Cuck couple here - would you do my gf?

cuck couple here - would you do my gf?

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No, but I would love to break your fucking nose

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That’s a guy

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yeah, kik me liamr9811

so you have money and abuse her mentally and force her to fuck man infront of you?

You both look like insufferable cunts

>Cuck couple
More like a gay couple.

Keep telling yourself that. Trannies, especially if feminine, are better than girls.

I have money but she likes to fuck others too and I like to watch

thank you

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first imprision, you look booly-able.

Trannies are great. I love watch trannies do my gf

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Man, this dudes body is not taking very well to his HRT

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That's not originally a F, still would bang their boipussy tho.

where about do you live?

It’s always cute when 2 sociopaths find each other. No wonder you’re a cuck - you probably can’t stand fucking her either

Same. Getting cucked by a tranny with a dick bigger than yours or a woman is the only acceptable form of cuckery.

no, i don't like ugly fatties

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Eh why not. She's bout 7/10 seems like a decent fuck, she do anal?

if she likes you yes
depends on how you look, hygiene and so on

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Fuck yes I would. Id choke her out with my dick

Kik me fixit80

I bet she loves a hard throat fucking

glad to find someone with good taste

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She's the girl from comic conventions right? I've blown so many loads to her...

I bet you're right

she is really into giving oral and cosplay during sex lol

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she play league of legends?
tell her to add me xXe621Xx

I would have to hear he(r) speak first.

So fucking crazy hot.

I want her to gag on my cock until one little tear runs down her checks

>Chopped off his penis

You use Kik?

I'll ask

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I want her to live on my cock

I'd last 2 seconds....

sounds like you would fit right in

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Nice cringe kid

thought sounds complicated long term

we had her flirt with some guy at cosplay cons and they literally came a bit too soon haha

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Would love to meet up at a convention sometime. She into girls as well?

batman was not the hero she needed but maybe the hero we deserved

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I would fuck her so hard, right there in front of everyone.

yes she is bi
we're eurotrash though

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Damn. Syrup sucking Canadian here.

Would try to impregnate this girl certainly

Please God post more nudes. Jerking it in the workplace bathroom

we usually scout the area of a con for more secluded places like bushes or disabled toilet (lots of space) or unlocked empty rooms before we approach someone

we're both excited to see her do it in front of total strangers but we dont want to get thrown out too soon

we had her piss in front of compelte strangers though and show off nipples, pubes, ass and so on and it was already really good

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fuck i'm on NA goddamnit

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All dykes need to be tossed into the pit.

Im sorry for our common loss

we use condoms for total strangers to prevent diseases and so on
and we dont want kids rn

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Please more of this dress

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Well, you ever plan to make it to Tonto comic Con, New York comic Con, or Detroit comic Con, we could meet up and have lots of fun.

Keep going

would probably open a few threads if we travel that far
but could be fun doing it so far from home
small chance she gets recognized

working on a costume that could malfunction and leave her butt naked currently

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Amazing. Closest we got was at a Detroit comic Con, it was hot af, so my gf walked around braless in a super thin Supergirl outfit. Got a lot of looks.

I'd lay her on the edge of the bed on her back with her head hanging over and fuck her mouth

yeah I can iamgine
started out similar for us when Julia went with out as Poison Ivy without a cloak and showed a lot of her ass and people stared at her crotch

we were both turned on by it and started exploring....

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those roofs, that radiator, tha's 99% paris

no its germany

how have you guys never taken your girl to an adult bookstore with a gloryhole or to an adult theater? Easy, cheap, and fun...

I think she's fucking sexy. Would have fun with her while you watch

why do the guy always looks sad and the girl always looks vile?

we've been thinking of going to the adult theater and will probably do it in the future

for her the costumes matter a lot when we do it and she feels safer so we stuck to cospay conventions so far

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adult theaters are easy, cheap, and controllable. My wife and I always do a lap braless, if she doesn't like the vibe, we just leave. No cost at all

glad you think so mate

she was a bit panicking about getting recognized if we do it in our city but I think we're over that point now
its probably safer than some of the miniskirt + no underwear stuff we pulled in the park

If she got fat, then yeah.

we go to a bookstore a few hours away when we go away for the weekend. cheao and easy fun with no worry of being seen or found out.

What country are you from?
Do you use kik or the like?


She seems like an unbearable empty bitch. Bet she’s a feminist aye?

that is two dudes!!!

Whar girl?

Will need to see a woman first.

we kinda do something similar with smaller convs but we also went into comic stores with her having a slutty outfit (but nothing to crazy in those stores yet - just a bit of unshaved poison ivy...bit of ass cheecks hanging out...remote controlled vib....)

not gonna lie, I think she would look so hot if she got fat but I havent told her haha

Where abouts in Europe?

