first time?

>Why are women fucked in the head?
Come on, it's not your womans fault, that you became the girl in your relationship.

Op don't be a beta faggot...We have clearly divided responsibilities. she's the boss in the house i take care of everything outside...take charge and lead even if you are the stay at home

>no children
>no plan at all
>no fights
cuz you are her children niga

My wife is literally the same. Says I don't do shit at home and it seams the more I help out the more is expected out of me. It's NEVER enough no matter what I do. Women have some kind of a nagging gene honestly. And she always wants me to come home early (I go to the gym and lift after work at 4pm and home at arounf 8pm). But for what is unclear. To just eat and watch tv? I have plenty of hobbies and stuff to do besides working and watching TV. And every time I do any of them she asks "when are you home?" Got damn its so exhausting. I wish i was single so bad honestly. But we have a kid on the wat, bought and apartment together so im basically stuck. Don't get married ny dudes. It's not worth it. I thought I was missing some kind of deeper emotional connection before I got married but I can get that from friends both online and irl...

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Women who nag and bitch usually have childhood trauma they need to deal with.

have to agree. I have a dad with a mental disorder that essentially is worse than being dead by all accounts. I would happily trade not being fucked up by this permanently.

Always marry the cunt before you spawn. That way you have some rights. In your situation, you'd be lucky to get visitation.

Women project all their crap onto you.
I'm in a similar situation, 14 years in, four kids.
I wiped all the asses, take a lot of crap, but the kids are awesome and are starting to look down on the abusive woman.

dont do this
>hey take half of my shit

Bro drain the account take your son to Hawaii get him a birth certificate there to establish local ties for him get a job file for divorce keep son profit from child support and live life happily on an island full of whores

she should go visit some psychologist and stuff. She is projecting hard on you. You are not a dump where she can unload her shit.

Are you, me?

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Hey user, it seems a lot of folks in here are just being dicks. Let me drop my 2 cents.

It seems that you're suffering from the classic problems brought on by having your wife be the breadwinner. Sargon actually did a video recently talking about this phenomenon, and you're ticking every single box.

At the end of the day dude, it's biological. The vast majority of women do not want to be the breadwinners, even if they say they do. They don't want to work if given the chance, and her seeing you happy while she is miserable working is driving the point home in her head that she shouldn't have to work, and that's why she's nagging you so much.

This is also the reason why children of single mothers have such a tendency to grow to be kinda off in their heads, because women become angry and short-tempered when the stress of being the breadwinner is thrust into them.

Have an honest conversation with her. Ask her what she really wants. Ask her why it bothers her that you work less. This doesn't work for all couples, if I'm honest with you, so if you want to salvage the relationship, you two may have to switch roles. However, if you genuinely believe there's nothing to be saved, get your finances in check, son, because you'll need to prove to a judge that you're capable of supporting yourself and your son on your own.

Document everything, get recordings of the abuse, get complete records of the screaming matches, use everything your wife says against her in court. Be prepared for the reality of family court, though, and come to terms with the fact that you have a very good chance of ending up with child support payments even as the half with the lower income. Get her paystubs and make copies, make sure you don't miss anything.

Good luck, Cred Forumsro. You'll need it.

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