Asian amateurs round 2

Asian amateurs round 2

Starting with a photo of my Thai GF

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Damn, very nice.

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Fag thread i357uVBazgpNoUEXY tg4u7DTvY20HouQ= WKivjv/oWL7k= ucOosE=

no u

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I would love if OP has more of her on the leash

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That can be done, she's sitting on the floor next to me peeling garlic

Moarrrr she’s really cute

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mmoar of the thai gf smiling and showing off her cute pussy

Any interest?

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I would cum inside her if i were you.

I always do. She fucking loves it in her ass


Forgot the one where she fucks a bottle. Couple of others there as well. Fucking a 14" dilso with her ass. Good stuff

With ther link because I'm retarded.... opxjyZSlIpKyz7rOXScCNJlyQ4U=

She is spectacular!! Any proper fuck vids?

And if anyone here is in Bangkok, let me know. You can have a try on her

Oh nice ! Im in bangkok, how to hook up ? Got a bag of good weed to share :)

Actually I don't, probably should though now you mention it. I'll post them whenI make one. Add me on Line, posercorpse

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Legit? Where are you? I'm in Ari

She’s ready for that bbc

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MOAR! She is turning me on massively!

More of the slut, I love her vids ! I want to see her pee, take a facial, being humiliated...

Hope you like

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Posted in last thread, anyone has more of her? Mega link?

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Anyone has more? Name?

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anyone finding an asian girl wearing a surgical mask kinda hot? i had a boner walking across one wearing a pink mask her hair was out and she wore a lose sweater

Lanlan, Shanghai amateur model, she only did one shoot for Yingpian I think

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Fucking right she only done one shoot becuase after that I'd have literally shot the rice-eyed cunt.

State of that.

Fucking tampon string hanging out and hairy armpits what the fuck is wrong with you. Kill your self

Are both of you on adderall?


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Nice, keep it coming please!

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Anyone have any experience with picking up in japan as a foreigner? Going there with friends and would like some tips from people with experience

meh, I tried, images are too huge for Cred Forums with this god damn 2MB limit

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Hot ! moar pls

just like picking up in US. Most are nice, want to practice english, just don't be a creep and hover when signals tell you that you need to step back and you'll be good

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yep, they're coming, just got one more +this though

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If you're in Bkk, you don't have to ask. By the way, possession of weed can get you life in prison. Have fun.

lived here over 10 years, I'll give you my top 3 tips
> Foreign women in their late 20s-30s are the easiest. They are hard up because Japanese guys won't go for them, so they are desperate for the attention.
> Japanese girls who have been abroad and speak English. You can tell the ones who will want the dick fast by their more casual American accents (adding in "ya?", "you know, like...") and flashing you eyes early upon meeting.
> Internet. You can meet plenty of housewives and shut ins who want sex but are too scared to go out and let it find them. Just make sure to close FAST, don't waste time trying to get them to meet if they arnt interested in the first few messages.

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No problem, anywhere else where you could post them?
Thanks btw

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Pattaya Bangkok or Phuket

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Fucking adorable

Are clubs the best places to meet them? Also i am more stocky than the average asian male so i figured i would have no chance, is this true?

Depends. Do you have a good job?

You lucky asshole

I can somewhat exaggerate my job and make it sound quite impressive, although im only in the early stages of it at the moment

Young Thai living in BKK and DTF

Where in BKK, central?

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Line me, posercorpse

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yum, love fobby asians

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Any vids?

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she’s asian-american



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kik reine333

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Need more of her, asap


nice tits

Any more of her?

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Id love to cum in your gf

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any nude???

>Hey guys whats going on in this thr-
Oh god why does your bitch look so sad emotionally and existentially?

Im out

moar like this sexy outdoor pics!

More of your slut

Drop all ahe is banging

Mmm, best one so far. I like the high res shot.

What? Anyway, see ya...

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I like the short skirt and very subtle flesh colored collar. You only see that she wants to be collared and leashed if you're up close.

I used to follow her on Tumblr, but can't remember her online name. Is she still around?

