Hey 4fags, friend “drew” this...

Hey 4fags, friend “drew” this, what’d he trace it from so I can kick him in the nuts socially by fucking him over online. I looked for it but my tard brain didn’t see anything that looked like it

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Fuck off kid

>> 820100455
Once I get an answer I’ll leave, I hate this fucking dude, seriously, I wish death upon him.

Actually you'll leave empty handed whether you like it or not faggot. Fuck you.

Ok you fucking nigger, go back to raping your dog, animal-fucking cuckold

No one cares faggot

>Asks for help
>Insults first person

Wow man, that hurt, random neck beard called me a faggot, guess I’ll kill myself.

Gayass douch, your low tier bullying Is fucking cringe. You Dont even know where you are

That would probably the best idea you've ever had

>You have to be over 18 to post here

Are you a thread historian or something? We all saw you get owned. You don't need to start a fire and recount the story of the time you got owned.

Dude the guy I’m trying to bully is the douch, made fun of my gay ass dad, didn’t affect me but still, and being honest I don’t wanna bully him, first time posting and I was fucking scared you’d all call me a pussy, but yeah this didn’t work well so y’know... bye I guess.

Yeah I kinda give up at this point, just kinda wanted to know what the origin image was but guess I chose the wrong time to post.

>wrong place to post
Vote for Bernie if you're old enough.

Australian, but I would if I could. Also where should I post this? Kinda thought it fit Cred Forums the most but guess not.

Its the master chief from halo. There you know now gtfo.

I meant the exact image you fucken smooth brain

Try the request board/Vidya board and say you traced it and you can't remember the source image and you need to find to pic again for wallpaper or someshit. :)

I thank you good sir.

Wrong site faggot Reddit is that way


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You are truly a spastic. If you want someone to comb through the net for you why don’t you fucking pay them. NYPA faggot.

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Imagine helping some petty ass tween faggot cause someone made a joke about his gay dad you ain't helping him he's just gonna embarrass himself when he "confronts" the other kid

If I was a kid who drew a picture, and someone called me out and confronted me in front of everyone for tracing said picture,,

I would literally not give a fuck.
Said kid would then continue to go about his life, wondering why no one likes him and thinking it’s the world’s fault that he’s ‘weird’ and ‘a social outcast’.