This is the Republican you morons should stand behind!

This is the Republican you morons should stand behind!

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at least one Recucklican has a spine.

Ues morons should stand behind him, so the rest of the traitors can easily be identified.

Mr. Magic Underwear

That would be the optimal position since this shit likes it up the ass

Just imagine this guy stood up against the Trump-clan makes gives me goose bumps.
I mean THIS MAN is actually standing up for true conservative values.

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Naw he's not the DNC picked Frontrunner(tm), but hopefully he will switch parties soon.

sure, ill stand behind him!! and piss all over his backside

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Nice fantasy. He is standing up because he is a literal loser, Trump hurt his feelings, and he has ties to Barisma.

But we should thank him for making the vote not 100% along party lines. Sorry for your lots.


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Hopefully not! The GOP needs people like him to heal from the inside.

>This is the Republican you morons should stand behind!

Funny, because just a few years ago he was a racist, sexist, etc. Same with McCain. Now they are loved by dems. Almost as if you you are all a bunch of fucking retards or something.


It all boils down to Orange man bad if you say it all sins are forgiven an you'll be hailed a hero in their echo chambers

Remember the time he brought his dead baby home from the hospital so him and his wife could sleep with it. White ppl(Christian's) are so fucking weird

Shit, did they deep freeze the corpse and use it for extreme insertions?

next time you use the phrase echo chambers maybe don't include parroted trump campaign slogans

>you morons
Wow, you charmer. You're sure going to get those Trump supporters onside with that silver tounge. You really know how to build common ground with your audience so you can one step at a time change their opinion.

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"Orange man bad" isn't a "parroted trump campaign slogans" its a meme to mock TDS suffers he's just butthurt trump beat him out of the nomination back in 2016 just like how the speaker tore up Trumps speech cause her impeachment failed know your memes retard


Fuck Mittens, he's not a Republican, he's a RINO a backstabbing Democrat who only claims to be Republican to get elected in a Republican district. He only holds on to his seat due to inertia, but with his latest stunt expect to see him primaried next cycle.

It was an empty gesture. The GOP knew it, he knew it, we knew it. He didn't "stand up" to anyone. His vote had the same effectiveness as the screaming/crying liberal at Trumps inauguration. If his vote would have swung the impeachment he would have toed the line like my other good politician.

This was all a show. Instead of Conservatives taking a critical look at their candidate, you're now too busy ripping on Mitt. It was a distraction and it worked.

but only 50% though, as he acquitted on article 2.

We are all taking a critical look at Trump, and his opposition.

He's gonna get four more years.

He’s literally the republican version of Joe Biden a complete corporate establishment shill.
The fact you think that means you’re drinking the kool-aid hard and that theyre plan is working.

Its not a coincidence Trump, life long democrat and friends with Epstein and the Clinton for decades, is helping spread such chaos and confusion along with the dems.

this but unironically

Shut up, NPC.

That’d be like voting for Mccain vs Obama or Bush vs Kerry.

They’re preselected elite establishment candidates to give a manufactured illusion of choice when literally you’d be voting for the same corporate demons controlled by the same people, just wearing different fake team colors.

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And a brain

So you prefer a President preselected by the Russian Oligarchy, than one preselected by American corporations?

Seems legit

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Talk about denial.

I dont blame you, retards like you have all your information feed to you through a well controlled funnel, including online, so its no marvel you’d buy into the contrived corporate soap opera.

Just know, no matter who you vote for at this point, its a lose/lose.

LMAO Russia? Are you kidding? If you think Russia selected Trump and not the corporate elite that Trump is literally apart of, you are another kool-aid chugging, NPC.

Russia is just a scapegoat they use to justify escalating their agenda since the literal Cold War.
Its the boogey man they roll out to manipulate idiots and boomers, like you.

Kill yourself.

Regan was the last genuinely good president we had. He was great as a president and as a human.

Jimmy Carter is a great, caring human, but he was a complete fuckup as president.

Obama would probably make a good drinking/smoking buddy, but is just shit tier all around.

Trump is amazing with policy, but has an abrasive personality.

Both Bushes were a mix of political and personal fuckups

Clinton was a bro, he's the cool guy in highschool, but irresponsible. He was the best the democrats had in the last 30 years.

He is a weak ass pussy that got trolled by the fake media, and rigged debates and lost to Obama.

Hes also been a RINO.

Kike harder why dont ya lol

got trolled with 'Binders of women' ' went on vacation with dog on top of car'. thats why Trump ran and won. He knows how to troll back and change the narrative to get his message across.

Voted for Obama, without hesitation in 2012. We vote for the lesser of two evils.

The lesser of two evils is how they get you.

They select two candidates, pit them against each other even when they’re literally life long friends of 30 years like Trump and Hillary and manufacture the illusion of choice, so retards like you will play the “lesser of two evils” card and vote for one of their two corporate shills.

Drink kool-aid, NPC.

only fags get goosebumps

You mean the guy who only ever comes back to spit on the republican nominee every election?

No thanks, faggot.

You're mistaken, user. You are the one that's disillusioned. The center picks the president. Not illegals, blacks, whites, rich or poor. The thinking, discerning and critical, always win. For good or bad, that is how it is.

I respect Romney, and wish he was President, but he is mistaken here

Corporate Elites wanted Hilary or Jeb. Corporations don't want this chaos.

.... no you retard.... The center ELECTS one of two SELECTED candidates put in front of you.

Its like voting for Coke vs Pepsi or SEGA vs Nintendo.
Both candidates win regardless, you’re just too high on the kool-aid to even notice, you absolute NPC.

ARE YOU KIDDING? Do you even “Order out of Chaos”????

God, you retards are so in the dark.

OH? And what should we do about that? Do tell, child?

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The only way to “win” is not play the game, but you retards are so caught up in it that you literally couldnt stop yourselves even if you wanted to.

Just accept your literally an NPC, not that you could do that either, since you’re an NPC.

Has the moral courage to stand up to Trump. Would vote for tomorrow.


I tell tell you've never had a mid or high level job anywhere ever.

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Said the faggot who literally thinks corporations and the elite dont literally thrive on chaos.

Cope harder.

P.S the frogs arent gay retard, they’re trans. The chemical from the pesticides or w/e triggers this genetic shit in frogs that always them to switch sexes.
There’s some other animals that have it too, but it was evident in the frogs becu of the disproportionate amount of “female” frogs near bodies of water close to farms and shit.

Why? He didn't win his presidential election. Not even after I voted for him.

Lmmfao! You might want to do some homework before posting shit like this. While doing said homework, do a tally for how many times he has failed and betrayed his own people

Never go full retard, OP