Sissy/cd/trap thread?

Sissy/cd/trap thread?

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Amazing ass!

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That's so fucking hot. Makes me super hard. Is that you, user?

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No not me, it's almosttoast

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That's Toast-chan
sauce here :

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Mmm great body

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Sexy af

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Aww, thank you :3

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more of these

You're welcome, sweetheart. Do you have sc?

You are welcome cutie, please post more

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I don't unfortunately but I do have kik
Don't worry, I will

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small cocked sissies trannies please

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You look so fucking yummy, please take off your panties.

Would you add me if I wrote my kik?

Unfortunately these are pictures I took a couple of nights ago


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I'm in sissy university I need to ask how big dildo sm, md, or large do i need to take anal for 30 min. punishment for not completing a class on time

kik me at white.riot
youre so fucking hot and cute

Any nudes?

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Add me Bigdongkingdaddy

Live cd fag here, i want to be exposed! kik me: WI1991

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You are so hot

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Kinda new to this sorry for the quality

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Please add me bby

Thank you :3

Cute af

Starting to think I should jut become a n e-girl gamer thot

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I'm currently questioning my own sexuality because you are so cute

Ivy is 2hot4/b/

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do you have one of your pp?

Cute outfit, youre off to a good start

Surprisingly I do t take may dick pics, I think this is the only one I currently have

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Who? More please

If i have an mp4 on my pc, how do i make it a webm?

Those heels

Camila montoya

So cute.

you cute bro take more

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wow, it's really nice

Frankly i find her lack of penis disturbing, other than that shes gorgeous

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looks like selena before she was celeb

She's incredibly delicious.

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moar please

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any pics in tights?

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Femenine buttholes & penis

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hi Sinners reportin' in.

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One is a sissy trap. Which one and how big is his dick?

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I'd fuck the right one.

Sexy little slut

Do I look sissy enough in this?

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>mfw i'd fuck both, no regerts.

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Would bang/10 lets see the back

Add The_BK_Rap too please

I would love to suck on that

Cute titties

Holy fuck that's hot. It's this you user?

Here's another

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You look like daddy's good little girl

You have a sexy body. It's this you right now?

traps are sexy and i'm tired of pretending their not

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How do my legs look?

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Thank you daddies

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No but this was me this morning

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Damn. I'd love to sit on that

you dont have to pretend anymore, theres lots of cuties that post here, thayre all pretty nice to chat with
shapely and cute


Tagged the wrong person >_

Mmm that's a good little girl. Bend over so daddy can eat that ass

Very cute. Nice legs

hiii ^^im loca666

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Oh God I wish my ass was as nice as yours

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Are you on snap, princess?

I would love to pound that sexy ass

kind of over the top tbh

Wdy think?

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Fat fucking ass
Love it

Would you love it if my boicock was out?

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phat booty best booty, but wheres your cage slut?

cute panties user

What do you think of these? ;p

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At home right now where it doesn't belong. I want a man to dominate me so much I want him to be the one who cages my useless cock

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those are sexy af, and you look amazing in them! also thats a great booty qt ;)

What else do you want to see? xx

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you want daddy to lock up your worthless little dicklet, im in, but im going to throw out the key once youre locked, naughty little slu

i have an odd request, would you tuck your peep in the top of your stocking?

am I a good kitty

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hahaha, it's too small to reach :3

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When do you usually stream?? I looked you up before but you were never online.

youre a good cute kitty, would give skritches


thats ok, i really like you in those panties user ;)

s-skritches??! i would die of happiness

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Either way is fine by me, I just want to breed you rn

also dont die kitty, just purr for me while i pet you and hold you

I'd love to be bred it's one of my fantasies ^-^

Then show me how you'd want to be done

sauce kind sir

@RosieKawaii on the tweeter

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Wow this thread is still going?

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love that ass. Is that you user?


do you like me?

you're such a cutie


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any more videos from you?

Show us that ass


How i love uncut

Please be uncut


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Hola mami :)

Where are you located cutie? In US?

I only got to Spanish 2 in HS, let's see how far I can keep it going...

Yo quiero ser tu muneca
Estados Unidos

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Si mami tu puedes ser mi puta rica. What's your kik?

Este e tu ...fuck it are you cut?

Same. Do you use Kik? I’m a guy on a bit older and less autist side and would definitely love to chat with you:) keep it up. You’re amazing.

Ay papi, yo encantado escuchar eso
Si, no cortarda
Yo tengo Kik pero los chicos autisticos nunca entienden

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Mandame un mensaje en kik: j_oedirt

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I am looking for a girl to transition and put on hormones. She would have to be prepared to go full time and be a live in sub, cook clean, and generally be a good housewife. My kik is tryagaintryagain726

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Aaah, dios mio. I speak 5 languages, spanish is not one of it.

Thx for pics.

But it isnt my birthday, must be christmas then i guess.

