New Celeb

New Celeb
Almond Activation Edition

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Brie or Death

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Like heaven ofc.

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should I dump Taytay, katy katy, queen Paris, Kimmy kprincess Kylie, Best emma roberts, Kbell, Avril, or randoms?>

Kimmy and Kylie

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And no, she is not better than Watson

rolling for Kristen or Avril

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fully erect from one picture

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Aight, I'm on my way

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Post Kendall or Kourtney
Fuck those other bimbos

I'm full speed going

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My tongue is out

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user, I would like to fuck you while we both look at Kimmy.


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Good. Keep it held out like a good boy as she grinds her feet into it. Using you to clean them off and work out all the knots. Close your eyes and lose yourself in the moment. All of the sudden you feel one of her feet start to rub against your hard cock. She does not remove it from your pants, no you are not worth that. She strokes you with her foot, wet with your saliva, through your pants. With her other foot occupying your mouth and stifling your moans, you soon make a mess in your pants. Good boy.

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what if im a gril?

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This was not an outcome that I had anticipated.

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Well das lewd..

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I am never lewd.

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assuming gender

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I mean don't get me wrong, I'd fuck you regardless of gender. I just like to fuck and my sights are set on you.

Bella is going to be in a movie called chick fight and its female fight club which is my fetish

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I see

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Bella nasty as fuck tho, bruh

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We gonna worship Kimmy together or what cutie?

>Confirmed to be fake not Emma
Posting it over and over doesn't make it legit

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Id like to see it too.

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Sorry. Work stuff..

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It okay.

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My place or yours? :3

A-As y-y-y-you can s-s-s-see it takes a-a-a r-r-real man to g-get a-a-a woman like th-this...

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I-I g-g-g-got very l-lucky g-g-g-getting Vics...

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I-I r-really d-d-don't think I-I could g-get a-another l-l-li-i-ike her i-i-i-in a million years...

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Imagine the flavor of her pussy

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Makes her ass bigger. What a nice girl

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She‘s doing it for us, what an angel.

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Too make our cocks lewd

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wouldnt surprise me

Seems to be working

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Working for me, for sure

Lil Ari!

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My cock always feels lood, you think it‘s jjs fault?

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Mine too

Size queen.

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What's her name

First celeb that makes my dick twitch gets my cummies


I'd watch that

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may I have full pack?

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Who wouldn’t.

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Love her?

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I-I kn-know dream w-w-w-woman t-t-trophy w-w-w-wives are h-h-hard t-t-to get for m-m-m-m-men...

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Perfect duo

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I saw with Emma Watson pics in the previous thread

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VS x BlackedRaw when?

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T-There a-a-are m-m-many alpha m-m-m-m-men generals w-who a-a-a-are willing t-to stomp e-e-explode a-a-a man and h-h-h-h-h-his head w-with a p-p-p-pair o-o-o-of boots into j-j-jelly for the c--chance at g-getting a-a-a w-world class celeb b-beauty...

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and /r/blackedfantasy

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When they can afford it, someone donate them

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Who’s lefty? Perfect for BlackedRaw.


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Kike Lansky needs to put up the money and grab a VS model.

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I think it is her sister


How much ya think they cost

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Realistically? A VS model for a porn scene would probably be around 6 digits. A VS angel? Probably 8-9.

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I would fuck her mouth right there

Holding almonds in water for a few days and then drinking the water and eating the almonds makes your skin younger. Of course that water tastes worse than puke but it's worth it. In a week you will see a difference.

Who should I touch myself to?

Nobody cares about my skin lmao
why would I even do that

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Nigga that water is dirty. Look up activated almonds. It’s placebo.

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The almond shells combined with water contains cyanide in small doses. It kills the cells of the body and transports them to the skin layer. It will make your skin structure break. You're going to get a lot of old skin at first but if you scrub it off, it's going to make your skin look younger

The reason why almond shells have cyanide in them is that if the outer layer wouldn't contain the bacteria of the dirt, it will kill the parasites infesting it. You believe in nonsense!

Remember, almonds are seeds for almond trees!
It can't let the bacteria get to the energy supplies. It has steel and diamonds as protection against bacteria, symbolically on that level of life

Yes!!!! Smartest mommy


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my waifu, I want children from her

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lil ari went out to shop for her corn dunk drink!

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Her wat

HI Dua user

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That new Elle Fanning movie looks good but she’s dating a nog in it :/


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we had so much snow that I can’t even go out: D How is your day?

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there's cyanide in everything

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Even in burritos?

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Where you from? We never have snow :(

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I boop a greedy rabbit

combo breaker

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Czech Republic, where are you from?

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And im from Ukraine (trash country actullay :D)

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good shit

Eastern European Dua lovers unite

Boochy burritos

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Hey qt

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population census

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Freezing today

push up or have they grown larger?

Most likely recent pregnancy in the time frame of the pic or heavy push up

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Whew! Who is this!??

Emilia Schuele

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She cute, but that's not the same person.

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You a burrito?

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Yes patooty
Need a JJ burrito though

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das my girl

I send you jj over, you have to wrap her yourself tho :p

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I wrap her very good under my dbz blanket and boop her

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everybody loves a german girl

Hihi, that sounds very cozy. I leave work now, get me sum yummy weed and be the most chill burrito.
We will have big storms over the weekend. Up to 120km/h

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That sounds spooky =O
Stay nice and warm and high in your burrito qt

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I want another life in which i'll be a world-famous
boxer and she'll be my girlfriend.

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Sounds like partly my life

Does she date a boxer in real life?

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I wish I had a template to make celeb versions of this

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No ,
no but it's not real life

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god she is fucking gorgeous

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Her at your side when you fight , sounds lovely

I want that for you too user

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lil ari went to the store and the men were after her bum!

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New nude scenes tomorrow!

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Is her ass getting bigger?

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Yes, and you look at her worried face after the fight, she doesn’t want to watch when you get hit, and when the fight ends she runs towards you and hugs you tightly
mmm, thank you my friend :3

>when the fight ends she runs towards you and hugs you tightly


God she gets me so hard

Imagining pumping into that big ass is pure hnnng, so soft

really? she told me she was single....huh

this nigger has never seen Rocky... Hey guys get a load of this faggot. Lets all laugh at him! HAHAHAHAHA


drink antidepressants and calm down