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Why are Asian women so fucking hot

Post the little ho from yesterday

Attached: 71422E3C-2015-41A0-A591-9931F97064A2.jpg (1038x588, 86K)'s about time to head to the closest Asian massage parlor for a happy ending....

asian gf with her ex

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Tie the one on the right spreadeagle on the Bed

set up a few cams around the bed

Have the one on the left tickle her armpits with feathers

watch from the next room and wait till she begs
for mercy

pull the trigger and shoot a .50cl Raufoss straight into her pussy

check the corpse to see at which point the raufoss exploded

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It's because they have a nice and tight pussy and look much younger for their age!

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also lowkey asians have the tastiest pussies

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Gorgeous. Would cum all over those tits and cute mouth

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Fuuuuck that body is perfect

I'd do the same for your girl. Nudes?

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Fuck moar!

My wife, continue?

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Pls no.

Mmm degrade her

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Not mine, user used to post him fucking multiple asian girls until other anons got tired of him posting so he stopped
All i got is from him is this gif

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so fucking ugly

i swear i am going to leave my wife and get and asian girl.. i cant take it anymore.. should of done it in the first place.

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Divorce is expensive. Asian massage parlors are cheap.

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Hope you signed a prenup cause she's gonna take half and you won't even be able to afford a studio apartment kek

you can always run away to thailand

Those are some great tits though!

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hahaha you are so correct there.. and yes i am already addicted .. that has kept me sane all these years!

thats been a thought as well

coronavirus spotted.

co boner virus..

Same. I'd say play it safe with the marriage and see how much you can get out of the AMPs. There's a place in NY I used to go to all the time that was chill enough with me to let me book 2 girls at a time.

Hell, travel to Asia for "business" and fuck about there. Hong Kong, Thailand, and Japan are key (just watch out for coronavirus lol)

nah bro, she's like south south east asian. coronavirus is popping off amongst city asians, not jungle asians.

ya def i agree


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Who are you even trying to show off here?

What do you mean?

that's hot damn I need a thai gf

Just a screen shot of the video, my gf didn't record the session well which is why I don't post it

You can barely even see her

She ain't thai but those thai girls are wild

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Sister, more or nay?

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Do the Asian women who live in Europe date white men? I barely ever see them anywhere. A friend needs to know

If you got nudes, definitely more

Will post more then

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This is your sister?


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Post nudes, post everything. Full sister? You ever fuck her?



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We fucked before, not anymore she’s got a bf

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amazing ass


No way, kik? That's the hottest thing I've ever seen. You ever creampie her?

>green text story?

Glad you like her ass

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Once, got plan B later

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Not much of a story, we were just bored


she keeps getting hotter in ever pic you post


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Hanna nice


I can only imagine the orgasm you had when you came inside your sister. You jealous of her bf?

Not really jealous, we’re pretty close still.

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How did it start? How old are you guys? Who initiated it? We wanna know everything user lol


top is a tranny?

Will you post vids on vola?

Hope you like her

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Dam! Got any vids?

amazing pic

No vidz but lots of photos

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Sure I will make a vola dump


Volafile org/r/14ra8jmy0

Fuck I want to lick those tits all over

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Long story short, I woke up one day and felt like eating her ass, she was standing with panty down like this, thought I was asleep

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Its empty :(

All parts of her were tasty. She was psycho crazy but that included some awesome fuk, Still friends but no more benefits, I went and got married...

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I love crazy bitches! Any of her playing with her tits?

Damn niggy, your girl ugly af!

You posting in the vola user

Not really. I'm not allowed to post the sex pics and shit, but she's all for me posting the shit outta the "artistic" ones. She says she like to fap thinking about me posting them... like I said, crazy!

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So you just ate it? She didn't fight? Not even a wtf?

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Obvious cosmetic surgery, but damn

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Who cares? I want a wife like this to breed my offspring

I've jizzed to this little slut twice already today

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Wow she looks like she’s really enjoying that

She was yelling until I put a dick in her mouth

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And how long have you guys been fucking

Yeah girls are already irrational as it is. But the crazy ones are at a whole other level

Three years roughly

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By the size of that wang she still had a lot of room in her mouth to yell

I love these pics, your parents don't know? Would you breed her?

Chinese? Japanese?


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I would breed her yes, they dunno

Take a guess

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Tran Bich Tram, a 32 yr old vietnamese woman I bull for and cuck her husband twice a week. Shes a Kindergarten teacher. Say something nice !