Also I am in the USA in California.

Maybe having a musical wish too, while we are at it?

Anybody like my legs?

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I can't keep this shit up anymore, I'm all spanished-out

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Have potential, maybe show more than just some cloth.

The colors i like (colours?). Alrhlugh i lile flashy colors too. Like neon colors.

Show ass

Jup cut the bullshit, have a nice day anyways ^^

they are perfectly shaped but no thighs? :(

Trust me you don’t wanna see that. I hadn’t shaved in this pic. Maybe I’ll show thigh one day if I can get them looking good.


I do

Build a wall



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I am highly interested
Kik tryagaintryagain726

You look like a young camilla.

I hope that's good enough

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The Dutchess of Cornwall, I'm flattered

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Nice legs

You look adorable doll, got a tag?

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Did you say before that youre not fulltime? You're fucking gorgeous and hot af.

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Bs i mean her ramirez shemale

Cute, although i usually dislike filters.


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no, clean your room

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Yeah, just a crossdresser, occasional one at that

Oh damn, she's hottt

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Will you ever post the video with that black guy stirring your guts?

Do you like guys sexually? Romantically?

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Maybe :)
I upgraded my version of Premiere Pro the other week and learned a lot doing that new solo video i posted.

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Just the fantasy of it when dressing up, I've only ever been with women

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Nice one, good hair.

Yes she is totally.

Who's this?


Post pics from your adventure? I'm one of the other girls in the thread, want to know what I have to look forward to...

Do you ever feel nervous before a date?

>good hair.
I grew it myself ^^

Yup! So maybe i'll get to the other sex vids soon.

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>So maybe i'll get to the other sex vids soon.
Wait, therse more? Like how many we taking about? Hope my dick can take it.

left is the trap, 4inch dick cut

Post more

Yes, natural hair is always best

Here u go

No, not really.
I did on my first meet but after that, i dont really get nervous :)

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Grow that ass yourself? Or did you get help from hormones?

Just give it to me already, you're so pink.

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Yeah there's like 3 vids with one guy.... then i recorded another the other week.

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>Fucking niggers raw
Enjoy your multiple STDs

Goth wife material

Yes it is.
I hate wearing wigs... constantly having to make sure it isn't coming off, makes you so hot, itchy...bleh!

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Have you considered taking off your heels during a scene?

My multiple STI tests say otherwise, faggot.

i'm so pink? o_O

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Where you from?

Stevenage, England :)

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In a thread brimming- no, overflowing with faggotry, this post shines through the rest of the responses in this thread AND across Cred Forums as the single gayest post on the site

Thank, you, is that you? I would mount her and seed her every day several times while kissing.

Jup, wigs look unnatural and that sucks for me the most, you are a qt3.15 (3.15 because you are more than just a regular qt3.14)

more hotel escapades :D

Attached: 001.jpg (1003x1344, 814K)

Also holding that strong hands would give me a vibe of domination wich would increase my cum production by 300%

Omg uncut, i love you

>Jup, wigs look unnatural
I know what u mean. They can look good sometimes ... but the problems i mentioned before is what puts me off the most. Pic related is my blonde wig.

Attached: 008.jpg (551x2048, 453K)

Yeah, keep that wig for photoshoots.

I would take your natural hair all day.

Uncut is best ^^

I do love being filled up with cum.. so the more, the better!

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synthetic wigs are all wiry and horrible to the touch. My natural hair is always conditioned and smells lovely :D

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Nice choker you have right there

>Yeah there's like 3 vids with one guy...

I have jerked off to you before.

Of course it is.

I habe tons of cum for you, all 3 posts are from me. Also i dont mind being fed some proteins too...

Lovely hair i like, especially playing with it after i dumped several loads inside you. Cuddling is gay but i like it so fuck it.

See above, that is me too.

Also you have nice legs, absolutely inviting.

Haven't uploaded any of them... that's what the discussion was about :)


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post-sex cuddles are awesome ^^

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boi pussy :o

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Good we agree

Would you feed me your proteines? And take mines? Missionary is lit as fuck and kissing.

Damn, those asses look so hot
I need more
I truly need more

It is

Attached: 20200205_232839.jpg (2944x2208, 1.23M)

>Would you feed me your proteines?
if you're able to make me cum... then sure :P

>And take mines?
Definitely. I love being filled with cum. It's my biggest turn on... being pinned down and having a guy ejaculate deep inside me!
>Missionary is lit as fuck and kissing.
Yes it is :>

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Attached: 006c.jpg (520x2048, 414K)

Damnit, your body is so sexy
Those curves
That lingeriee
I'm getting horny

You like going out casually?

I love wearing lingerie. It makes me feel so sexy ^^

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Hello everyone!

Attached: 156326726786.jpg (1080x1920, 430K)

You look really sexy
I just want to touch those hips
Those legs

Good we agree on allt hose.

