What 'Kobe dead'? How the fuck can a whole town die?

What 'Kobe dead'? How the fuck can a whole town die?

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i was home when phone rang, "kobe dead",

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Japan has a very high population density, one of the highest in the world after the city states of Monaco and Signapore. Living spaces are very limited and everyone is forced to live together in extremely confined spaces. There is no such thing as privacy. The fact is that a single Helicopter crash, though rare in Japan's highly regulated and safest in the world airspace, can wipe out hundreds of thousands of people because the population is so close together.

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but who was phone

ew... you barely know nothing about japan. It hurts.

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Sounds like you've been tricked by the JDIF shills who only want to present a outwardly friendly, tourism generating vision of Japan

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Nah Japs are just really small.

These are the questions we should be asking.


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Kobe was a basketball player who was known for some stupid shit and he died cuz he drove home drunk and accidentally killed his daughter. He was a waste of space and I hope both of them rot in hell.


You do realize that all humans on earth would not even fill up 0% of the Grand Crayon? You can't be serious that a helicopter can kill hundreds of thousands

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hiroshima and nagasaki died of nuke