I mean, I would but.....she wouldn't be my first choice. Better you than me.

it's hot to have my wife walk around, nipples showing and no underwear with a short skirt, knowing every guy in the place wants her to suck their cock



Cucks should die

Usually this is (at least here) safer. We've went to a few different adult bookstores, and one adult movie theater. Always pantyless in a dress.

Showed off to a bunch of strangers, never fucked one. Never found a gloryhole...

gloryholes are easy to make with a sheet and a bathroom at a hotel. expecially on a highway where a lot of truckers drive. doublelist or reddit are your friends there,..

who would be your first choice?

I really like it if she doesnt shave and wears poison ivy or bikini in summer and its clearly visible but we pretend not to notice

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we also have no idea where to find a glory hole but we had no trouble finding horny nerds for her to suck off at conventions haha
nerds just love getting jinxed

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it's fun to have her show off like that isn't it? and it immediately draws attention...

so what is the filthiest experience you can think of for her?

That wouldn't work. More looking for people who just happen to be there, not making any plans or posts about it. That sounds possibly dangerous.

Looking for a more "public" place, hopefully with people around or age or with similar interests. That's why a con sounds like such a great idea.

Or at a concert in the bathroom.

it gets me so hard in no time haha its not even funny and I know she likes it too

she and her friend jenny did something pretty filthy but I'm not sure I should say here what it is

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Please God say it. If it's what I think it is....

Got Kik? Would be more private.

doublelist is good when you are doing it yourself at a hotel or something. its public enough to be safe...
and yes it gets me hard too. i'm hard getting in the car lol

>t I'm not sure I should say here what it is
C'mon bro don't do this to my dick.

Why wouldn't you want to say what it was? I thought you were a cuck. Wouldn't us knowing feed into it?

well they got intimate and smoked a bit and eventually shit in each others mouths after rimming each other
afterwards they said it was a thing of the moment and where a bit embarassed haha

Worse than Eurotrash, you speak German.

It's worth checking out I suppose.

Not really interested in doing it ourselves, she really wants to try it, but also wants to be able to back out if she gets too nervous or doesn't like the vibe of it.

I think they are a bit embarased they let themselves go but it might also turn some people off because its pretty extreme

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You were right, should have kept it private. Filthy subhumans

Oh. I was hoping it had something to do with her chest tattoos....

That's hot as fuck, shit, maybe some day a nerd will do it in front of you, her behind her ass on her knees, now that would be nasty.

Poop is gross. Boner annihilated.

You weren't there ? Would you have liked to be ?

She earn those paw print tats properly?

if she doesnt want to try it, don't open the door, easiest thing in the world in a hotel...

they both said it was a limit experience

maybe there is something but I wont mention it here wink wink nudge nudge

we wouldnt do that with a stranger
it was more of a one time thing

the other guy asked for filthy

I was watching it

Are you near Netherlands/Germany?

Mention it on kik or wickr or something of the like? Xdonniexdarkox on most platforms

Where are you from asshole?
Post contact info so we can come fuck your whore

do you want to neuken in the keuken?

Naw, not in to dudes.

Ik blijf liever fappen op trappen. Rukken op krukken en trekken voor vlekken.

her genitals have been documented in this thread above what is required by existing laws, officer

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you like to fapp to traps? Of bedoelde je wat anders haha

Cucks Kik qwertyq1e for a big cock bull in Toronto. Looking for new couples to play with

kinda like how you call her whore commenting on her fancy outfit haha

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I am from the German side of the border, which Bundesland/Province are you from?

Ik heb net pindakaas gegeten. Dus vul maar in.

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Dear God in heaven, you not sharing more about this world be the single worst tragidy in German history....


Please tell me where we can have further discussions about her. Where you can say or share things you are not willing to say or share here....

Ayyy, I own that same rope. I'd hang her from the ceiling for a good time, have her blow you on the bed or a chair while she's being dicked in the swing.

je bent een held

What is the maximum amount of cock she had in one day

M25 German bull
Thick cock
Cant satisfy your slut and want a real man to do it?
Kik: davidavedav12

I want to watch her get fucked by a dog right now.

Fuck yeah I would. Your gf is hot as fuck and if you get off on her being fucked by other guys then you're a waste of her time.

cmon op cut the bullshit, she is french.
are you in lyon, right?

How can we identify couples like you? Just looking and observing how would we know you’re into this kind of stuff?

Hey OP, your gf is adorable and I would love to fuck her with you.
Her body is incredible and I love hairy pussy, so you talking about her going out with extra hair peeking out from behind her bikini or costume is so fucking hot.
2 requests, post a pic of her hairy bush, where she is totally nude and also post one of her with her hair peeking out from behind a bikini or costume