Im sure i can make you cum, although sometimes i am rougher and i like to use all my force while fucking.

I would first time make you cum in my moth, then snowball while i fill you up, the second load would be for your throat, then from behind some extra deep insemination.

Sadly my d is only 16/17 cm but has some girth.
Also thst stockings and heels are a must while fucking. I also love to bury my tongue as deep as possible in any hole(i have a wide and long tongue, could lick your throat clean with it)

One time make the same pic but with cum dripping.

Hey big one. Whats up.

Mainly used for walking?

Attached: 1569467626023-.jpg (1440x1080, 291K)

Nothing much. Haven't posted pics in a while so I thought I would

Attached: 1560109287105.jpg (1080x1920, 488K)

Nice of you, same eyecolor as mine btw.

Attached: 4.jpg (1405x1064, 216K)

Much appreciated l, thanks.

Meeting this hottie next week. Am I a faggot anons?

Attached: BB62AA7D-FA7E-4D82-948E-1D3C09227529.jpg (169x300, 12K)

photoshop cum on there yourself... :p

No, although this pic was taken around her house, which is what is confusing u.

Attached: 005.jpg (1140x2048, 959K)

Only if you dont share the story

Nah ill rather tsle care of it for real.

Thought I recognized the setup, well and the legs, it's been a while. Well you look amazing, keep it up :)

You're not real... it hurts.

Holy fuck those eyes are amazing

Some criticism. You're way too still in your videos, I want to see you wrapping those long legs around some big ass guy, maybe riding one.

Met him in the gym doing squats. We got talking and he gave me his number been chatting and swapping pics. I’m meeting next week for a oral session in my.

Our kids would be beautiful, let me breed.

Well have fun and all. Make her swallow.


Attached: 20190223_012003.jpg (400x300, 14K)

N1, thanks.

deez hips?

Attached: 018.jpg (900x1244, 579K)

I hope I get more.

Attached: 89499F79-9585-4EA3-B2D5-34BB1CD3C24D.jpg (169x300, 8K)

that was the nature of the positions i was in.

Attached: 006.jpg (768x1013, 487K)

Oh shit, your legs look a little fatter here.

Left and bigger than mine.

Attached: 1560531363108.jpg (600x450, 26K)

My wife always complains i have no hips, but im a guy so fuck it

Get more what?

Attached: 1007171549.jpg (1268x2254, 479K)

Thank you. I'll try, haha.

haha, you think?

Attached: 034.jpg (1638x1229, 523K)

Attached: 001.jpg (1152x2048, 606K)

I would love to take that d and suck it from behind until you cum, can take half an hour if you need.

Attached: E936825.gif (250x197, 1.91M)

? you're a girl not a trap

7/10, would insert member.


Attached: 31F7CD5D-8F66-4AF2-BE55-95D1EBF2AF97.jpg (1102x2048, 200K)

Fuckable. Is your personality also that tasty?

Do you ever ask a black man to wear a condom?

I would say so. Im certainly not a dull person

Attached: 3C74C625-50AF-49FD-9B15-BB870AEB49C1.jpg (1715x2048, 606K)


Well fuck my luck then, im in austria lol.

if they haven't been tested, yeah.
u mad, whiteboi?

Attached: 011b.jpg (1280x768, 671K)

Attached: MsRobot(4)-Reddit.jpg (938x1000, 156K)

very clearly female

Big rip there bud.

Attached: 96D96BF6-924F-45B9-A6FA-CD9AA91DCD02.jpg (1918x2046, 637K)

Hey retard, change the filename from the Cred Forums image number before you larp. Also might want to choose someone's pics who isn't as popular as alana

larpers are honestly pathetic as fuck. Imagine this guy's life

classic trap gif

I know lol. But thats how it is

Cute feet.

Attached: E602BE62-763D-48D6-8EA0-617D1AD77025.jpg (332x640, 55K)

She’s stunning

Attached: MsRobot.webm (504x848, 1.98M)

hello~ how is everyone?

Attached: IMG_20200204_161158.jpg (2976x3968, 1.72M)

any video?

Is it you? Or posting from her Reddit content?

Lol of course it's not them.

Of course i have some

Attached: RedTrap12a.webm (336x638, 1.8M)

my ass was made to wear panties

Attached: 17C3EFDD-29E4-4BE5-9BED-46C80F890FD9.jpg (1202x1600, 228K)



Kik? Can post mine

your ass was made to sit and shit

New thread?

it's you?

would you let a bro use that ass?

Attached: 010.jpg (686x1254, 458K)

Attached: IMG_20200204_161052.jpg (2976x3968, 1.9M)

Just sit down on my d and let me fill you.

Like borrow it? I dont think its removable

Attached: RedTrap12b.webm (336x638, 1.79M)


Attached: C72E6026-D147-4085-A96A-F5A15BC1CC0C.jpg (2436x2320, 984K)