I'm time traveling back to the 1990s, what am I in for?

I'm time traveling back to the 1990s, what am I in for?

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You have to stop 9/11. Good luck

God has spoken

aids and Bill Clinton's cock


This feels planned.

wew checked

fuck you niger

he stole our quints! get him

wasted quints
>Good luck

Wasted quints kys

Well I'll see you guys since I'll be stuck in the dark timeline. I hope it goes well.

Oh you wasted quints for that?
Everyone knows 9/11 was an iside job, no normal human could prevent that.

always knew he was a retard

You fucking shit dick

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1. Go back to 1990.
2. Wait until an hour before the planes take off, over a decade later.
3. Call in bomb threats, say we're the middle eastern smelly niggas.

wew lad

So this is what one of the two quints was used for?

what a waste

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great with my fries


Kick my mother into stomach

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good old fallout 2 babykiller perk

Good music.. fun drugs .. and less whining