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Hey man, we’re born with what we have, nothing I can do to change that. But at least I get pussy on the regular and it hasn’t cause any problem.


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Not the guy who asked the question but she doesn't look like any Japanese girl I've ever seen.

Based. Knock that slut up.

nice asshole, you pound it?

Explicitly fuck without a condom and I only pulled out the first time, after that I told her it'd be hot if I planted my seed deep inside of her. Honestly I was worried about getting a virus at first but im 100% sure she's clean. Never did buttstuff but i may in future (seems kinda gay to me)

Her husband is Asian and I am French :^)

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her in clothes ??


It's only gay if you're fucking a man lol, but to each their own. You should it give it a shot, you'll feel like you're dominating her even more, especially if her husband has never been there.


Let's see them perky boobs

Of course!

I'll try this weekend maybe. I been thinking about video taping it but I dont have the focus to enjoy the poon and video it. I once made a thread about on Cred Forums but it was largely ignored.

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asians hate bbc haha. check the demographics

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Asians love bbc, almost every asian I know has had one or considered it. Just ask the slutget guy

Well I'd sure be down for it if I'm on Cred Forums when you post. She's gorgeous

she looks depressed hahahaha

You guys are definitely chinese. She's your full sister?

moar nude please!

>You guys are definitely chinese. She's your full sister?

I want to know this too. Could be Korean though.

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Attached: IMG_0128.jpg (2285x3450, 926K)

Yeah we are

Attached: IMAG1243.jpg (1840x3264, 1.19M)

You are Chinese, full siblings, or both?

How have you been able to hide it from your parents?

take those pics with a flip phone?

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Attached: IMG_0006.jpg (1504x1000, 806K)

Attached: MeiYing320.jpg (917x1384, 502K)

Attached: IMG_0225.jpg (1059x1600, 219K)

Jessica the receiver?

Kek that’s right next to my house

Attached: IMG_0004.jpg (1383x2074, 871K)

Attached: 384981259956bb65e8efd6c0f077915d.jpg (1024x682, 115K)

Yes full siblings, they suspected it but did nothing

I never had yellow fever before. Then I hooked up with a Tinder chick in Thailand and now I can't get enough. I exclusively watch wmaf porn. I'm only looking for Asian girls now. And I hate myself a little bit for it.

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this corona shit cured my yellow fever.
Asians are soulless and disgusting

My bad that was a bad shot

Attached: IMAG1187.jpg (1840x3264, 1.3M)

>this corona shit cured my yellow fever.
>Asians are soulless and disgusting

Attached: not a virus.jpg (618x767, 54K)

Only the Chinese are

Attached: ABE9AE66-A48E-4448-ABF2-D4AFDB763E40.jpg (2048x1152, 578K)

Attached: 1414.jpg (2048x1538, 281K)

Attached: 1F1BCAD2-8F6B-4891-871C-73480A673401.jpg (1242x1216, 341K)

He even said he always cums in her. THEN WHO WAS CUM???

Well now I can say I saw someone I know IRL on Cred Forums


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nommy nipples

my ex taking it in the ass

Attached: diac8.webm (480x720, 1.91M)

>bathroom selfie

Attached: ASIANTHREAT.jpg (900x900, 517K)

Attached: 141241.jpg (1080x1920, 198K)


You got anything from the front that shows her face and spreading her legs to show her pussy?

Attached: d731ddbb668b03f4d06ada044b992da5.jpg (1024x682, 173K)

>fancy $25000 bathroom

Attached: 959CFC6B-0786-4CCD-9C35-B9C2E4A6707A.jpg (4032x3024, 1.12M)

She’s super hot. Do you have kik?

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Attached: 35d12c9e-1a9d-4fbe-9212-2dbdb1a272e4.jpg (500x500, 188K)

tkae all i have

Attached: 649e06f32aff3cbf69dc532d22bda404.jpg (1024x682, 112K)

Attached: 6065f7cd2a92c7dc9da2d07fe6ded09c.jpg (1024x682, 104K)

Attached: IMG_2300 1.jpg (640x960, 59K)

been waiting for some action pics, still none sigh

this is sorta like one kinda

Attached: 151246.jpg (1939x2585, 1.63M)

yeah seen it last time you posted, definitely need more than this