Is White genocide real?

Is White genocide real?

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No, it's not.

What is real is that women look at white men and see: weebs, socially awkward, boys watching anime, furries, manga t-shirts, wearing stupid clothes, masturbating to cartoons, bronies, incels etc...
Then they look at black men: acting normal, doing manly stuff, working out, being funny and having a nice time.

Wich will they chose?

But these white boys are stupid, so they blame jews, media, women and everyone instead of just behaving like real men should.


>Conflating manly with simian


Yes, and that's a good thing

Yes because the white boi is too busy dreaming that his life is an anime while playing his little video games for 12 hours everyday to actually become a man worth breeding with.


heres why

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I'm listening

i was just posting the meme, i have no reason

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>They look at black men acting normal
Normal for a nigger is dumb and broke (even wrote a song about it), if they're not broke they're drug dealing scum or they're thieves, living with their mama because their dad is in prison and never taught them what it takes to be a man, smoking weed all day because they don't have a job, pretending to be a rapper because that is only one of two things the elite have made possible for a nigger to be successful at and creating life with as many fat white women as they can and not being a father to those children because all they care about is shoes, drugs and putting their monkey dick in whatever will take it, faggots included. For some reason they think fucking a guy is the thing to do. All the prison time I guess.

>links pic of whore being paid to fuck gorillas

Well webms will do then


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Where's the full vid of this

No it's just a fetish and shouldn't be mistaken for reality. Last time I checked there hasn't been a state instituted attempt to sterilize a group as numerous and as poorly defined as white males (whatever the fuck 'white' even means... are Italians white? What about the Kardashians?) which would be the most on the nose definition of genocide short of forced mass migration.
Illegal Immigration is supported by the elites because it provides a cheap source of labor and causes wages to go down which improves their bussinesses bottom lines.

Of course it is i mean look there's programs to help out everyone except white people the Democrats want white people to be polite victims Trump being in the White House is long overdue

its only a matter of time before all smart, pretty white girls are assigned black stud to breed with. This improves black's gene pool and will eliminate racism(whites) in a generation. Due to the overwhelming number of white girls, of course some may get assigned a middle school aged black boy, and others may get a stud twice their age. But that will help the girls check their privilege.

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No but it should be

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so many cute innocent white girls that would have to begrudgingly accept their first black experience, probably with a man they would never eve give the time of day to

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I know this is a cuck thread, but in all serious, no. For genes to drop out the genepool, every carrier of that gene needs to not reproduce, basically all die.

If you mean it in the sense that black men are stealing white women, then no.

See, there's actually a rather simple explanation. When you have a mixed kid, which race is he? Well most will say he's black, but he really isn't. He's mixed, neither black or white. But by society standard he's black, because black is a much broader range than white (though white is also a broad range, asians are too). But mixed children are only a marginal amount.

What is true, though, is that blacks have more kids overall than other races, so they rise in proportion faster.

She's having a black baby

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How much of a little bitch you gotta be to try and /thread yourself. fuckin neck yourself.

This is the real progress

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No, unplug your modem and go outside. Faggot.

love sharing my wife with black guys, but we aren't stupid enough to have a mixed baby...

This is called devolution

Aw future single mothers I'll be able to snort coke off of and blast a nut and leave